Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vol 29

Nalini Singh, you are so mean.

Back in August I bought a book called "A Lick of Frost" by Laurell K Hamilton.
I can't remember why I bought the book, but I read it and liked it, but was confused.
As it turned out, A Lick of Frost, was the 6th book in the Merry Gentry series.
I went to Barnes and Noble and ended up purchasing books 1-5 and 7.

Merry Gentry series is a rated 18+ series.
Basically, Merry is a hoe.
But she's a legal hoe.
Merry is the Princess of the Unseelie court.
She is the first mortal sidhe born. Ever.

The series was about the trails Merry and her men (16 of them) faced as Merry fought (against her will) to become to crowned princess of the Unseelie court.
Merry faces numerous assassination attempts from the people of both the Unseelie and Seelie courts, her deranged cousin who wants to sleep with her, her aunt who is insane, and an uncle who believes she is the one who can give him children.
At the end of book 6 Merry finds out she is pregant with twins.
She's pregnant with twins but her children has 6 fathers, and each of those fathers becomes the King to her Queen....

Yeah, I don't really know how to explain this story.
Most of the time Merry was just sleeping with someone.
But the 8th book comes out in December and I want to see how these twins will look.

Again, Nalini Singh, you are so mean.
I already KNOW who Hawke's mate is, but who is Indigo's?

Nalini Singh is the author of the very interesting Psy-Changeling series.
Also rated 18+.
My coworker recommended this series to me.
She loves it.
A lot.
So I borrowed the first book from her.
I am the slowest reader in the world, but I read the first book, Slave to Sensation, in record breaking time.
The book is set in a future world, about 80 years from now, and the world is divided into three races. Changeling (half animal half human shape-shifters), Psy (possess great Psychological abilities but are completely without emotion), and average humans.
After an increase of violence and rage, back in the 1960's-1970's, the Psy started to condition all emotions from their race.
This act, Protocol I, is called Silence, and the Psy are perfect in their Silence.
Psst, yeah right. Just ask Sascha darling or Ice-man Judd how perfect their Psy are.
But was Protocol I a good idea overall?
The story is about those who are fighting against that crazy Psy council, mainly the Leopard and Wolf changeling and their mates-to-be.
But don't pay attention to the covers.
The people on the covers look nothing like how the characters are described.

Nalini you really are mean.
July is too far away, and I want to read about this J-Psy Sophia.

The series I am TRYING to read now was also suggest by that same coworker.
It's the Highlander series (rated 18+) by Karen Marie Moning.
I can't really say anything about this series.
I only read one of the books and I'm trying to read another, but I just can't get into it.
That old 16th century Scottish accent is bothering me.
And these girls are very dumb.

That's pretty much all I have been doing besides school.
I still need to book books 4-6 of the Psy/Changeling series.
I borrowed those from my friend but I had to return them.
That sucks.
The Psy/Changeling series also have about 3 novella's out.
Well two are out now, and one comes out next August.

I need to pick up another part-time job and as much money as I have spent on books in the pass month, I need to work at Barnes and Noble.
30% off.

P.S: When I say the books are rated 18+ it's because there had to be a sex scene at least every 4 chapters, and in Merry Gentry, there was a sex scene in every chapter. j/k

P.P.S: I read two other books as well. "Queen of his Heart" and "Ebony eyes". These books are solo books, but they were entertaining.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not died yet

Okay, so I plan to update soon.
I haven't done much of anything in the pass few months besides School.
I still work, but only 2-3 days a week.
Right now I should be studying for a French test tomorrow, or either sleep.
I have to work on my proposal for my major.
I finally came up with a name for my major: "Neurobiology of Language".
There's actually a study about this as we speak, but I won't get into it because no one would know what I'm talking about.
Back in August I picked up a book (first time doing so since 2005).
That book lead to another, and then another, and then another.
I've read about about 18-19 books, and I have 6 more sitting in front of me that I'll finish but mid-next week, hopefully.
So that will total 24-25 books since August.
And those 24-25 books are all from 3 different series, which my next update will be about.