Friday, December 14, 2012

Vol 167

Baked bread from scratch today.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Vol 166

Supposed to be a Viking

An says: (7:43:23 PM)
I should invent more guys though

An says: (7:43:27 PM)
perhaps while I'm at it

An says: (7:43:33 PM)
I should invent Suri's roommate

Cherry says: (7:44:36 PM)
lmao, best part of the movie

Cherry says: (7:44:55 PM)
is her room mate a girl or a guy?

An says: (7:45:08 PM)
a guy

Cherry says: (7:45:26 PM)
Alexander Ludwick

An says: (7:45:30 PM)
and booty call

Cherry says: (7:45:41 PM)
cool. I got a booty call

An says: (7:45:42 PM)
*no booty call

An says: (7:45:47 PM)

An says: (7:45:48 PM)

Cherry says: (7:45:58 PM)
much more complicated than a phantom

Cherry says: (7:46:05 PM)
but sometimes skin to skin is needed

jime :[ says: (7:46:12 PM)
call him benjamin pellegrini, he's argentinian

Cherry says: (7:46:34 PM)
no no

Cherry says: (7:46:42 PM)
give him a brazilian name

An says: (7:46:46 PM)

An says: (7:46:52 PM)
see them go wild

Cherry says: (7:46:52 PM)
Brazilians make my mouth water

An says: (7:46:52 PM)

An says: (7:46:58 PM)
But he can't

An says: (7:47:06 PM)
I'll make him belgianh if you keep on like that

An says: (7:47:12 PM)
and I warn you, we have crappy names

An says: (7:47:14 PM)

Cherry says: (7:47:24 PM)

An says: (7:47:46 PM)
Or he's Swedish

An says: (7:47:50 PM)

An says: (7:47:51 PM)

An says: (7:48:00 PM)

Cherry says: (7:48:06 PM)
Just don't make him Italian

Cherry says: (7:48:09 PM)
or Greek

jime :[ says: (7:48:51 PM)
Thiago Carvalho, can't get any more brazilian than that

An says: (7:49:05 PM)

jime :[ says: (7:49:13 PM)
semen? LOL

An says: (7:49:16 PM)

An says: (7:49:25 PM)
SIMEN   m   Norwegian
Norwegian variant of SIMON
An says: (7:49:33 PM)

An says: (7:49:33 PM)

An says: (7:50:27 PM)
Simen Franzen

An says: (7:50:45 PM)
Simen Welde

An says: (7:50:59 PM)
Simen Wilberg

An says: (7:51:09 PM)
Simen Vigen

Cherry says: (7:51:11 PM)
Mark Wilberg

An says: (7:51:22 PM)
*laughing son much right now*

An says: (7:51:25 PM)

An says: (7:51:29 PM)
Simen Volle

An says: (7:51:32 PM)

An says: (7:52:12 PM)

An says: (7:52:22 PM)
Kristian Ulven

An says: (7:53:00 PM)
(calling him Semen would be too harsh XD)

Cherry says: (7:53:54 PM)
yes it would you nasty female you

Cherry says: (7:54:15 PM)
Semen Wilburn

Cherry says: (7:54:18 PM)

jime :[ says: (7:54:30 PM)

jime :[ says: (7:54:38 PM)

An says: (7:54:45 PM)

An says: (7:54:46 PM)

An says: (7:55:11 PM)
In just called him Kristian Ulven, but in my heart he'll always be Simen

An says: (7:55:16 PM)

Cherry says: (7:55:43 PM)
Semen Wilburn

jime :[ says: (7:55:51 PM)
simen wilburn

An says: (7:55:55 PM)
(if I ever meet a norwegian guy named like that, I think I'll be strangely happy about it)

Cherry says: (7:56:17 PM)

Cherry says: (7:56:26 PM)
and then you will tell us 

An says: (7:56:36 PM)
Of course

An says: (7:56:48 PM)
by then I hope I'll have a phone with internet on me

An says: (7:56:57 PM)
wouldn't be able to wait until I'm home to tell everyone

An says: (7:56:58 PM)

Vol 165

Life sails smoothly. Everything is great. Then there's the domino effect. That sucks because you never know if that one piece will knock over the next two or if the entire design crumbles. What can you do? Treat it like a Phoenix and rise from its ashes? Okay. Cool. But now you're a baby all over again. Baby steps. No control. Terrible twos.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Vol 164

Sequel to Howl's Moving Castle.


