Thursday, December 30, 2010

Vol 98

For the first time, when the east coast is struck with a blizzard, Baltimore is not effected.
Yet here I am in New York, surrounded by two plus feet of snow.
I should have stayed home, but no...I wanted to come hang with my okaasan, who I haven't saw in a year, in my otousan.
But okaasan's flight was cancelled, so no her.
Doesn't matter.
I'm leaving a day early anyway.
I would have left today, but I want to take the train home.
The five hour bus ride (it's never 5 hours long) was enough to deter me from taking it back.
You should have saw the traffic heading South bound from New York.
I tell no lies when I say that traffic was moving slowly between Baltimore and Delware, and was at a complete standstill from Newark NJ to Manhattan.
Complete standstill.

Anyway, one of the things we had planned was to see the newest Disney princess movie, Tangled a.k.a Rapunzel.
Chloe and I went to see it yesterday.
That movie was freaking awesome.
7 songs too many, but other than that, I've never laughed so hard at a Disney movie.
That movie was hilarious.
Had some very cheesy moments.
So cheesy I had to cringe.
But it was great.
The best characters were Max, the horse, and Pascal, the chameleon.
They were...*laughs*
Max was more dog than horse.
Pascal was more protective older brother/best friend than chameleon.
And Flynn and his smolder...PRICELESS.
I didn't think the Witch/Mom/Whoever was all that bad.
Yeah, she was wrong for kidnapping Rapunzel, but she treated her well.
Besides the no going outside part.
She could have just locked her away and tormented her, but she didn't.

I need to go get ready soon.
Have a long day ahead of me.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Vol 97

I'm too lazy to sit up, so I'm typing this from my phone.

Right now, I'm reading Patricia Briggs' Masques.
This book is old. First came out when I was 5, back in '93, but has been reworked and released again.

It won't match up to the Mercy Thompson series, more than likely, I can tell even if I'm only on chapter 3.
But it's going to capture me because of Wolf.
Wolf reminds me of Barrons from the Fever series.
So much power and skill, but a complete mystery.
Only Wolf is easier to figure out.
Again, I'm only on chapter three, but I've been all too sure that Wolf is really Cain, the Archmage's son, since the Archmage and Myr mentioned that he has/once had a son.
Aralon is starting to suspect that as well, but she's trying to reason it out. Yet the more she reason's the more i'm convinced.

Edit: Oh yeah, I'm positive I'm correct about Wolf.
No need to even doubt myself.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vol 96

Okay. First.
I finished school last week.
About time!
I was going crazy in that place.
I'm not sure what my grades are yet, whether I passed or not.
I don't really care either.
This semester started out promising but crashed about three weeks into.
Enough about school.

Christmas is coming up soon.
I've already completed my Christmas shopping.
I basically finished last month.
I am completely and totally broke.
Not like I'll be making any money at work.
My job is so slow in the winter that we only work once or twice a week.
So when people asked what I wanted for Christmas, my reply has been the same thing, "Don't buy me anything, because I'm not getting you anything."
And if that wasn't the reply, then this was, "Visa Gift Card."

I'm going to New York for 5 days in a week.
Whenever I go to New York, even if I try not to, money is always spent.
Lots of money.
So the Visa gift cards, and other cash cards, will be much needed.

I'm going to see a crap load of people I haven't saw in forever when I go up.
That right there is enough to tell you how much stuff I'll be dragged into doing.

On another note.
I'm late when it comes to a lot.
TV shows especially.
My attention span is too short.
It doesn't allow me to sit there and watch an hour long show.
I can barely do a 30 minute show.
So I was surprised when I managed to watch two episodes of the show Supernatural.
Tia, you talked about this show often.
My coworker also mentioned it, but I never saw it.
From the two episodes I watched, I could get into it.
I'm such a weirdo.
When it comes to things supernatural and mythology, you'd be surprised to learn how much I know.
I'm going to buy the first two episodes on Amazon, just to see if I like it.
If I do, one day I'll buy the DVD's.

I bought my parents a Blu-ray player for Christmas.
That might make a great show to watch in Blu-ray.

Finally, I've been involved in a hair battle for the last two days.
I wanted to dye it a bright fiery red.
So I did.
Only problem was, the roots were the correct color, everything else was rusty penny bronze.
Not the first time this has happened to me, but in dire need to be fixed.
So I put a temporary dye, a raspberry red, over it.
Once again, the roots came out correctly.
The rest did not.
I had a little black temporary dye left, but not enough to cover my entire head.
Therefore, I mixed it with the raspberry and tried once more.
Much better.
Not the bright red I wanted.
Not really red at all.
It looks black, but when you see me in the light, you can see the raspberry red color.

Today I tried to clip my end.
When my hand slipped in one spot, I had to take off about an inch all over.
My hair was already in a short bob cut.
Now it's an even shorter bob cut.
If it gets any shorter, I'll have to pull out the clippers.
I just can't win all the time.

Mah. That's all for now.

P.S: Tia, get your arse back here.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Vol 95

This is for Trice!

And I quote:
Something Afternoon Tea (fiction I've been writing. XD) related.

End Quote:

That was your fourth wish, Trice, on your holiday wish-list-thing...yeah!
I said I would grant it.
And in a way I am.

Remember this:

She leisured around, paying attention to each detail marking the lobby of the Hilton, until her curiosity flared up due to a painting along the stairs...“Is there something wrong Miss Parker?”...Carter surveyed his para-legal from afar. He had labeled Emily as plain before, and noted that he had to revise this opinion. If the receptionist hadn’t told him that his companion was at the stairs, he wouldn’t have thought this woman was Parker.

If not, I'm sure you do now.
I always remembered that scene was hella funny to me.
Plain on Em stepped out like BAM!
Penguin or Pooh didn't expect that.

Do you also remember my TBT picture post?
The one with the plush animals?
I'm sure you do.
My AT gift to you is this..........TADA!!!

Emily and Ian at the dinner party.
Do you like it?
I like it?
Let me convince you even more why you have to like and love it...

Every thing that Bear Emily, nickname Bemily, is wearing I made.
The hair?
I bought a hair piece, cut it, sewed it to the bear, and styled the bang.
I even made the head band and bow.

The dress?
I took an old shirt and skirt I never wear, cut them, and stitched them together.
Like the lace?
There's even a split in the lace.
Naughty Bemily.

Bear Ian, or Bian, was a lot easier to make.
I'm not finished with him just yet.
I want to give him a hat.
Maybe some nice pants, but pants are hard for me to make.
You have to consider that I'm cutting and stitching this all by hand.

But Bian is wearing the latest...or oldest, threads from my wardrobe.
He's sporting a nice white (not really collar) collar shirt and black vest.
Feeling a little frisky, he tossed the tie on the dance floor (I just didn't make the tie yet).


Like your wish!
I like it?
I was going to mail it to you, but I'm not satisfied with the quality of it.
It's been a while since I've done something like this.
One of my many secret hobbies.
Anyway, WISH GRANTED!!!!!

You've been updating AT and you haven't even told me.
I thought you were on hiatus?
What's that all about???
Last time I read it, Em and Ian were in the car eating chocolate, and Emily had a monthly visitor.
You're so petty.
I know I've been wrapped up with Nanowrimo, but I'm finished with that.
Next time let me know.

I'll read all those updates tomorrow.