Thursday, December 30, 2010

Vol 98

For the first time, when the east coast is struck with a blizzard, Baltimore is not effected.
Yet here I am in New York, surrounded by two plus feet of snow.
I should have stayed home, but no...I wanted to come hang with my okaasan, who I haven't saw in a year, in my otousan.
But okaasan's flight was cancelled, so no her.
Doesn't matter.
I'm leaving a day early anyway.
I would have left today, but I want to take the train home.
The five hour bus ride (it's never 5 hours long) was enough to deter me from taking it back.
You should have saw the traffic heading South bound from New York.
I tell no lies when I say that traffic was moving slowly between Baltimore and Delware, and was at a complete standstill from Newark NJ to Manhattan.
Complete standstill.

Anyway, one of the things we had planned was to see the newest Disney princess movie, Tangled a.k.a Rapunzel.
Chloe and I went to see it yesterday.
That movie was freaking awesome.
7 songs too many, but other than that, I've never laughed so hard at a Disney movie.
That movie was hilarious.
Had some very cheesy moments.
So cheesy I had to cringe.
But it was great.
The best characters were Max, the horse, and Pascal, the chameleon.
They were...*laughs*
Max was more dog than horse.
Pascal was more protective older brother/best friend than chameleon.
And Flynn and his smolder...PRICELESS.
I didn't think the Witch/Mom/Whoever was all that bad.
Yeah, she was wrong for kidnapping Rapunzel, but she treated her well.
Besides the no going outside part.
She could have just locked her away and tormented her, but she didn't.

I need to go get ready soon.
Have a long day ahead of me.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Vol 97

I'm too lazy to sit up, so I'm typing this from my phone.

Right now, I'm reading Patricia Briggs' Masques.
This book is old. First came out when I was 5, back in '93, but has been reworked and released again.

It won't match up to the Mercy Thompson series, more than likely, I can tell even if I'm only on chapter 3.
But it's going to capture me because of Wolf.
Wolf reminds me of Barrons from the Fever series.
So much power and skill, but a complete mystery.
Only Wolf is easier to figure out.
Again, I'm only on chapter three, but I've been all too sure that Wolf is really Cain, the Archmage's son, since the Archmage and Myr mentioned that he has/once had a son.
Aralon is starting to suspect that as well, but she's trying to reason it out. Yet the more she reason's the more i'm convinced.

Edit: Oh yeah, I'm positive I'm correct about Wolf.
No need to even doubt myself.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vol 96

Okay. First.
I finished school last week.
About time!
I was going crazy in that place.
I'm not sure what my grades are yet, whether I passed or not.
I don't really care either.
This semester started out promising but crashed about three weeks into.
Enough about school.

Christmas is coming up soon.
I've already completed my Christmas shopping.
I basically finished last month.
I am completely and totally broke.
Not like I'll be making any money at work.
My job is so slow in the winter that we only work once or twice a week.
So when people asked what I wanted for Christmas, my reply has been the same thing, "Don't buy me anything, because I'm not getting you anything."
And if that wasn't the reply, then this was, "Visa Gift Card."

I'm going to New York for 5 days in a week.
Whenever I go to New York, even if I try not to, money is always spent.
Lots of money.
So the Visa gift cards, and other cash cards, will be much needed.

I'm going to see a crap load of people I haven't saw in forever when I go up.
That right there is enough to tell you how much stuff I'll be dragged into doing.

On another note.
I'm late when it comes to a lot.
TV shows especially.
My attention span is too short.
It doesn't allow me to sit there and watch an hour long show.
I can barely do a 30 minute show.
So I was surprised when I managed to watch two episodes of the show Supernatural.
Tia, you talked about this show often.
My coworker also mentioned it, but I never saw it.
From the two episodes I watched, I could get into it.
I'm such a weirdo.
When it comes to things supernatural and mythology, you'd be surprised to learn how much I know.
I'm going to buy the first two episodes on Amazon, just to see if I like it.
If I do, one day I'll buy the DVD's.

I bought my parents a Blu-ray player for Christmas.
That might make a great show to watch in Blu-ray.

Finally, I've been involved in a hair battle for the last two days.
I wanted to dye it a bright fiery red.
So I did.
Only problem was, the roots were the correct color, everything else was rusty penny bronze.
Not the first time this has happened to me, but in dire need to be fixed.
So I put a temporary dye, a raspberry red, over it.
Once again, the roots came out correctly.
The rest did not.
I had a little black temporary dye left, but not enough to cover my entire head.
Therefore, I mixed it with the raspberry and tried once more.
Much better.
Not the bright red I wanted.
Not really red at all.
It looks black, but when you see me in the light, you can see the raspberry red color.

