Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vol 149

30 days and 50 thousand words of absolute nothingness written, Nanowrimo is coming to an end. I've completed the 50K goal, but I'm not even halfway through my story. That's okay. I need a break from Noor. Time to work on The Dating Chronicles, finish some edits, and find out when SBW (my writer's group) will meet again now that nano has ended. Mah!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Vol 148

Once again, it's Nanowrimo time. I'm working on Noor 2.
I've just stumbled across something I wrote last nanowrimo when I reached an impasse.


This is what it sounds like in my head as I am working on a story. It's consistent bickering when an agreement is not immediately reached. 


M: Damn you A! Stop being such a dipstick. No one will want to read that. “I” don’t want to write that.

A: It’s my story. Let me tell it the way I please.

M: It’s not YOUR story. It’s OUR story.

MS: Okay. Okay, M. Calm down. She didn’t mean it that way.

M: Yeah, well, she better filter what she says before I erase her. Permanently.

A: Whatever! You could try, but you’ll just bring me back. Like you always do.

M: Don’t test me. I’m this—close to scrapping the entire idea. Just toss your world right into the trashcan.

A: It’s your world too.

MS: She has a point. It is.

M: Would you just shut up MS! Whose side are you on anyway?

MS: No side. I’m the levelheaded on. You’re the devil on one shoulder, and she’s the angel on the other.

A: Why am I the Angel? I can be the devil. I can be bad.

M: Sure you can.

A: What was that? Do you doubt me?

MS: No one doubts you.

M: Yes I do. Speak for yourself.

A: I can so be the devil. Why don’t you try being the angel?

M: No way. Not possible. First of all, I look good being bad…you on the other hand…no so much.

A: I can so be bad. Wasn’t I the one who collapsed that wall on T?

M: My idea.

A: And I set N’s pants on fire.

M: Also my idea.

A: Well…I…I…filled D’s tank with sugar.

MS: Sorry, A, but that was also her idea.

A: Well, so what if I’m not as bad and reckless as you.

M: want reckless? Well you got it.

MS: No. Lets not do this.

M: Shut up! MS, tell her to stop being such a fanny. I want to get this on and over with already. She’s being dragging this out for the better half of the century.

A: It’s not me. It’s her. She always wants to be danger and destruction.

M: I do not. I just don’t want to be BORING, which you are.

A: I don’t know why me being so boring bothers you so much.

M: Well duh, boring you equals belittled me. And I’d be damn if I let those condescending pricks in the world turn their noses down on me all because of you.

A: There will be people like that regardless. That has nothing to do with me.

MS: She has a point.

M: Can you say anything else besides that?

A: Quit snapping at her. She’s trying to be reasonable. Good thing to.

M: Call me unreasonable one more time. I dare you.

MS: M, no need for this. Just calm down.


A: Sure you are. You’re being very reasonable right now.

M: That’s it. Someone’s going for a nice lonnnngggggg dip in the ocean.

A: Not the ocean…

MS: M, come on. You know how she is around water.

A: Please don’t. Come on M don’t do this to me. I’m yours. You can’t do this to me.

M: Are you trying to reason with the unreasonable one???

MS: ….

(The argument continues for hours on end.)

(P.S: A managed to avoid the ocean, but she didn’t have so much luck with the neighborhood pool.)

I can feel another argument again this yeah. Only this time it will be with Nikolas. Damn you Nikki-poo!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Vol 147

Making Trice's scarf. This makes me sleepy. I'm trying to finish this and two other sets by Monday. I won't have time after that with Nanowrimo starting Tuesday. Then I'll be spending a month on Noor, with an occasional stop at Shannon's or to see Suri and Jime. Lol. Oh, I guess school is important as well. And work. Whatever.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Vol 146

I should really finish this paper. It's due tomorrow.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Vol 145

Your rainbow is intensely shaded green, violet, and red.


What is says about you: You are a creative person. You feel strong ties to nature and your mood changes with its cycles. Those around you admire your fresh outlook and vitality. You get bored easily and want friends who will keep up with you.

Find the colors of your rainbow at

So...I think this is strangely correct. Weird. These things never are correct.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Vol 144

On your mark!!!