Vol 163

I need a new job. Pronto.

Breakfast for champs today.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Vol 162

How disappointing. Preacher certainly didn't make that breakfast platter. It would have tasted good had he.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Vol 161

It's a cold, gray, dreary day. I stepped out the house this morning and said, "damn! Oh yeah. It is November."

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Vol 160

This week, Monday and Tuesday, I worked at Washington National Cathedral helping the director of the store set up the new shop. Two completely long ass days left me drained.

But this post is about the actual architecture of the building and how so very Noor-Castle-ish it is. I love it. Of all the places I've seen and used as inspiration, this building is the best. The tunnels that run through building, the high ceiling of the hall, it is great. Such a beautiful building.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Vol 159

And the pictures continue. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vol 158

It's PURIKURA Aya and Alex!
Aren't they just adorable?!

And here's Rosey and Tafni

I found out about this game thing when Lena made one of me and Chloe and posted it on facebook.

I'm the not Asian looking one. lol

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vol 157

I don't know why people, particularly males, believe women to be non-sexual creatures. 
It's hardly acceptable that we participate in sex. 
That's swept under the rug in some deep dark corner. 
We're definitely not supposed to like it. 
So when something goes wrong "down there", who cares? 
Obviously, not some men. 

There are commercials for products for men. 
Viagra for when it's not working properly. 
And that one with the big smiling, crap eating grin man who took something to make it grow bigger. There are too many to count. 
But if a well runs dry. 
Oh well. 
Nature has run its course. 
There's no pill for that. 
How strange this all is considering we're much more of a sexually liberated country than half a century ago. 
I find it quite hysterical that there are so many "treatments" for men to prolong their sexual desire but none for women. 
Honestly, who do guys think they're going to have sex with, especially these 60 something year old men? Not all young girls want a sugar daddy. 
Most might find that downright disgusting. 

Maybe it has something to do with the Madonna-whore complex. 
Guys want some random whore to sex with, but their mother, sister's, and daughters have to retain that Madonna image in their eyes. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Vol 156

Wow. This turned into one large rant. And I had to stop myself so I can go to bed. Clock is springing forward tonight.


Title: Don't Google Santorum

What ever happened to separation between church and state? I know it refers to the government not interfering with religion, but shouldn't that work vice versa with religion staying out of government? I believe it was Romney who said America wants a president that is American, not Muslim. I can only laugh at statements such as this because one is an ethnicity and the other is a religion. Not the same. But isn't one of the allures of the USA equal opportunity for all it's citizen? I do believe that it is. I'm pretty sure it is. With that being said...

Maryland has just passed the marriage equity law that will allow gay couples the right to marry. (claps) About time. HOWEVER, before the law can even be signed in ink, I think it was signed in pencil ((WTF!)), the process of an appeal is already in order. A lot of protesters say things like "god made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve." It's against all things Christianity/the Bible stands for and blah blah blah. is a lot of stuff, but I don't see anyone protesting those things...Except Rick Santorum. And we can see how that turned out. (Warning: DO NOT GOOGLE SANTORUM.) 

The even more simpleton saying is, "It's not right?" What's wrong about it? I'm a heterosexual female and I find AB.SO.LUTE.LY nothing WRONG with gay marriage. It has nothing to do with me. My life will not change in the slightest because this law has passed and two people I either know or don't can now marry. And for some reason, it's mostly men (at least that I've had this conversation with) that are against this. That is also statistically proven. Men are a lot more creeped out about homosexuality than women. Unless of course they're watching two women get busy...but that's not a discussion I plan to go into. 

But isn't this kind of a contradiction? What right does religion (specifically Christianity) have in law if law has no say in religion? Everything is about religion now and that's just a bunch of habba-flabba. This country is "supposed" to be a melting pot. A land made and functioned by a cornucopia of individuals from backgrounds all over the world that bring their differences and cultural values with them to make this a better place. That's also a bunch of habba-flabba. 

The real reason of protest is because people are too narrow-minded to understand that which is different from them. We don't like different. Everyone should be the same gray blob. That's what we want this land to be. A land of manufactured gray blobs. People don't take the time to learn that if there can be an infidelity gene that explains why men have the tendency to cheat, there can also be a gay gene that explains why people are psychologically, emotionally, and physically attracted to someone of the same sex. It doesn't even have to be on a DNA level. Psychologically, we are not born with a predisposition to mate with the opposite sex. We are born with the predisposition to mate and also to reproduce. It's 2012. You no longer have to be heterosexual to reproduce. There are a ton of option out there that can take care of that little issue. We do not all come out with the same psychological traits. You often hear people say "it's a conscious choice. You can change it (being homosexual) if you want to." Okay. That's like a straight guy saying, "If I want to, I can sleep with another man and really like it..." Think about it. 