Today I tried to clip my end.
When my hand slipped in one spot, I had to take off about an inch all over.
My hair was already in a short bob cut.
Now it's an even shorter bob cut.
If it gets any shorter, I'll have to pull out the clippers.
I just can't win all the time.

Mah. That's all for now.

P.S: Tia, get your arse back here.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Vol 95

This is for Trice!

And I quote:
Something Afternoon Tea (fiction I've been writing. XD) related.

End Quote:

That was your fourth wish, Trice, on your holiday wish-list-thing...yeah!
I said I would grant it.
And in a way I am.

Remember this:

She leisured around, paying attention to each detail marking the lobby of the Hilton, until her curiosity flared up due to a painting along the stairs...“Is there something wrong Miss Parker?”...Carter surveyed his para-legal from afar. He had labeled Emily as plain before, and noted that he had to revise this opinion. If the receptionist hadn’t told him that his companion was at the stairs, he wouldn’t have thought this woman was Parker.

If not, I'm sure you do now.
I always remembered that scene was hella funny to me.
Plain on Em stepped out like BAM!
Penguin or Pooh didn't expect that.

Do you also remember my TBT picture post?
The one with the plush animals?
I'm sure you do.
My AT gift to you is this..........TADA!!!

Emily and Ian at the dinner party.
Do you like it?
I like it?
Let me convince you even more why you have to like and love it...

Every thing that Bear Emily, nickname Bemily, is wearing I made.
The hair?
I bought a hair piece, cut it, sewed it to the bear, and styled the bang.
I even made the head band and bow.

The dress?
I took an old shirt and skirt I never wear, cut them, and stitched them together.
Like the lace?
There's even a split in the lace.
Naughty Bemily.

Bear Ian, or Bian, was a lot easier to make.
I'm not finished with him just yet.
I want to give him a hat.
Maybe some nice pants, but pants are hard for me to make.
You have to consider that I'm cutting and stitching this all by hand.

But Bian is wearing the latest...or oldest, threads from my wardrobe.
He's sporting a nice white (not really collar) collar shirt and black vest.
Feeling a little frisky, he tossed the tie on the dance floor (I just didn't make the tie yet).


Like your wish!
I like it?
I was going to mail it to you, but I'm not satisfied with the quality of it.
It's been a while since I've done something like this.
One of my many secret hobbies.
Anyway, WISH GRANTED!!!!!

You've been updating AT and you haven't even told me.
I thought you were on hiatus?
What's that all about???
Last time I read it, Em and Ian were in the car eating chocolate, and Emily had a monthly visitor.
You're so petty.
I know I've been wrapped up with Nanowrimo, but I'm finished with that.
Next time let me know.

I'll read all those updates tomorrow.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vol 94

The lack of post this month will be blamed on November being Nanowrimo.
As mentioned in the previous post, the goal was to write a 50K word story in 30 days.

In the beginning, it started out fun.
It was pressure, but nice, easy, fun pressure to write daily.
I would come home from school, do homework, and at night start my chapter for the day.
I would stick with the plan without fail.
One chapter a day.

Around day 10, I became to busy with school work and wasn't able to type anything for two days.
That didn't bother me too much. because between days 12-15, I shot up 13K words.
That's a lot, right?
I was way over my total word count goal for those days.

But when day 16 came, I was so ready for this thing to be over.
It became annoying.
I wanted to strangle my characters.
Those little gits have a will of their own and liked to change things on me.

I didn't write a single thing for four days.
I would come home, nap, do homework, and then prepare myself to write but never did.
I just couldn't bring myself to do it.
It wasn't so fun anymore.
I kept wishing it was over.
No more.
But I'm the kind of person who completes the goal I set for myself.
So, I drudged on.

Days 24 and 25, I was below the total number of words I should have had.
Sucked big time.
And by then I was really wishing it was over.
But I had 10K more words to type.
So between the 26th and 27th of November, I would stay up and write 5 thousand words a night.
I verified my word count last night and the "WINNER" badge flashed.
My goal was complete.
I no longer have to type this damn, wretched story.
Or so I thought...

Yes, the 50K word goal was complete, submitting 51K words.
But that was only the first part of the novel.
I still have an entire second part to right to finish this book.
Then there's book 2.
I'm actually looking for to book 2.
I can't wait to write that one.
I was so excited, thinking I was finished with book 1.
Until I realized...this story isn't complete.
Too many unanswered questions.
Still stuff they have to do before I can even think about writing book 2.
Which I won't for some months.
Now that the goal is met, I'm putting this aside for a month.
I'll come back to it in January.
Hopefully by then, I won't ate it as much anymore.