Getting my self, thoughts, outlines, and all that jazz organized for nanowrimo.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Vol 143

I don't get the fancy double-decker train. *pout* Terrible night of sleep. I don't even think I slept. Not cool since I'm on my way to NYC today and the last thing I need to be is sick and sleepy. Speaking of sick. I packed the wrong pills. I was supposed to pack the antibiotics but I packed the valium instead. Yes, I know. Considering that I didn't sleep, the valium would help me but i'm not taking that crap. That mess wilds my life.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vol 142

Joined the chat over on TKA tonight. Got to talk to NS, GS, Jill Monroe, and Jessica Andersen.

GS said that she loved writing Neeka but wouldn't tell more about her. THEREFORE, I'm going to take that as a "we'll see more of Neeka in the future." Since GS has a LoTU spin-off coming out, I can only pray that we'll see Neeka again in that. I loved that deaf but deadly harpy.

NS said that the ghost is a character we've met and his identity will be revealed soon. *faints*

And I won one of Jessica Andersen's Night Keepers novels. *squeal* Free books are great. Free books about hot ancient Mayan folk is even better. This has been the best book filled birthday weeks everrrrrr. *dances*

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vol 141

People expect your birthday to be a joyous, carefree day, and sometimes it is. Yesterday was a bit of both. Got out of school insanly hourly, 6 hours or so early. I went shopping and bought a nice pretty orange waist length Inspector Gadget jacket. When I got home, I enjoyed one of the two birthday gifts I bought myself. Both are books. (STRIDEY-MAN, how I now adore thee. Kaia's too good for you, but that's okay. Defeat will make you better.) But my jaw ached and so did my head, and the pain pills I took, ones prescribed by my doctor for headaches, didn't work. Let's just say it went down hill from there. So, when I woke up this morning, I called my dentist to have this tooth that's usually the source of all aches and pains checked. But that isn't until 4:30 and it's barely three. I'm killing time down at the Inner Harbor. This is the other side, across from my job, stretched out on a bench in the shade with my kindle. Still feeling a little weird, a combination of having a cold and what ever the hell is going on with my mouth and head. Oh yeah, got a 50 dollar amazon kindle card for my birthday. Amazing. Three years ago I wouldn't be caught dead reading a book. Now, that's all I want to do. I fell old.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Vol 140


Now isn't this a wonderful gift to myself. Happy Birthday to meeeeee! *swoons*

Friday, September 23, 2011

Vol 139

So I finally did it. I finally cut my hair off. Just call me Justina Beiber. P.S, I have no clue why i'm making that face.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vol 138

I love this part. Wake up! Wake up!

Vol 137

Look at the big orange ball of fire. No seriously. What do you think the sun is? 
I'm a bit snappy, snippy, and bitch today...well, this week, but I just know today will test my patience and it's only 7am....Aw fuck. Forgot my work shirt. Oh well. I' m not going back to get it. They can either take me in my sweat jacket or not. There was a reason I blogging today, but my less than patient self has forgotten.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vol 137

Shit. My notes so far and I still have 30 minutes of class to go.


Psych 390

Sept 6th

Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology

Division of the nervous system
Central Nervous system (CNS) – brain and spinal cord
Peripheral nervous system (PNS) – nerves outside the brain and spinal cord
            Somatic –sensory nerves to CNS
                              -motors nerves to muscles and glands
Autonomic – neurons that control heart, intestines, and other organs

Organization of the Spinal cord
White = Fibers (malinated axis)
Gray = Cells (cell bodies)
Dorsal = Sensory (import)
Ventral = Motor (sensory output)
Ganglion – site of cell bodies

Transmit information to and from the brain
Reflex control of motor activity
Some integrative functions

Sympathetic System: (Thoracic/Lumbar system)
Controls fight or flight response
Release ACH at ganglia (ganglia are interconnected)
Release norepinephrine at target
Increase heart rate, increase blood pressure

Parasympathetic system: (Cranial/Sacral Origin)
Counteracts the effect of the sympathetic system.
Helps build resources.
Ganglia are not interconnected
Release ACH at both ganglia and target. No release of adrenaline.

