Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vol 149

30 days and 50 thousand words of absolute nothingness written, Nanowrimo is coming to an end. I've completed the 50K goal, but I'm not even halfway through my story. That's okay. I need a break from Noor. Time to work on The Dating Chronicles, finish some edits, and find out when SBW (my writer's group) will meet again now that nano has ended. Mah!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Vol 148

Once again, it's Nanowrimo time. I'm working on Noor 2.
I've just stumbled across something I wrote last nanowrimo when I reached an impasse.


This is what it sounds like in my head as I am working on a story. It's consistent bickering when an agreement is not immediately reached. 


M: Damn you A! Stop being such a dipstick. No one will want to read that. “I” don’t want to write that.

A: It’s my story. Let me tell it the way I please.

M: It’s not YOUR story. It’s OUR story.

MS: Okay. Okay, M. Calm down. She didn’t mean it that way.

M: Yeah, well, she better filter what she says before I erase her. Permanently.

A: Whatever! You could try, but you’ll just bring me back. Like you always do.

M: Don’t test me. I’m this—close to scrapping the entire idea. Just toss your world right into the trashcan.

A: It’s your world too.

MS: She has a point. It is.

M: Would you just shut up MS! Whose side are you on anyway?

MS: No side. I’m the levelheaded on. You’re the devil on one shoulder, and she’s the angel on the other.

A: Why am I the Angel? I can be the devil. I can be bad.

M: Sure you can.

A: What was that? Do you doubt me?

MS: No one doubts you.

M: Yes I do. Speak for yourself.

A: I can so be the devil. Why don’t you try being the angel?

M: No way. Not possible. First of all, I look good being bad…you on the other hand…no so much.

A: I can so be bad. Wasn’t I the one who collapsed that wall on T?

M: My idea.

A: And I set N’s pants on fire.

M: Also my idea.

A: Well…I…I…filled D’s tank with sugar.

MS: Sorry, A, but that was also her idea.

A: Well, so what if I’m not as bad and reckless as you.

M: want reckless? Well you got it.

MS: No. Lets not do this.

M: Shut up! MS, tell her to stop being such a fanny. I want to get this on and over with already. She’s being dragging this out for the better half of the century.

A: It’s not me. It’s her. She always wants to be danger and destruction.

M: I do not. I just don’t want to be BORING, which you are.

A: I don’t know why me being so boring bothers you so much.

M: Well duh, boring you equals belittled me. And I’d be damn if I let those condescending pricks in the world turn their noses down on me all because of you.

A: There will be people like that regardless. That has nothing to do with me.

MS: She has a point.

M: Can you say anything else besides that?

A: Quit snapping at her. She’s trying to be reasonable. Good thing to.

M: Call me unreasonable one more time. I dare you.

MS: M, no need for this. Just calm down.


A: Sure you are. You’re being very reasonable right now.

M: That’s it. Someone’s going for a nice lonnnngggggg dip in the ocean.

A: Not the ocean…

MS: M, come on. You know how she is around water.

A: Please don’t. Come on M don’t do this to me. I’m yours. You can’t do this to me.

M: Are you trying to reason with the unreasonable one???

MS: ….

(The argument continues for hours on end.)

(P.S: A managed to avoid the ocean, but she didn’t have so much luck with the neighborhood pool.)

I can feel another argument again this yeah. Only this time it will be with Nikolas. Damn you Nikki-poo!