Hopefully Naila won't hate it as much anymore either.
I bothered her with every single detail about this story for the entire month.
As I wrote, I was IM'ing her about what was going on.
She was a great person to talk to because she would ask questions and point out other things I missed.
That didn't mean she didn't hate hearing about it.
And it also annoyed me, how much I was talking about it.
Once upon a time, our conversations were dominated by ponies and rainbows.
Marshmallow clouds and sugar pops.
DBSK and BB.
Now it's also Nick and Aya.
Rosalind. Jase. Alexandra. Tafni. Davies. Finley. Devrin.
Zoe and Kat weren't so bad.
I liked those two.
Marlie as well.
But still...
So I decided to Acknowledge her in this novel in two ways.
One way is in the Acknowledgment section.
The other way is by naming a character after her...slightly.
Just the last name.
Tafni has her last night.

Mah! I'm going to wrap up this nanowrimo blog entry now.
I don't even want to see the word Nanowrimo for another year.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vol 93

Trice thinks I'm silly for wearing this hat.
Here's what I have to say to you Trice:
What's new pussy cat? Whooaaa whooaaaa!

Yeah, that made no sense at all.
But who cares.
I like that hat.

Anyway, it's day..., well because it's after midnight, it's day 9 of nanowrimo.
I'm about where I need be as far as word count goes, but not where I should be.
Nanowrimo's goal is only 50k words, while the story I'm writing will technically be twice as long.
But I'm on chapter 10.
I write a chapter a day.
I had some trouble with chapters 6 and 7, but 8 and 9 were simpler.
Now I'm coming to the tricky part.
The character has to convince another to tell the truth, and I have to introduce the bad guys.
Once this nanowrimo is over and my story is complete I have some majooooorrr editing to do.
There are times when only the dialogue comes to me, so I'll write that and skip all description and narration.

Oh yeah, when I went to New York last weekend, I went to karaoke.
I always go karaoke, but never singing for real.
I did last time, or was gonna, but the lyrics on the screen were wrong and it messed me all up.
So, not epik fail but still fail.
When I go back in December, I have to redeem myself.
And I finally choose the song.
Same artist, which means I have to do lots of practicing.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vol 92

It's November.
That means it's Nanowrimo time.
I didn't participate last year, but I am this year.
It's pressure.
Good pressure.
Fun pressure.
I have to rant to my friend about what I'm writing.
It helps me organize my thoughts, and she'll point out stuff that is unclear.

But anywoo....
I'm starving right now.
And late for class once again.
It's raining, and I left my umbrella in school a week ago.
Guess I need to get up and go by another one before I end up late for my other class.

Oh, an apparently I'm going out tomorrow.
That's news to me.
No one told me I had plans for tomorrow.
I planned to sleep in and eat all day.
Wash my hair and all that jazz.
Well I have news for them....

Bye Bye!

P.S: Like the picture? I acted as a model for my friend while in New York last week.
It was a random last minute thing.
I hate pictures, but she says I'm a good model.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Vol 91

I've waited a very, very, very long time for this book.
It comes out today.
I finished it yesterday.
Oh, the wonders of preordering.

Now that I've read it, I can say with certainty that I think I am more Mercy than Indigo.
Which is strange in and of itself in a way, but that's what I truly think.

I would have liked more of a plot to this book, more psy-action, more of the war.
The Indigo/Drew action was wonderful.
He is such a sneaker charmer.
The Hawke coming to a realization....or more like Hawke knowing what he needs to do with a certain no-longer-redhead was GREAT.
Especially when she shut him down by saying she didn't come back for him.
-le sigh- Go Sienna.

But with the last scene, I have a feeling book 10 will have more psy-war-action.
I can't wait.
Especially since this is the book I've been waiting for since I first picked up the series.
Lucky for me I got into it very late.

Now I need to sleep because I need to wake up in 5 hours for class.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vol 90

Multimedia Message What do you know! It only took 10 minutes to get out of New York compared to the 40 it took to get in.

Current Location: Crossing over a bridge in New Jersey.

Vol 89

So, i'll be boarding the bus that will take me back home from New York City in a little more than an hour.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Vol 87

It's my twins birthday!
And it's Ms. Allisons birthday.

T__T. I'm 22 now. It just gets older doesn't it.
It doesn't get younger.
Sooner then later, the little things that I am still able to get away won't pass anymore.

You might not notice because this entry is titled "Vol 87," but this is all my 100th post.
YAY for two reasons.

Now I'll go crawl into bed.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Vol 86

Okay, so I had a hairtastrophe last night.