Division of CNS:
Spinal cord
Ascending/descending fiber tracts
Postural reflexes – maintain upright position
Reflex control of swallowing and vomiting

Continuation of fiber tracts
Postural reflexes
Bulge – fibers connect to cerebellum
Locus Coeruleus and Reticular Formation: maintenance of sleeping and walking (collection of nerve cells)

Reticular formation: Cortical EEG
Dopaminergic nuclei – substantia nigra, VTA; Parkinson’s Disease

Superior colliculus; visual reflex center (located above inferior colliculus)
Inferior colliculus; auditory reflexes

            Jerky movement
            Input from all sensory systems

Controls pituitary
Sympathetic NS
Regulation of food intake

Relay nuclei (every sensory system goes through)

Basal Ganglia
Striatum: caudate globus palldus putamen
Motor Functions: Extrpyramidal system
nAccumbens: reinforcement

Limbic System
Limbic Lode include temporal neocortex
Emotion/Motivation (amygdala, septum, cingulate)
Hippocampus: Spatial learning/memory

Cerebral Cortex
            Six distinct layers of cells
            Organized into columns in which cells have similar or related properties
Sensory, motor, association cortex – modality specific
Relative increase in association cortex: higher nervous processes
Bilateral representation (with some exceptions, e.g.,  language)
Corpus callosum: Fiver bundle responsible for interhem

Blood-Brain Battier
Refers to permeability barriers that present obstacles to the diffusion of chemicals from blood and CSF (cerebral spinal fluid) to neurons.
Produce by close-fitting, continuous epithelial cells of brain capillaries
What can pass the blood brain barrier?
Passive transport – require no energy to pass
            Small uncharged molecules such as O2 and CO2
            Molecules that can dissolve in fat
Active transport – requires energy
            Glucose, amino acids, vitamins and hormones

Circumventricular Organs:
Neural structures that are functionally on the blood side of the barrier
Monitor blood and CFS and communicate with neurons on the other side of the barrier

Glial Cells
Glia cells are concerned with the maintenance and integrity of neurons.
Oligodendrocytes produce myelin sheaths that insulate motor axons in CNS
Schwann cells have a similar function in the periphery
Astrocytes pass chemicals back and forth between neurons and blood and among various neurons in an area
Microglia proliferate in areas of brain damage and remove toxic materials

Designed to admit and receive information

Monday, September 5, 2011

Vol 136

I can't really show you what it looks like on because it's hard taking the picture with it on. It's very soft, lamb skin leather, kinda feel bad about the poor lambs. It's really thick, double lining, so i can wear it in the fall and winter. Yay. It was on sale for $200 but i talked him down to 150 because i'm cheap. He said 170, but when I saw that it's a little sratched on the back i refused to pay more than 150 so got it for 150. I really wanted one since last year and i said if i ever buy a leather i want a real one, not pleather.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Vol 135

When life gets you down, just keep loving. Hahaha! My drawing skills own the world.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vol 134

I know I complain about the price of ebooks all the time, but let's go further into that.

Back before I bought a Kindle, I had the kindle program downloaded on both my ipod and PC. A lot of novels that I read run $7.99 in paperback format when I buy them from Barnes and Noble, and when I would purchased them on Amazon, I would pay about $5.99. Now, the prices are equal. It pisses me off because I paid over $100 for the ereader, yet I still pay the same amount for the book. Therefore, I actually spent more money when I was originally trying to save.

And what do I get for it?

I get the book instantly. That's a plus, but is that a big enough plus. I also save trees and space. That's another plus, but still, is it plus enough? Sometimes it feels like it is, but other times it doesn't.

Right now, I'm not happy I'm paying the same amount for an ebook that I pay for a physical copy. I could actually buy it used from someone for a penny. I feel cheated. Then there's the fact that amazon will sell the hard copy book for less than the Kindle edition. WTH man! Other times, like when I buy self-published books and I only pay $1 or $2, I feel satisfied.

There have been plenty of arguments between customers and publishers about the price of ebooks costing so much but publishers spending less to actually produce the novel, and publishers will say that's not true, and even if it does cost a bit less, they don't sell as many copies of the ebook as the hard copy, therefore, they have to make up the money some way. B.S. Publishers also complain about books being pirated. *rolls eyes* When you put anything on the internet, it's going to be pirated. It's as simple as that. The question is, should they charge so much for the ebook to make up for a lost that was guaranteed from the beginning? Hey! Here's an almost-not-really-solution. How about dropping the price of those ebooks that are even with the hard copies by a few bucks (depending on how much the hard copy cost) and maybe more people will buy the novel when they first look at it instead of looking for a book and saying, "Oh hell no!" to the price, then turning around to find a torrent for it. That's what I would do Just saying. But it doesn't matter what the publishers decide because stupid fans like me will still buy the books...a third of the time.

