Thursday, July 7, 2011

Vol 126

So I fixed my laptop but it's only a temporary fix. It keeps bonking out on me. But unlike my desktop, which I also fixed...sorta, at least it cuts back on when it bonks out.
I just sold it to some random website that buys old, not-so-great laptops for $160.
With Apple, I got a credit card and just bought myself a macbook with a 3 year Warranty. I'm rather pissed this laptop crashed on me. I only had it for 3 years and I haven't abused and used it that bad. I mean, my desktop I've had since I was about 14-15, and now it finally died completely. But that's 8-9 years compared to 3. WTF!
Anyway, I really didn't want a credit card (now I have 2) but like my mother and aunt said, my credit sucks. That's not good. The only way to boost it (for someone like me) is to have a major credit card that I actually pay. I have the cellphone and house phone bills I pay, and I pay on time in full, but those are under my parent's name, so.....
If school didn't give so much online work, and if I didn't have some many people in my head (that makes me sound insane) I probably would hold off on buying a new computer.

On to another topic. The Z-Man? REALLY? ROFLMAO. I should have known where this was going the moment they traveled to Greece, but I wasn't thinking the Z-Man. I was expecting some random cameo of a LoTU character (not that I really expected it with this being an original inside joke fiction, but I was rereading a LoTU novel at the time). Oh man. *rubs hands together* All the fun I can have with the Z-Man being Him. I'll wait for my Mac before I start typing anything. I don't want this laptop to bonk on me again and I lose my work. That pisses me off.