Multimedia MessaI relaxed my hair and the dye stripped, leaving me with the image of an Oompa Loompa.
Basically, my hair turned green.
You should know that didn't fly well.
I had a hair appointment today anyway, so I didn't stress it too much.
But it was way to hot for that baseball cap I was forced to where.
The stylish did a wonderful job cutting my hair the way I wanted it, especially my bangs, as well as covering the green with a black color.
So yes, you can bet your money that I have been walking around swishing my short bob with the Yoochun Mirotic bangs all day.
I paid $125 for this style, $70 of that being just the color treatment.
They gave me some sample shampoo and conditioner to test, and if they work well on my hair, I'll buy them next time.

In other news, my birthday is Monday.
I had a meeting with my advisor at school today, and he's basically trying to convince me to switch my major once more, but this time to something I love.
The Arts.
Dance, Theater, Foreign Language, or English/Creative Writing.
This has been a confliction of mine for my entire college career.
It doesn't help matters.

Anway, what do you think of the hair?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Vol 85

Wha-wha-wha-wha-WHAT DID YOU SAY?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vol 84

Previously, on TBT:

After weeks of reuniting, Hayden and Laney finally go on there first date to a cook class.
Hayden shower Laney will powdered sugar, which ultimately leads to a food fight and reprimanding from the instructor.

Afterward, we find our couple at the ESPNZone, where they compete against one another. Our couple also shares there first kiss. *Aw snap!*

Next time on TBT:

Hayden goes to his mother's house to pick up his son, Laney in toll.

Upon seeing Laney, Jaylen latches on her, as if it was his natural born right. Jade stares speechless.

How will Jade respond to this woman who has randomly entered her son and grandsons life?

Find out in the next episodes of The Boy's Toy.

(I think this is by far the greatest entry I've ever done.)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Vol 83

Just got finished chatting with this darling lady and a few other authors.
Now I know there will one day, hopefully, be a book 3 for the Extraordinary Girl series.
Hopefully it won't take 4 years.

Going to do homework now.
I was sick all weekend, and besides going to work, the only thing I did was sleep.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Vol 82

If you have not seen The Other Guys yet; go see it.
If you are not a fan of Will Ferrell; suck bricks.
That movie is freaking hilarious.
I haven't laughed that hard or long in a while.
There's no point of me telling anyone what the movie is about.
The fact that it stars Will Ferrell should be enough to tell you it's something silly.
Besides, there are a ton of trailer videos for you to find.
All I have to say is, Aim for the bushes and pimps don't cry.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Vol 81

So Layden has reached the 100 page mark.
This is only the second to reach the 100 page mark.
And boy is it killing the Almighty One.
I'm such a bastard, prolonging all the good stuff.

Bah! I need to go finish my homework.
This weekend didn't allow me time to complete anything.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Vol 80

During one of my random google searches, I stumbled across this button.
It made me laugh.
It's funny, but then I stopped to think, is there anything I feel guilty about?
Is there anything I should feel guilty about?
I couldn't really think of much, but I do have a bad habit of saying things that shouldn't be said in certain places.
I guess that's a guilt I feel.
Sometimes I should just...shhhh. Zip it.
I guess I'm just use to saying whatever I think where ever I am.
So, if I've said something that shouldn't have been said and someone was offended by it...Sorry.
But, this is who I am.

What about you?
Got Guilt?

Vol 79

Titanic just went off.
I always liked this least from the scene where the iceberg hits.
But as a girl I have to the right to say, "Oh Jack!"
But as me, I have the right to finish that sentence like, "You dumb ass!"

Every girl wants a Jack...when she's on a boat.
Just in case the ship sinks, you have some dingy love stricken fool who will do everything to make sure you survive.
I always said I would never go on a cruise unless there was a Jack.
My family is going on another cruise summer 2012.
I'm not sure if I'm going because I have other things I might be involved in at that time, but if I do ago, I need my own Jack.

Rosa was such a selfish prick.
She could have shared that wooden plank with him.
There was a way to get him on there.
But noooo, she let him stay in the cold ass Atlantic ocean water were he died from hypothermia.

Poor Jack, that idiot.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vol 78

So I went to my friends wedding today.
For those of you who no nothing of black people, if you only take one thing away from me, make it this: Black People Are Never On Time!

The wedding started a little late, people are never on time.

Anyway, while sitting there I came to the conclusion that when I get married I might actually turn into a bridezilla.
A real monster I shall become!
You have been warned.
But don't worry, it won't be that bad.
I'm not planning it.
My (fake) wife, Shama, wants to plan my wedding.
Now I can really see her turning into a raging ball of short Pakistani fire if something goes wrong.
Again, you have been warned.

People asked what I wore, that was it.
---The stance in the middle picture is awkward.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vol 77

School just started and this is already how I look.
I think I used up all my reading supply over the summer.
I don't want to read these textbooks.
None of them.
I don't want to read anything, not even the 2 books I just bought.

Ha! My boring school tried to upgrade.
They implanted solar panels throughout various areas of its tiny campus.
Yay for going green!

