Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Vol 95

This is for Trice!

And I quote:
Something Afternoon Tea (fiction I've been writing. XD) related.

End Quote:

That was your fourth wish, Trice, on your holiday wish-list-thing...yeah!
I said I would grant it.
And in a way I am.

Remember this:

She leisured around, paying attention to each detail marking the lobby of the Hilton, until her curiosity flared up due to a painting along the stairs...“Is there something wrong Miss Parker?”...Carter surveyed his para-legal from afar. He had labeled Emily as plain before, and noted that he had to revise this opinion. If the receptionist hadn’t told him that his companion was at the stairs, he wouldn’t have thought this woman was Parker.

If not, I'm sure you do now.
I always remembered that scene was hella funny to me.
Plain on Em stepped out like BAM!
Penguin or Pooh didn't expect that.

Do you also remember my TBT picture post?
The one with the plush animals?
I'm sure you do.
My AT gift to you is this..........TADA!!!

Emily and Ian at the dinner party.
Do you like it?
I like it?
Let me convince you even more why you have to like and love it...

Every thing that Bear Emily, nickname Bemily, is wearing I made.
The hair?
I bought a hair piece, cut it, sewed it to the bear, and styled the bang.
I even made the head band and bow.

The dress?
I took an old shirt and skirt I never wear, cut them, and stitched them together.
Like the lace?
There's even a split in the lace.
Naughty Bemily.

Bear Ian, or Bian, was a lot easier to make.
I'm not finished with him just yet.
I want to give him a hat.
Maybe some nice pants, but pants are hard for me to make.
You have to consider that I'm cutting and stitching this all by hand.

But Bian is wearing the latest...or oldest, threads from my wardrobe.
He's sporting a nice white (not really collar) collar shirt and black vest.
Feeling a little frisky, he tossed the tie on the dance floor (I just didn't make the tie yet).


Like your wish!
I like it?
I was going to mail it to you, but I'm not satisfied with the quality of it.
It's been a while since I've done something like this.
One of my many secret hobbies.
Anyway, WISH GRANTED!!!!!

You've been updating AT and you haven't even told me.
I thought you were on hiatus?
What's that all about???
Last time I read it, Em and Ian were in the car eating chocolate, and Emily had a monthly visitor.
You're so petty.
I know I've been wrapped up with Nanowrimo, but I'm finished with that.
Next time let me know.

I'll read all those updates tomorrow.


almighty-trice said...

I'm in the library laughing my effing ass off. I swear, these bears are epicness; I love them. Omfg, too fantastic for words.

I mean Bemilian wearing a dark dress with lace... And there's a split too. And she has a hairpiece. Omfg, brilliant!!!

Bian looks is handsome. I totally picture the tie already. XDDDDD

Gosh they look perfect together. <33333

Thank you so much! I love it!

Yes, I have updated AT. I've told I would update the parts I've written (I did...Did I? It was on my lj anyway). Only my internet is acting up on me at my place so I'm not able to update regularly. On the other hand it ables me to write without distraction before I go to bed. I've reached 60,000 words now. XD
I think the part I want to write so badly will show up around the 65,000 words. There will be an Emilian scene which will make up a little for the lack of this paring during the previous scenes. :P

Again, thank youuuu!Bemily <3 Bian forever. lol!

Cherry said...

Glad that you like it.
Bian and Bemily rock!
They sit on my computer desk.
Right now they're sleep though. It's only 6:30am.
Bemily's been helping me fight my cold. Bian is lost in work as usual. He's going to get sick if he keeps that up. He doesn't want to get sick and fall out. I told him I would have Rod come kiss him. Now he's wondering who Rod is. Probably dreaming of him right now.