You know, I want to boycott over priced ebooks. I mean, it's not like I have the same privileges with the ebooks as I have with my paper copies. I can't loan it to anyone who highlight it (although most ereaders allow you to highlight text, it's not the same). It's actually more time consuming locating pages. But, will I boycott them? It depends. I'm a little obsessive over some books and will pay for them regardless of the price if I want it terribly, and my utter dislike of library books cuts that option. But if it's not a novel of a series I already read I would probably not purchase it.  

So really? Am I being scammed by publishers who feel they should charge more for ebooks so they can recooperate the money or am I breaking even and/or getting off?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Vol 133

About to watch One Day. Lets see how much they differ from the book. I kind of hate this theater. It's always soooo cold. No matter how much I wear it's not enough.

Edit: Don't pay to see it. The movie does no justice to the book. It's an okay movie, but it lacks the intimacy that the book contained, and when you're viewing the relationship of people in one day increments, intimacy is very very important. I did like seeing some bits fleshed out, but still...Over all it was a bit cute. Sadly, the characters didn't age well. I know at 38-40, you don't look all old and saggy. Not if you take care of yourself, but Dexter didn't age well. He still looked as young as he did in the beginning, if with the 5 0 clock shadow and the gray hair. But I love Anne Hathaway and I think she did a good job, although I am no judge on her British accent, me being a 'Merkin and all.

On the other note, I got to enjoy a few hours to myself, doing what I want to do. Just me, my starbucks, and ipod. It was fun just walking and sitting around with no one to bother me. Being a introvert but always around people can be a bit...tiring. Even when I'm home, I'm in the room alone all the time, but there's still people around in other rooms. This was just me. Enjoyed myself completely.

School starts in two days. Won't be so happy when I go to class. -_-

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Vol 132

This movie was released recently. One Day. Yeah, it's a romance movie that people make fun of me for wanting to see. Who cares. Anyway, I just read it and now i'm a bit....melancholy. Emma was a very likable person, whereas Dex on the other hand was more annoying, but it worked for him. The whole spoiled, rich, drunk act. Still want to see the movie, but maybe i'll get up and leave at a certain part. Also, not sure how well Anne Hathaway can pull off a Yorkshire accent. This novel was great because of the entire mix up of British English with American English. When she said he smelled of the wine they drank and fags I all but peed myself.

One second thought, maybe I won't see it. I've saw the preview and they've changed so damn much of the novel that I'm sure I'll be pissed off.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Vol 131

First an unexpected and completely rare earthquake. Now, a not so rare and completely annoying hurricane heads our way. Hurricane Irene. My city is always hit hardest by the "I" hurricanes. About...eight years ago (?) it was Isabel. Yay east coast.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vol 130

The yankee's are coming. The yankee's are coming. They must be. Only reason I can come up with for an earthquake happening on the east coast. They said there was a tank leaking at my job, yet the opened it again to let people back in. That's fucking stupid. There's no way everything that needed to be checked was checked in the 45-50 minutes that we were outside. Seriously. I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow someone calls me and says that one of rhe fish/shark/dolphin tanks cracked completely.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vol 129

This big thing of stadium seats set up from the Grand Prix race next month is an eye sore. Seriously. But i guess people will tolerate anything when money is involved.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Vol 128

Fancy little bugatti -whatever the hell that is- parked on Rodeo Drive.

Vol 127

I completely forgot that I can upload to this from my phone. Well, i'll ratify that as of this moment. Currently, i'm eating lunch with okaasan, otousan, and Green at this place on Santa Monica Blvd and Canon Drive.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vol 126

So I fixed my laptop but it's only a temporary fix. It keeps bonking out on me. But unlike my desktop, which I also fixed...sorta, at least it cuts back on when it bonks out.
I just sold it to some random website that buys old, not-so-great laptops for $160.
With Apple, I got a credit card and just bought myself a macbook with a 3 year Warranty. I'm rather pissed this laptop crashed on me. I only had it for 3 years and I haven't abused and used it that bad. I mean, my desktop I've had since I was about 14-15, and now it finally died completely. But that's 8-9 years compared to 3. WTF!
Anyway, I really didn't want a credit card (now I have 2) but like my mother and aunt said, my credit sucks. That's not good. The only way to boost it (for someone like me) is to have a major credit card that I actually pay. I have the cellphone and house phone bills I pay, and I pay on time in full, but those are under my parent's name, so.....
If school didn't give so much online work, and if I didn't have some many people in my head (that makes me sound insane) I probably would hold off on buying a new computer.