I guess I should hurry up and read this chapter of this cognitive psychology book and my physics book.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Vol 76

I'm going to a wedding next weekend.
Me being the very laid back person I am, I had nothing to wear
So I bought a nice top and some slack.
I don't really do dresses or skirts much.
Anyway, I've been searching for a shoe for weeks, but never found one.
Since the pants were white, it was hard to find a shoe that matched the entire outfit.
So, I had to buy different bottoms and in the end I bought this shoe.
A heel.
A fecking heel.
I don't wear heels.
And the bad thing is I paid $65 for that damn shoe.
Instead of leaving them in the box, after I paid for them I put them on and wore them all day yesterday.
And I will consistently wear them until I feel I've got $65 worth of wears out of them.

Vol 75

There's a project I'm working on, a project that involves pictures, and I need to know the name of this dude.
Who the hell is this dude???
I've been searching for like...5 whole minutes and I can't find a name anywhere.
That's saying a lot.
I'm usually a mastermind when it comes to searching stuff.
I only need 3 minutes but this one is a tough cookie.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vol 74

This quote is a perfect opening for this post.

Oh Shrimp egg SU young.
Stop fecking texting me and just read the dag on book.
I should have never recommended the Fever series to her.
She's been texting me for the last hour asking questions, questions that could be answered if she just READS.
But it's all good.
That just means she likes the series, and I love when people like my recommendations.

So that covers good friends and good books.
The other topic is a sleepy conscious.

Recently I've been having the reoccurring ongoing dream.
Pleases me much.
I love when I have reoccurring ongoing dreams.
But this dream started out fun and entertaining.
Then, suddenly it was agony and depression.
Now, it's calm and mellow, which is great compared to the previous nights dream.
I wonder if it will continue when I sleep tonight, but it felt like it came to an end when Su texted me, waking me from my very late nap.

Oh, by the way...

Vol 73

Guess who I'm going to see this fall?
This guy is seriously funny.
One of the only comedians I truly find funny.
His style of comedy is similar to that of the legendary Bernie Mac.
He's a story teller.
He tells stories about his life, family, and friends, and it is just funny.
He's coming to Baltimore in October.
Can't wait!

Other news:
My birthday is coming up.
I'll be 22 at the end of next month.
I have no plans.
I never plan and celebrate for my birthday.
Is that terrible?
Anyway, the only thing I want this year is a car.
My attention span as always been to short to allow me to drive.
It still is, but I need one.

More other news:
School starts next week.
Woo hoo *sarcasm*
My classes are never how I hope they would be.
Is it too much to ask for for a little entertainment and candy during class?
Doesn't sound like to much.
It's the least the school can do after making me spend so fucking much for books and little gadgets that they change every semester, therefore I'm forced to by a new fucking clicker every semester for $40 and then pay another $15 to have the shit activated.
If you haven't realized yet, I'm pissed.
I get pissed just thinking about it.

Some more other news:
Oh my gawd.
Hawkeの本の名前はKiss of Snowです。

Other school bits:
School starts on Tuesday and I'm trying very hard to decide if I want to take Japanese again.
Yeah, I know. I said in an earlier entry that I was taking it, but after some schedule tweaking I dropped it.
But the problem is that I have a 5 hour gap between classes.
I could use that to study, but more than likely I won't.
Since I only have 14...or is it 15 credits?...I should take it.
That would give me 18.
But the problem is I have 4 hard ass classes already.
I don't want to overload myself.
I never study, so overloading myself on school work can be pretty damn easy for a procrastinator such as myself.
I should do it.
The other problem is that I should have received credit for these classes already, but they didn't accept them from when I studied abroad.
I could always try to test out of it, but my school doesn't have a basic Japanese test.
I would have to go to NYU just to take their standard Japanese grading test.
It's also been what?...almost 2 years since I've last studied Japanese.
I should retake it.
I have a few more days to decide.
The one thing that consistently makes me drop the class is the textbook.
No foreign language should be taught in romanization if it doesn't use roman letters.
Japanese uses Kana and Kanji. Not ABC's.
It's horrible.
A total way to kill any knowledge.

Some different stuff:
I'm a lazy bum.
Too many ideas.
Not enough energy and focus to actually get anything done.
You know the one time I can concentrate?
During class.
That's not the best time to be sidetracked.
Or right now for instance.
I should be sleep.
I have work to leave for work in less than 6 hours, yet I'm still up.

