Friday, July 15, 2011

Vol 128

Fancy little bugatti -whatever the hell that is- parked on Rodeo Drive.

Vol 127

I completely forgot that I can upload to this from my phone. Well, i'll ratify that as of this moment. Currently, i'm eating lunch with okaasan, otousan, and Green at this place on Santa Monica Blvd and Canon Drive.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vol 126

So I fixed my laptop but it's only a temporary fix. It keeps bonking out on me. But unlike my desktop, which I also fixed...sorta, at least it cuts back on when it bonks out.
I just sold it to some random website that buys old, not-so-great laptops for $160.
With Apple, I got a credit card and just bought myself a macbook with a 3 year Warranty. I'm rather pissed this laptop crashed on me. I only had it for 3 years and I haven't abused and used it that bad. I mean, my desktop I've had since I was about 14-15, and now it finally died completely. But that's 8-9 years compared to 3. WTF!
Anyway, I really didn't want a credit card (now I have 2) but like my mother and aunt said, my credit sucks. That's not good. The only way to boost it (for someone like me) is to have a major credit card that I actually pay. I have the cellphone and house phone bills I pay, and I pay on time in full, but those are under my parent's name, so.....
If school didn't give so much online work, and if I didn't have some many people in my head (that makes me sound insane) I probably would hold off on buying a new computer.

On to another topic. The Z-Man? REALLY? ROFLMAO. I should have known where this was going the moment they traveled to Greece, but I wasn't thinking the Z-Man. I was expecting some random cameo of a LoTU character (not that I really expected it with this being an original inside joke fiction, but I was rereading a LoTU novel at the time). Oh man. *rubs hands together* All the fun I can have with the Z-Man being Him. I'll wait for my Mac before I start typing anything. I don't want this laptop to bonk on me again and I lose my work. That pisses me off.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Vol 125

Okay. I kind of have a lot to say right now.
First; both my laptop and desktop have crashed and burned. So i'm without a computer until I come back from Los Angeles. Sucks. Guess i'll have to bum my mothers laptop.

Second; I'm going back to LA next week. I'm staying at the same friend's place, my okaasan, but this time different friends will be joining us. Oohh, i'm excited. And now that my travel sickness doesn't bother me nearly as much, I can actually look forward to a trip. 

Third; Since my laptop has broken, I can no longer participate in camp Nanowrimo. Not happy about this. I was looking forward to working on Noor 2. I miss my characters. And because the computer's are broken, I have to pause my other work as well. Sucks again. But i'm a lazy author who will enjoy the reprieve.

Fourth; Is it Sept 27th yet. Yes, that is my birthday but I'm looking forward to my date with Strider...and Kaia. Love those Harpies. I can't wait to see how each character reacts to him being her consort. Lol. Priceless.

Vol 124

One of my random nicknames is, Monkey Lady Girl or for short just, Monkey Girlfriend. 

This is a random test post.