Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vol 27

I could be described as an "outgoing" introvert.
I love solitude.
Nothing makes me more happy than being alone.
Of course I like hanging out with people as well, but if I had a choice, depending on the situation I would more likely choose to sit in my room alone and watch a drama.
That's just the way I am, and I love it.

So recently I was asked to tell something about myself that most people do not know, and I decided to share something.
At first I wasn't sure what to say.
Everyone knows I love dancing, and studied it for 10 years.
Everyone knows I study languages (Japanese, Korea, Spanish, French, and Chinese at the moment).
Everyone knows I watch more Asian dramas than American TV.
And everyone also knows my ipod is filled with music from all over the world and every genre.
From Instrumental to Freestyle, and African to Celtic.
So what about myself would I share.
Well, there is one thing people do not know about me.
One thing that will make you say "Say what?! Since when?"
I am a writer.

Yep it's true.
I started writing stories when I was 14.
Although I can't remember what the first story I wrote was about, I remember the first story I seriously wrote.
I was 16.
It was a fantasy story with demons, angels, warriors, and dragons.
All that good stuff.
I mostly write when I am bored (at work or in class).
This past 7 months, I have written 5 stories.
2 were short and 3 are long.
I'm actually still working on 2 of the long stories.
When I say 2 were short, I mean that they are no longer than 25 pages on WORD.
The one long story that I completed was about 140 pages on WORD.
I haven't edited it yet, so the number of pages will probably increase since there were some scenes I have yet to write.
As for the two long stories I haven't completed.
I know they will be long stories because A: One story is the squeal to the first long story I completed and the plot is twice as long and action packed. B: The other story will be very detailed because I am creating a new country/world in this story. Therefore, there will be lots and lots of details.

I have a goal that I want to accomplish. I want to write at least one story in every language that I am studying. Completely in that language.
I need to study a lot harder than.

You might wonder how can I, a person who sucks at grammar and spelling, write stories.
It's all thinks to my handy-dandy beta readers.
This year I switched to a new beta-reader.
She's always asking for new parts, so I write often.
She's not really a beta-reader, just a friend who I actually write the stories for, and her comments on each part helps me write better.

But right now that beta-reader is on vacation overseas and won't be back until the end of July, so I kind of have a break.
I've wrote a lot recently (as in front and back on plain sheets of paper...lots and lots of plain sheets of paper), but I'm too lazy to collect all the papers and type it.
I need to do so quickly before that beta-reader comes back and cut me.