Friday, December 24, 2010

Vol 97

I'm too lazy to sit up, so I'm typing this from my phone.

Right now, I'm reading Patricia Briggs' Masques.
This book is old. First came out when I was 5, back in '93, but has been reworked and released again.

It won't match up to the Mercy Thompson series, more than likely, I can tell even if I'm only on chapter 3.
But it's going to capture me because of Wolf.
Wolf reminds me of Barrons from the Fever series.
So much power and skill, but a complete mystery.
Only Wolf is easier to figure out.
Again, I'm only on chapter three, but I've been all too sure that Wolf is really Cain, the Archmage's son, since the Archmage and Myr mentioned that he has/once had a son.
Aralon is starting to suspect that as well, but she's trying to reason it out. Yet the more she reason's the more i'm convinced.

Edit: Oh yeah, I'm positive I'm correct about Wolf.
No need to even doubt myself.