Last bit of book news for tonight:
So recently I've ventured into Young Adult novels.
Still the same genre: Fantasy.
Hey! I tried to branch out.
I truly did.
I got so damn bored with the other stories that I barely finished 4 pages.
But I'm reading for fun.
If it bores me, then too bad so sad.
Anyway, I've read Gena Showalter's Intertwined.
Yes, another Gena book. Shut. Up!
Those characters really are intertwined.
Stupid vampires are in it.
That was a sneak attack.
Werewolves too.
But I like Riley.
He can thanlkthe other wolf Riley from the Psy-Changeling series for that like.
It was passed on by name.
Book 2 comes out next Tuesday...although I think Barnes and Nobles website already released it.
Either way, I ordered my copy so I'll get it soon.

I've found another author I sorta kinda like. Maggie Stiefvater.
No clue in hell how to pronounce that name. *shrugs*
But her stories are very mellow while having action, conflict, and a balance of emotions at the same time.
That's good.
I've read her novel Shiver.
It's the first book of the Wolves of Mercy Falls series.
I've heard that was optioned and will now be a movie....*shrugs again*
I have the second book, but I haven't read it yet.
I got distracted by Gena.
Then I went out and bought Maggie's novel Lament.
It's a faerie series.
We all know how I love those Fae.
Just finished that tod...yesterday.
Ordered the second book as well.

Remember Wendy Raven McNair?
The author of that YA fantasy novel Awake?
Did I post about Awake?
Anyway, ordered her other novel Giant Slayers.
It's an adult novel.
Not fantasy.
See, I have been trying to step out my book.
It's about these three female friends and the woe's of their lives and all that other mess....
Not sure what to expect.
I read the first view pages on her website and it opened with a guy blowing his brains out......


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vol 72

Multimedia Message Holy kamehameha!
I've been trying to clean my room for the pass week, key word is trying, when I stumbled across some carvings I'd done back in 9th grade. 
It's Dragonball Z. 
I was crazy about that show when I was younger.
I think i'm going to color this in.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vol 71

Multimedia Message Noodles and Company.
I love this place. 
Last week was my first time trying it and man oh man did I love it.
It's not the best place in the world but the feta cheese made my Pasta Fresca tase ohsogood. 
And the chicken noodle soup is delicious.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Vol 70

I think I've turned into a book fanatic.
It's not so bad, but my genre of interest is limited.
I'm a paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy kind of girl.
While the majority of the fans in this genre are Vampire crazy, I am not.
No Twilight for me.

My interest has always been that of psychic abilities, which is why I love the Psy-Changeling series so much.
But more so than that, Mythology is just plain, completely, mind buggingly interesting.
I love it.
Always have.
Always will.

I love reading fiction stories with Greek and Roman gods.
While the gods don't play THAT much of a role in Gena Showalters Lords of the Underworld series, ol' Cronus is in it enough to keep me entertained.
But even more than that, I think the Fae are my all time favorite myth.
If you don't know who the Fae are, they are the Irish myth.
You may know them as the Fairy.
The fae are just fan.fucking.tastic.
And not all of them are tiny, glittery, and fly.
Ohhh no.
There are tons of different fae.
The worst being the Unseelie.
The Unseelie is a court, place of residence, the Dark, the ugly, the dangerous.
There is a Seelie court, the Light, the pretty, the fairer of the two, but that makes them no less dangerous.
The Unseelie are my favorite.
No matter what story I read, how badly they are portrayed, they rock.

I'm reading Karen Marie Moning's DarkFever series right now.
I'm surprised that I'm even reading this.
I found her Highlander series completely insane.
Those stupid females.

The Unseelie in this story are not so likable.
They are truly crude, hideous, despicable, and monstrous.
But the funny part is, the worst character, the ulitimate bad guy is Human.
It's always the Human.
Just goes to show who the real monsters are.

The picture is one of a Fae.
She looks like a fairy, although this picture shows up if you image search for a "sidhe".


BARRON!!! He's just so damn mysterious. It's been two books now and I still only know NOTHING about him. What kind of hero is he really? If he's really even a hero. He's so infuriatingly complicated, evasive, cold, mean, but all the while he can be so cool. Bastard that he is. It turns out that I'm reading this series for him. Frog MacKayla. Feck V'Lane. I don't even know how you say that name...V'Lane. And if I was MacKayla I wouldn't trust anyone. Which she doesn't. Smart girl, and that's saying something since I found all the other female leads Moning wrote in her Highlander book to be completely hopeless.

I want to be team Barron, but I can't be team Barron when I know absolutely nothing about him. I can't be team V'Lane. One thing I learned from Merry, Meghan, and Mercy, never trust a Fae. V'Lane has unexplained loyalties and feelings for Mac. That is just untrustworthy. That wouldbe rapist.