On to another topic. The Z-Man? REALLY? ROFLMAO. I should have known where this was going the moment they traveled to Greece, but I wasn't thinking the Z-Man. I was expecting some random cameo of a LoTU character (not that I really expected it with this being an original inside joke fiction, but I was rereading a LoTU novel at the time). Oh man. *rubs hands together* All the fun I can have with the Z-Man being Him. I'll wait for my Mac before I start typing anything. I don't want this laptop to bonk on me again and I lose my work. That pisses me off.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Vol 125

Okay. I kind of have a lot to say right now.
First; both my laptop and desktop have crashed and burned. So i'm without a computer until I come back from Los Angeles. Sucks. Guess i'll have to bum my mothers laptop.

Second; I'm going back to LA next week. I'm staying at the same friend's place, my okaasan, but this time different friends will be joining us. Oohh, i'm excited. And now that my travel sickness doesn't bother me nearly as much, I can actually look forward to a trip. 

Third; Since my laptop has broken, I can no longer participate in camp Nanowrimo. Not happy about this. I was looking forward to working on Noor 2. I miss my characters. And because the computer's are broken, I have to pause my other work as well. Sucks again. But i'm a lazy author who will enjoy the reprieve.

Fourth; Is it Sept 27th yet. Yes, that is my birthday but I'm looking forward to my date with Strider...and Kaia. Love those Harpies. I can't wait to see how each character reacts to him being her consort. Lol. Priceless.

Vol 124

One of my random nicknames is, Monkey Lady Girl or for short just, Monkey Girlfriend. 

This is a random test post.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Vol 123

Now moving on to a new one until someone *coughstiacoughs* decides to post.

At the Great Wolf right now about to blow my brains out.
I suddenly remember why I don't like children much.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vol 122

I'm starting to wonder if investing in a kindle (or any ereader for that matter) was a smart decision.
Some of the perks of shelling out so much for the reader was the in exchange it saves bookshelf space and you pay less for the ebook than the paper/hardback book.
But lately all the kindle ebooks have gone up in price.
They now cost the same as the paperback book.
At first, I could purchase a $7.99 paperback book on my kindle for as low as $4.59 to $6.99.
Not that much of a discount, but a discount none the less.
Now I'm paying the exact same amount, and I'm not happy about that.
In the end, I'm the one who lost because I'm still paying regular price after I spent hundreds of dollars to get the reader.
Lately, I've reverted back to paperback books because I can get them from Barnes and Nobles for $5 with my discount card.
Mah...this sucks.
I wonder if enough people complain about feeling cheated, maybe the prices will go down again.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vol 121

Exams end this week.

And I am completely OUT OF PATIENCE!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vol 120


P.S: California was freaking awesome. Photo's up on facebook.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vol 119

The images that are plastered all over the news about the 8.9 earthquake that rocked the entire country causing a tsunami that destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousand and shifted the entire country 12 feet east are nerve wrecking.

I wonder if the view would still look the same.

According to some scientist, another earthquake of similar magnitude is expected and a volcano eruption.

Everyone I know there is okay, but no clue about how their families are. Most of them are from Tokyo on down, which wasn't hit as hard as Sendai.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sunset Coven 1

Hey Jimes,
I said we should write something together and I know how you love your started for you.
You're up next. Pick up where you want and take it where you wish.
No communicating between us.
Lets see what we come up with.
And but of course I haven't edited yet. Class in 5 minutes.

The “Mother Road.” “Main street of America.” Or better yet, Route 66 was the most famous name for the 2448 mile stretch of road that crossed eight state borders. But to Jime, it was mostly “that shit piece of dirt that’s too fucking,” or “Jack Killer,” that she always managed to get stranded on whenever she rode down it.

She kicked the dust covered black with silver racing stripes 1987 Ford Mustang GT that decided it once again no longer wanted to work and puttered to a stop fifty miles from the nearest gas station. Though the black leather pointy-toed Christian Louboutin knee boots were strong, and they had better be with the money she shelled out for the custom fit slut-em-up boots, the rim of old Jack was stronger and she jammed her toe. She hissed, fangs out, and dropped a plethora of curse words she gathered over her 900 year old immortal life.
“Damn it Jack, if you don’t start up right now I’m going to gut you, slash your tires, load your tank with sugar, rip out your engine and eat it for breakfast.”

