Saturday, February 25, 2012

Vol 155

My Psychology of Women class makes me post a weekly journal. So I'll post them here as well. Sometimes. This is the third one.


This morning, while I was getting ready for work, I saw a segment on CBS news about "tweens" posting videos on the interest asking the question, "Am I ugly?" They say things like, "people in school call me ugly," and "I just want to know." This opens a whole new world of bullying. Not just bullies at school, but bullies all around the world. But this isn't just something middle America suffers. This is a world-wide-epidemic. I use the word epidemic because it is. Low self-esteem effects a large portion of the worlds citizens, especially teenagers who experience high peer-pressure. 

This just makes me wonder what happened to programs at school and outside that helped combat this type of problem. With commercials advertising so towards the younger population like make-up and bombshell bras, etc...these children develop an unrealistic self image, and there are few and far between images, resources, and role-models to help these young girls and boys learn true beauty and self-respect. Really. What happened to the programs in schools? I'm only 23, but even I had programs that helped boost self-esteem. Is our country so financially unstable that we're cutting everything in school besides standard English and Math? One of my possibility-sorta-might try it job ideas after I graduate is to work with a school or after school program. There is so much I want to introduce to these young inner-city youths, especially females, that I believe can be beneficial to them. Finding that kind of job/program is the hard part. 

When I heard that segment, I immediately thought about my partner presentation about Online Dating. There are many reasons people try dating online, but it's not unheard of for people with low self-esteem to try online dating. Maybe they've had terrible luck with dating in person. Online, the dating field is much larger, the pool of eligibles wider, the chance of meeting more matches greater. You sell yourself with pictures and snarky one-liners to appear attractive. Is that any different from teenagers who post on youtube, "Am I ugly?"