Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Vol 148

Once again, it's Nanowrimo time. I'm working on Noor 2.
I've just stumbled across something I wrote last nanowrimo when I reached an impasse.


This is what it sounds like in my head as I am working on a story. It's consistent bickering when an agreement is not immediately reached. 


M: Damn you A! Stop being such a dipstick. No one will want to read that. “I” don’t want to write that.

A: It’s my story. Let me tell it the way I please.

M: It’s not YOUR story. It’s OUR story.

MS: Okay. Okay, M. Calm down. She didn’t mean it that way.

M: Yeah, well, she better filter what she says before I erase her. Permanently.

A: Whatever! You could try, but you’ll just bring me back. Like you always do.

M: Don’t test me. I’m this—close to scrapping the entire idea. Just toss your world right into the trashcan.

A: It’s your world too.

MS: She has a point. It is.

M: Would you just shut up MS! Whose side are you on anyway?

MS: No side. I’m the levelheaded on. You’re the devil on one shoulder, and she’s the angel on the other.

A: Why am I the Angel? I can be the devil. I can be bad.

M: Sure you can.

A: What was that? Do you doubt me?

MS: No one doubts you.

M: Yes I do. Speak for yourself.

A: I can so be the devil. Why don’t you try being the angel?

M: No way. Not possible. First of all, I look good being bad…you on the other hand…no so much.

A: I can so be bad. Wasn’t I the one who collapsed that wall on T?

M: My idea.

A: And I set N’s pants on fire.

M: Also my idea.

A: Well…I…I…filled D’s tank with sugar.

MS: Sorry, A, but that was also her idea.

A: Well, so what if I’m not as bad and reckless as you.

M: want reckless? Well you got it.

MS: No. Lets not do this.

M: Shut up! MS, tell her to stop being such a fanny. I want to get this on and over with already. She’s being dragging this out for the better half of the century.

A: It’s not me. It’s her. She always wants to be danger and destruction.

M: I do not. I just don’t want to be BORING, which you are.

A: I don’t know why me being so boring bothers you so much.

M: Well duh, boring you equals belittled me. And I’d be damn if I let those condescending pricks in the world turn their noses down on me all because of you.

A: There will be people like that regardless. That has nothing to do with me.

MS: She has a point.

M: Can you say anything else besides that?

A: Quit snapping at her. She’s trying to be reasonable. Good thing to.

M: Call me unreasonable one more time. I dare you.

MS: M, no need for this. Just calm down.


A: Sure you are. You’re being very reasonable right now.

M: That’s it. Someone’s going for a nice lonnnngggggg dip in the ocean.

A: Not the ocean…

MS: M, come on. You know how she is around water.

A: Please don’t. Come on M don’t do this to me. I’m yours. You can’t do this to me.

M: Are you trying to reason with the unreasonable one???

MS: ….

(The argument continues for hours on end.)

(P.S: A managed to avoid the ocean, but she didn’t have so much luck with the neighborhood pool.)

I can feel another argument again this yeah. Only this time it will be with Nikolas. Damn you Nikki-poo!