I think I got that off my chest.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Vol 69



I'm off work today. YAY!
I went to the track this morning with my friend.
Dear god, I was just hot looking at her run around in 80 something degree weather at 8am with a sweat jacket on.
I wanted to pass out for her.
She rode a bike to the track, but I rode the bike around the track while she jogged. Then I did a few sprints, which I haven't done in a year.
Wanted. to. drop. dead. immediately.
But I didn't not to do that since I already pre-ordered three books and would love to be around to read them.

I think I'll go work on Noor now.
I'm having the most difficult time starting that.
But Laney is moving along once again.

Oh yeah, I made shrimp pasta with marinara today.
From scratch.
I am the best.

Changed the picture.
The first one was kinda scary. LOL

I always wanted to take one of those stupid pictures people take in the mirror, but the flash is on, so you can't really see anything.
Talk about bad photography. being the silly person that I am, I took one at school one day over the summer, and there it is.
Isn't it purdy?
(No, not really since you can't see anything)...
Why do people like taking these.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vol 68

Who cares about a Team Jacob or Team Edward, when you can be Team Puck or Team Ash!
I am so on Team Ash!
Sorry Puck.
You're hilarious and adorable, but the cold (literally) Prince is who I side with.

I started two young adult Trilogy's recently.
Neither are completed, and the waits are insane.

The first one I started was Asleep by Wendy Raven McNair.
Adisa is a 16 year old, who gets a emotionless boyfriend, Micah, who just so happens to be a super. He can fly.
Adisa is obsessed with the whole super hero thing to the point that her twin sisters pick on her about it.
When she first meets Micah, in class on the first day of school, he doesn't reply to her greeting, and she had no idea he was her new neighbor.
So when he and his family shows up at her house for dinner that night, she was shocked speechless, and completely embarrassed as her sister made fun of her super hero fascination.

But you later learn that Micah will die soon, and that the only way to save him is for the healer, a girl, that he falls in love with to forgive his Sp. Twin.
Good thing is Adisa is the healer. She developed her powers later in the story.
The bad thing is, Micah's Sp. Twin, Vincent, kidnapped Adisa.
There is no way she wants to forgive him.
But nonetheless, she and Micah are determined to find a way to save him, while the go against those who oppose them, Micah's dad.

The other trilogy is the Iron Fey trilogy.
I'm not going to explain what a fae is.
I think I've done that one before when I read the Merry Gentry series, or maybe the Mercy Thompson series.

Meghan is another 16 year old girl, what's with the 16?, who is an outcast in school. She has one friend, Robbie, and no one can remember Robbie once he is gone. Strange.
One day Meghan's little brother is kidnapped and a strange person/thing impersonating her brother is in her house.
The imposter is attacking her when Robbie comes to her rescue.
Robbie then goes on the explain what the imposter is, and who is probably responsible for kidnapping her brother.
He also reveals that his name is not really Robbie Goodfell, but Robin Goodfellow, or just Puck.
If you're familiar with A Midsummer's Night Dream, or anything about old mythology and such, you'll recognize of few of the characters and creatures.

Meghan accompanies Puck into the Nevernever (Faeryland) to rescue her brother, where they are chased by this guy with black hair and pale skin, who has a bunch of warrior guys with him.
Puck hides Meghan by tossing her into a tree, where she lands and scares away the bird that Grimalkin the cat was about the eat.

These four are pretty much the main characters on the adventure.
Meghan finds out she's a fae princess to the Seelie court (summer). Her dad is King Oberon, and her stepmother threatened to kill her.
She meets Mab, the queen of the Unseelie court (winter), who wants to capture her, and Mab's three sons.
The pale dude with black hair is one of Mab's sons, Prince Ash!

Meghan gets Puck and Ash to stop fighting long enough for the two of them to work together to rescue her brother, but everything has a cost.
Grimalkin is there mainly because he finds Meghan entertaining.

The travel in and out of Faeryland to the real world a few times. Fought some humans, Trolls, grimlins, and other mystical creatures.

The main antagonist in this series are the Iron Fey, who are a major threat to the Fae. The Fae and Iron just can't mix. Iron can kill even the strongest of fae, which you'll see in this story. But with the birth of these Iron fae, thanks to us humans who love our technology, the rest of Faeryland will eventually become extinct. The only ones to know about the Iron Fae are Meghan, Ash, Puck, and Grim.
But with Puck currently out of the picture, Grim gone, Ash gone, and Meghan being held captive by Mab, no one can inform the rest of the land and warn them.

Book 2 comes out next week on the Kindle.
I already pre-ordered it.
I pre-ordered Burning Up as well. Nalini Singh's newest novella is in that book.

I can't remember half the books I read recently so I won't even try to list them all. I won't even try to list them because some of the books I loaned to friends, or borrowed from friends and no longer possess. Just know that I've probably completed my resolution twice over.

I'm reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lighting Thief right now.