“Now that just won’t do,” Suri, Jime’s 24 year old baby witch niece, said dully from her position perched on the back of Jack, one cowboy boot clad foot swinging away. Suri watched Jime continue her physical and verbal assault on the car. Tendrils of fire engine red hair that took on the color of blood under the moonlight spilled from the neat high top ponytail as she slapped and kicked. “Try biting it, It’s about the only thing you haven’t done to poor old Jack yet,” she jeered. “That and shooti--” Before she managed to finished her sentence, Jime’s trusty 9mm pistol, that Suri had just to figure out how she managed to hide in those skin tight clothings, was out. She fired a round at the hood of the car.

The bullets bounced away leaving Jack unscratched thanks to the protective charm Suri managed to put it on after one of her aunts earlier fits of explosion. Suri shook her head and looked at the dessert mountain range in the distance.

“Why don’t you wave your little magic wand and do something,” Jime said with a sigh of resignation. She strolled around to the back of the car and leaned against Jack.

Suri snorted. “I don’t know the first thing about fixing cars. Magic or no magic.”
“Try something.” Jime pulled the ponytail holder out and shook her wild mane.
“Why? So I can break it and have Jack -the real Jack- coming after me for breaking his car? Isn’t it enough that you already stole it.”
Jime glanced at her niece and rolled her eyes. Still wet behind the ears, Suri didn’t know how to toss caution into the wind. But it was understandable, seeing as how she had just reached her immortality a few weeks ago. And Jime wasted no time trying to break her static-conservative niece. “Oh quit crying. Jack -the real Jack- doesn’t even know it was us who stole it.”
“You who stole it,” Suri corrected. “And sorry Jimez, but according to my crystal ball, Jack Jammers of the Sinn Jammers knows exactly who stole his baby.”
“You don’t have a crystal ball.”
“And you can’t walk daylight.”
Jime latched onto Suri’s arm and yanked her off the trunk of the mustang. “Fix it.”

Suri sighed and walked around to the front of the car. “I really don’t know how. No ones taught me car fixing spells.”
Jime went to stand next to Suri, both looking down at the hood of the car. “Well make something up.”
“Like what?”
“I don’t know, but make it quick. I’m starting to smell wolf.”
Suri inhaled deeply, but there was no point. She was a witch, and witches didn’t have a keen scene of smell.
“Help me,” Suri said, growing slightly agitated. She didn’t like wolves. The way those little beady eyes would stare --she couldn’t help but curse them. Which was how they ended up in that barroom ball down in Louisiana a year ago with the local pack.
Jime placed a finger to her chin and pondered. “How about, ‘Jack start your engine, lets hit the rode and smash some...pidgins.”
Suri’s head rolled slowly to Jime. Her eye twitched. “That’ll be as effected as me saying, “Jack be mimble, Jack be fast, start your engine and punch the gas.”

The mustang roared to life, it’s lights flashing on, tail pipe puffing smoke, and shot backwars down the road at break neck speed.
“Way to go, Suri. I knew you had it in you. Next time, tell it to go the right direction.” Jime ran after the car, moving faster than she should have been able to in those heels. Oh the wonderful gifts that blessed the cursed Vampires, Suri thought. Now there’s an oxymoron for you.
“Next time don’t leave it in reverse. Wrong direction” Suri yelled, running after Jack and Jime. She ran for a good mile and a half before she caught up with Jime who had caught up to Jack and was waiting inside behind the drivers seat.
“Wolves coming from that direction. “Jime pointed in the direction they were suppose to be driving. “Poor Jack doesn’t like the funky, flea-bags, do you Jackie?” she cooed, rubbing the steering wheel. Jime whipped the car into the other direction and sped off down the Mother Road.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vol 118

So, Tia, you suggested (more like forcetolddemanded) I read SEP's novels in order starting with Glitter Baby.
And I have.
Finished it today.
And I have to say I hated them all.
The adults were completely unlikable and irresponsible.
Belinda was a pain in everyone's ass.
I don't like dependent women.
It's not dependent women even, it's her complete lack of individuality.
She feeds out of the success of others instead of working hard herself.