I don't even want to get into the birth contraception topic the current Republican candidates are speaking of. Of all the matters in this country that can be discussed, THIS is what's important? Really? It's now legal for doctors in Arizona to LIE to pregnant women about the nature of her pregnancy in order to reduce the abortion rate. Insurance companies should not be allowed to cover birth control pills and the likes. What about when the teenage girl is forced to have sex by an older man or women who are just brutally raped? They can't go, "Hey, wait, stop before you continue to take away my freedom to deny you this pleasure you are seeking against my will and put on a condom so I can be protected from unwanted pregnancies and other STD's because I certainly can't afford to take care of a baby. The billboard on Wilkins Avenue says that it cost $782 dollars a month to take care of a baby and my allowance is only $27 a week."

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Vol 155

My Psychology of Women class makes me post a weekly journal. So I'll post them here as well. Sometimes. This is the third one.


This morning, while I was getting ready for work, I saw a segment on CBS news about "tweens" posting videos on the interest asking the question, "Am I ugly?" They say things like, "people in school call me ugly," and "I just want to know." This opens a whole new world of bullying. Not just bullies at school, but bullies all around the world. But this isn't just something middle America suffers. This is a world-wide-epidemic. I use the word epidemic because it is. Low self-esteem effects a large portion of the worlds citizens, especially teenagers who experience high peer-pressure. 

This just makes me wonder what happened to programs at school and outside that helped combat this type of problem. With commercials advertising so towards the younger population like make-up and bombshell bras, etc...these children develop an unrealistic self image, and there are few and far between images, resources, and role-models to help these young girls and boys learn true beauty and self-respect. Really. What happened to the programs in schools? I'm only 23, but even I had programs that helped boost self-esteem. Is our country so financially unstable that we're cutting everything in school besides standard English and Math? One of my possibility-sorta-might try it job ideas after I graduate is to work with a school or after school program. There is so much I want to introduce to these young inner-city youths, especially females, that I believe can be beneficial to them. Finding that kind of job/program is the hard part. 

When I heard that segment, I immediately thought about my partner presentation about Online Dating. There are many reasons people try dating online, but it's not unheard of for people with low self-esteem to try online dating. Maybe they've had terrible luck with dating in person. Online, the dating field is much larger, the pool of eligibles wider, the chance of meeting more matches greater. You sell yourself with pictures and snarky one-liners to appear attractive. Is that any different from teenagers who post on youtube, "Am I ugly?" 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Vol 154: Mark Likes Comic

Vol 153

So, I'm mentally unstable. (No. Not really. Maybe? I don't know.)
I kind of have myself stifled and choke-holded, I'm wasting my youth, and the consequence of that is stress, anxiety, and other forms of mental strain. (No. Not professional diagnosed. This is just me using my Psychology degree that I haven't finished earning yet.)

Now the way to counter this is obvious by letting go. 
Get out there.
Have a life again. (My teenage years were so much more active. I was only ever in the house when I was grounded...which was a 3rd of the time.)

But honestly, there's nothing to do in this city. 
Unless you have a car.
And I don't.
I don't even have my license. 

Or, I can stop choke holding myself, rock out with my cock out, let the creativity out.
Easy for someone like me, right?
Nope. Wrong. Because I have too much creativity and require quite a few a lot of sources to unleash.
I always admit that I can't draw, which is a heartache for me because I have a few ideas I'll never be able to get out because I can't draw. 

((The above an below picture showcases my talent in the drawing area.)

But lately, meaning as of today, I've been into finger-painting (on my iphone with an app). 
Look what I can do!!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Vol 152

You'd never guess I'm smiling right now. At the dentist. They just numbed my mouth to perform the first of two steps of a root canal, the nerve extraction. Mah! I hate having a numb mouth. Grrrr

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vol 151

I hate myself right now. I do this all the time. No one else to blame but myself. A smarter person would learn from their mistakes, not constantly repeat them.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vol 150

Found this in a book called Sea Monsters at work. It made me smile. Wishful thinking. *coughtiagowritesunsetcovenpleaseandthankscough*