Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vol 67

It's been a while since I updated!

Last weekend I went to The Great Wolf in Williamsburg, Virginia with my aunt Beverly and two little cousins.
The Great Wolf is a water park resort, and with two little ones, 4 and 8, my aunt needed someone to help her watch the children.
Thus, I stepped in.
I've never been there, and frankly, I don't do much traveling because I get sick when I travel.
So, first good news is that I didn't get sick the entire trip.
That's a very great thing.
Second good news, that place was awesome.
The design in pretty, the decorating with wolves and other natural looking things made it very relaxed.
You feel like you're in the middle of the woods, but since Wal-Mart is 2 minutes away, if that long, you know you're not stuck somewhere.
But I couldn't get cell phone service unless I was hotness, and it was way too hot to be outside.

Anyway, The Great Wolf is an indoor water park.
There are 6 slides, two hot tubes, a wave pool, a lazy river pool, a surf thing, a children's pool, an outside pool, and another pool.
In the middle is the big three story figure you climb to get to two of the slides. It reminds me of Port Discovery.
The resort also has a spa, children's spa, pizza hut, arcade, computer room, workout room, and some other places.
The room we stayed in, The Wolf Den, had a queen size bed, a sofa bed the same size, and a mini room that consists of bunk beds. There was a bathroom, microwave, refridgerator, table, dresser, and two tv's. It was a pretty decent size room.

The children wanted to stay in the pool the entire three days we were there, but no way in hell we were letting that happen.
By midday the second day, my aunt and I were completed wiped out of water fun.
I just wanted to get as far away as possible, and did not look forward to the last day of splishing and splashing and wet hair. But of course, we went again.
It wasn't bad. We let the children pretty much do whatever they wanted and would only sit there, unless they were in deep water.

It was a fun place. I'll probably take a trip there next summer, but only for 1 day.
Maybe go on a Friday, leave on Saturday, then hit Kings Dominion on the way home, or maybe even Six Flags once I get back in Maryland.

Other news:
I went to a family cookout two weekends ago.
I don't really know those people.
I may have met them twice in my life.
If more than that, I don't remember.

My mother, sister, god-sister, and I went to see the movie Grown Ups, before we went to the cookout.
The movie was hilarious.
I laughed really hard.
Aaaa, good times.

(Me, Aunt Beverly, Little cousin Jayonna)

I'm suppose to go out tomorrow with some childhood friends, but if they do not text me in the next 30 minutes to tell me where we are going and what time we are meeting, I won't go.
It's too hot to come home from work, just to go back out.
Once you get me in the house, I'm in there for good.