Lets not even start with Alexi.
He could have been such a likable character.
I even understood why he made her give Fleur away.
But to treat everyone with such contempt, to ruin that girl over a fecking car...TRYING TO CONVINCE HER TO HAVE HIS CHILD. His own fecking stepdaughter.
He's nucking futs.
And I just knew Belinda would do that when he had the second stroke.

It was funny how no one seemed to care about Michel until halfway through the book.
He just disappeared as a teen and they couldn't give less of a feck.
At least he and Fleur worked out their bitterness.
It was so hilarious when he tried to protect her from Jake, when Jake would rip him six ways to Sunday.

I don't even want to beginning with Fleur and Jake.
Some of her plight I can understand.
She doesn't think she's as good looking as people say she is.
Hell, I don't think I'm as good looking as people say I am.
I seriously stare in the mirror and wonder what they see, like Fleur.
And I hate taking pictures even if people say I'm photogenic, like Fleur.
So that much of her personality I could understand and sympathize with.

I'll just say that she over reacted back then.
I mean, it's understandable to leave but not for 6 years.
And not run into the man who has hated you all your life and suddenly is so sweet to you.
She was so naive.
Just as naive as Jake.
I was like, "aww" when he cried.
Guys guys crying...such a beautiful sight.
Unnerves me like nothing else, but can be so refreshing.
Does that sound sadistic of me?

Anyway, I'll just say that Jake is freaking hilarious.
Sundance Kid, really? REALLY?

Vol 117

I'm all jittery like a dope fiend right now.
I wonder if it's because of the excessive amounts of caffeine I drink daily or anxiety.
I prefer the caffeine.
My anxiety attacks are stuff out nightmares.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vol 116

Do I truly need to point out what is wrong with this?
Do I?
This isn't even the picture that I wanted to use, but I can't help but read this, laugh at the idiocy of it, and share it.
And here I thought I lived in the land of the free and home of the brave.
Talk about delusional bullshit.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Vol 115

I've never been good at note taking.
Maybe because I'm not sure if what "I" believe is important is actually important to the instructor who creates the exams.
I mean, it takes me 3-4 hours to read ONE chapter of a textbook and take notes.
And my notes can go on for days.
Example: The image above is the textbook I use for my Child Development Psychology class.
Of the 30 or so pages for chapter 3, I've only taken notes for the first 15 pages and already have 4 typed pages of notes.
See for yourself.

Chapter 3

Genes are only one part of a complex developmental system
Period of development prior to birth - prenatal period
Development involves differentiation - process by which parts of an organism progressively take on specialized forms and functions.
Development involves repeated reorganization and qualitative change
New structures and capacities emerge in an orderly way from those that existed before
Through childhood and adolescences, human development is orderly, cumulative, and directional


Genetic instructions are stored in chromosomes, which are located in the nucleus. Chromosomes are composed of long molecules of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) , twisted double helix.
Structures allows them to unzip down the middle and give exact copies of themselves.
Gene is simply a segment of DNA that contains the code for producing a particular protein.
Human genome, complete DNA sequence, contained 30K-40K genes.
Life begins with one cell (fertilized egg) that contains one set 46 chromosomes
Cells that make up the body, not including sperm or egg cells, are somatic cells
Somatic cells are formed during mitosis :
Mitosis is the process of cell division where the parent cells are duplicated to form daughter cells.
During the process of meiosis, the number of chromosomes from the egg and sperm cells are reduced to 23.
DNA is a germ cell (cells from which egg and sperm cells are produced).Germ cells duplicate itself, resulting in double stranded chromosomes.
First division: Mitosis, cell divides, resulting in each of the two cells receiving 23 double stranded chromosomes.
Second division: Meiosis, cells divide yielding 4 new cells, each with a single set of 23 chromosomes.
In males, all four cells become mature sperm.
In females, only one becomes a mature egg.
Gametes, mature reproductive cells, have half of the normal number of chromosomes.
Meiosis also involves crossing over (exchange of corresponding segments of genetic material between homologous chromosomes during meiosis) and random assortment (shuffling of chromosomes from the mother and father that occurs during meiosis when homologues separate in preparation for cell division).
Development is a result between interplay between genes and environment.
Human gender begins at the moment of conception
The sex chromosomes, number 23, determines gender. XX = female. XY = male
A critical period is a limited time when some parts of a developing organism is susceptible to influences that can bring about specific and permanent changes
Sexual differentiation begins in the seventh week. In the first six weeks, the primitive gonad (sex gland) tissues look the same in both X and Y chromosomes.
In presences of SRY (sex determing region of Y chromosome) testes are form. If no SRY gene is present, ovaries form.
After sex organ is formed, development is shaped by hormones (chemicals produced in the body that regulate the physiological processes)
Once testes are partially formed, the secret male sex hormones (androgens)
Form penis
Presence or absences of androgens is the key to physical gender development
Alleles are alternate forms of particular genes.
Genotype: genetic makeup
Phenotype: physical traits
Homozygous: identical alleles
Heterozygous: two different alleles
Sex-linked traits: Recessive genetic traits that are carried on the X chromosome and are commonly expressed only in males
Example: Red-green blindness and hemophilia
Polygenic: influenced by multiple genes
Examples: Height, weight, skin color, and intelligence
Few traits are directly determined by genes acting alone.
Genes always act within a context that influences how they are expressed.