Go Team Ash!
Wake up Puck!
Come back Grim!
Man up Meg!

Vol 67

It's been a while since I updated!

Last weekend I went to The Great Wolf in Williamsburg, Virginia with my aunt Beverly and two little cousins.
The Great Wolf is a water park resort, and with two little ones, 4 and 8, my aunt needed someone to help her watch the children.
Thus, I stepped in.
I've never been there, and frankly, I don't do much traveling because I get sick when I travel.
So, first good news is that I didn't get sick the entire trip.
That's a very great thing.
Second good news, that place was awesome.
The design in pretty, the decorating with wolves and other natural looking things made it very relaxed.
You feel like you're in the middle of the woods, but since Wal-Mart is 2 minutes away, if that long, you know you're not stuck somewhere.
But I couldn't get cell phone service unless I was hotness, and it was way too hot to be outside.

Anyway, The Great Wolf is an indoor water park.
There are 6 slides, two hot tubes, a wave pool, a lazy river pool, a surf thing, a children's pool, an outside pool, and another pool.
In the middle is the big three story figure you climb to get to two of the slides. It reminds me of Port Discovery.
The resort also has a spa, children's spa, pizza hut, arcade, computer room, workout room, and some other places.
The room we stayed in, The Wolf Den, had a queen size bed, a sofa bed the same size, and a mini room that consists of bunk beds. There was a bathroom, microwave, refridgerator, table, dresser, and two tv's. It was a pretty decent size room.

The children wanted to stay in the pool the entire three days we were there, but no way in hell we were letting that happen.
By midday the second day, my aunt and I were completed wiped out of water fun.
I just wanted to get as far away as possible, and did not look forward to the last day of splishing and splashing and wet hair. But of course, we went again.
It wasn't bad. We let the children pretty much do whatever they wanted and would only sit there, unless they were in deep water.

It was a fun place. I'll probably take a trip there next summer, but only for 1 day.
Maybe go on a Friday, leave on Saturday, then hit Kings Dominion on the way home, or maybe even Six Flags once I get back in Maryland.

Other news:
I went to a family cookout two weekends ago.
I don't really know those people.
I may have met them twice in my life.
If more than that, I don't remember.

My mother, sister, god-sister, and I went to see the movie Grown Ups, before we went to the cookout.
The movie was hilarious.
I laughed really hard.
Aaaa, good times.

(Me, Aunt Beverly, Little cousin Jayonna)

I'm suppose to go out tomorrow with some childhood friends, but if they do not text me in the next 30 minutes to tell me where we are going and what time we are meeting, I won't go.
It's too hot to come home from work, just to go back out.
Once you get me in the house, I'm in there for good.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vol 66

Lookie lookie what I got. Talk about being ultra excited. Too bad i'm too damn tired and almost up to my neck in school work to read them.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Vol 65

And the answer to the question at the end is a resounding, NO. I did not think I would ever read this at a burger joint in the Inner Harbor. The back says "the bacon cheese dogs are awesome." this is at Five Guys.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vol 64

Oh, the joys of summer. It's too damn hot...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Vol 63

Multimedia Message Ahoy!
This picture is a of of the Maryland Science Center from my job. It's so close, but because of the harbor you have to take this ten minute walk all the way around the harbor to get to it.

I haven't been there wait, I went once back in 2008 to see the body exhibit. Before that, I haven't been since elementary school. They've done a lot of changed with the place, added a new building, changed some exhibits.

My job does the same thing.
 A whale fossil that hangs of the stingray tank. Never actually knew what that fossil was, nor did i care. Just found out yesterday

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vol 62

I saw both of these movies today.
I saw Get Him to the Greek first.
I was skeptical about it since I'm not a fan of rapper/singer turned actor.
I wondered how Diddy would do.
He did okay.
Said the word "fuck" entirely too much.
He really overused that word.
He made Bernie Mac look like a saint.
A non-cussing saint.

I'm not a movie critic, nor do I want to be, so no critque of this movie besides saying that it was....hilarious. I think my favorite scene was the club in Vegas with the Jeffery. And I loved when Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) showed up at the club in London.
It was a good movie.
There was this old couple in front of me and even they enjoyed it.

Right after that movie ended I saw the remake of the Karate Kid with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. Originally I said I didn't want to see this. I was never a fan of the Karate Kid. Hated watching those movies, but somehow I ended up watching this.
We all know that Jackie Chan can kick major patootie, but Jaden is f*****g AWESOME.
Not just Jaden, but all of those children are.
The reason Jaden stands out the most, not just because he was the only black child in the tournament, but also because I can bet that those other children actually learned martial arts for years and not just two months. The kid is a beast. All of them were. Screw the rest of the story, just watch all the fight and training scenes.

This picture is what made me want to watch it.