Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Vol 96

Okay. First.
I finished school last week.
About time!
I was going crazy in that place.
I'm not sure what my grades are yet, whether I passed or not.
I don't really care either.
This semester started out promising but crashed about three weeks into.
Enough about school.

Christmas is coming up soon.
I've already completed my Christmas shopping.
I basically finished last month.
I am completely and totally broke.
Not like I'll be making any money at work.
My job is so slow in the winter that we only work once or twice a week.
So when people asked what I wanted for Christmas, my reply has been the same thing, "Don't buy me anything, because I'm not getting you anything."
And if that wasn't the reply, then this was, "Visa Gift Card."

I'm going to New York for 5 days in a week.
Whenever I go to New York, even if I try not to, money is always spent.
Lots of money.
So the Visa gift cards, and other cash cards, will be much needed.

I'm going to see a crap load of people I haven't saw in forever when I go up.
That right there is enough to tell you how much stuff I'll be dragged into doing.

On another note.
I'm late when it comes to a lot.
TV shows especially.
My attention span is too short.
It doesn't allow me to sit there and watch an hour long show.
I can barely do a 30 minute show.
So I was surprised when I managed to watch two episodes of the show Supernatural.
Tia, you talked about this show often.
My coworker also mentioned it, but I never saw it.
From the two episodes I watched, I could get into it.
I'm such a weirdo.
When it comes to things supernatural and mythology, you'd be surprised to learn how much I know.
I'm going to buy the first two episodes on Amazon, just to see if I like it.
If I do, one day I'll buy the DVD's.

I bought my parents a Blu-ray player for Christmas.
That might make a great show to watch in Blu-ray.

Finally, I've been involved in a hair battle for the last two days.
I wanted to dye it a bright fiery red.
So I did.
Only problem was, the roots were the correct color, everything else was rusty penny bronze.
Not the first time this has happened to me, but in dire need to be fixed.
So I put a temporary dye, a raspberry red, over it.
Once again, the roots came out correctly.
The rest did not.
I had a little black temporary dye left, but not enough to cover my entire head.
Therefore, I mixed it with the raspberry and tried once more.
Much better.
Not the bright red I wanted.
Not really red at all.
It looks black, but when you see me in the light, you can see the raspberry red color.

Today I tried to clip my end.
When my hand slipped in one spot, I had to take off about an inch all over.
My hair was already in a short bob cut.
Now it's an even shorter bob cut.
If it gets any shorter, I'll have to pull out the clippers.
I just can't win all the time.

Mah. That's all for now.

P.S: Tia, get your arse back here.


Princess_jime said...

LOL! I've also been tempted to go fire red again... but then I think all the work it involves... and I can't be bothered. I'm fine with my luscious natural color XD XD.

Meanwhile: SUPERNATURAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You will NOT regret getting into that one, I swear to you.

Cherry said...

I know I won't regret it. Not as long as there is Dean. And poor Sam.