Conception depends on appropiate timing of a chain of events
Ovum: egg cell
When ovum is ready for fertilization, ovulation (release of an ovum into one of the fallopian tubes, the passage that leads to the uterus) occurs.
Journey down fallopian tubes takes several days
If ovum is not fertilized within first 24 hours, it disintegrates upon reaching the uterus.
The union between a sperm and an ovum results in a zygote
Sometimes a woman’s ovaries will release more than one ovum at a time.
If two ova are fertilized by two different sperm, the result is dizgotic (two zygote) twins: faternal twins
Twins are no more similar genetically than any other two siblings
When a single fertilized egg splits into two separate unit, monozygotic (one zygote) twins are formed and are genetically identical.


Prenatal period - conception to birth is approximately 38 weeks
Three major periods:

Germinal period: tiny, self-contained cluster of cells becomes implanted in the lining of the mother’s uterus, and cell differentiation begins

Conception - 2weeks

The hallow, ball-like structure into which a zygote develops in the first week of conception is called the blastocyst

Embryoblast: a groups of cells at one end of the blastocyst that develops into the embryo

The rest of the blastocyst that forms into the embryo’s life-supporting system is the trophoblast

Placenta: mass of tissue that supplies oxygen and nutrients to the embryo and carries away waste (starts developing during week 2)
Umbilical cord:
cord containing blood vessels that connects the embryo with the placenta (attaches during week 3)

Amniotic sac: fluid-filled sac that surrounds and protects the embryo and the fetus

Implantation of the zygote into the lining of the uterus

Embryonic period: major organs and body parts develop, organism particularly susceptible to damage from harmful environment

Weeks 3-8

Once zygote is implanted it is called an embryo (developing organism during weeks 3-8)

Rapid cell division and differentiation.

Embrynoic cell differentiation:

Endoderm cells develop inyo internal organs suck as the stomach, liver, lungs

Mesoderm cells become muscles, bone, and blood

Ectoderm cells will form the central nervous system, sensory organs, and skin

Organogenesis: formation of organs and other major body parts

Embryonic induction: chemical interaction between cells of different tissues that triggers developmental changes in the embryo

Development process from the head downward (cephalocaudal development)

Development process from the center of the body outward to the extremities (proximodistal development)

Child is most vulnerable to developmental errors

See page 96 about prenatal brain development

Fetal period: Increases in size and becomes a moving, sleeping, waking being

Weeks 9 - Birth
Fetus: developing organism during weeks 9-38 of prenatal development
Major body parts grow rapidly and become refined in structure
By week 10, nervous system is mature enough so that the fetus will flex its entire trunk if any part of its body is touched
By week 12. moves arms, legs, swallows and breathes
By week 18, responses become specific to touched area
Develops a regular sleep-wake cycle


Trimesters: three-month periods that correspond to changes in the mother’s experience of pregnancy


Congenital defect/birth defect: Abnormality that is present at birth
Single-gene disorders are called Mendelian disorders, disorders produced by inheritance of a single gene.
Most result of inheriting a recessive allele from each parent
Example: Sickle-cell anemia (painful and potentially fatal blood disorder)
Tay-Sachs disease (steady deterioration of nervous system leading to death before age 2)
Chromosomal abnormalities occur when errors in meiosis produce sperm or egg cells with extra, missing, or damaged chromosomes.
Over 90 are miscarried
Sex chromosome abnormalities occurs when a baby receives an abnormal number of sex chromosomes