Monday, January 31, 2011

Vol 110

So I've been reading the Tairen Soul series on and off this month.
This series would probably gain a large audience if it wasn't classified as Romance.
When I first looked for it at Barnes and Nobles, I didn't look in that section, and was surprised when I found it there.
It's more Sci-Fi/Fantasy.
I finally got around to reading book 2, and I liked it.
Go figure.
I almost like everything.
But there was one scene that made me vomit in mouth.
Purple Prose in its Prime.
This scene was when Rowan asked Rain what did it feel like for the first bond with his truemate to take place.
You see, while the Fey can fuck around and screw whoever they want, or even take a mate, a truemate is rare, something all Fey want, but most will never find.
Anyway, I think I vomited again just now typing this quote.

"What does it feel like?" Rowan asked...
"Peace," he said at last. "Like waking in a field of soft grass on a warm spring day and knowing for the first time exactly who you are and what your purpose is in the world. and humbleness, as if you were standing before the Bright Lord with all the dark ugliness of your soul laid out before you, and despite everything, he showers you with light until every last stain fades away." A smile spread slowly across his face. "Flame, too--especially under the effects of her weave--but I'll say no more about that. Some things should remain private between a Fey and his mate.

-C.L Wilson The Lady of Light and Shadows

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vol 109

It snowed overnight yesterday.
Schools were canceled today, although there wasn't much snow out this morning.
But it started to snow again sometime mid afternoon.
Or more like hailed.
Now it's snowing again.
My classes are suppose to start tomorrow.
I hope my university closes because I will not be going even if they open.
No way I want to go out in that.
But my school can be jerks at times and stay open despite it looking a hot mess outside.

One class already posted assignments on Blackboard so I just spent the last 4 hours doing Intermediate Algebra.
Yes, I know. Sucks!
I mean seriously, I haven't taken a math class since I was a teenager. Just so you know, I'll be 23 this fall. You get the picture.
Most of it I still remember, but when it comes to word problems and graphing, I suck.
I was stuck on the word problem portion for an hour and a half and didn't get a single problem
Or I would get one, but you have to get 2 in a row to move on, and I would miss the second and have to start over.
The assignments for chapters 1-3 have to be complete by the 5th of Feb.
I already finished chapter 1 today, besides that word problem thing.
If classes are canceled tomorrow, I'll work on chapters 2-3.

Besides that math class, my semester schedule consist of Anthropology 211. It's a culture course and UMBC didn't accept either of my previous two culture classes when I transferred. They said those classes didn't match any there offered.
I sat them and showed them the syllabus for my music and health course, and they matched damn near word-for-word with a course they offer there.
Anyway, and I have three Psychology classes: child development, health psychology, and the history of psychology.
That last is a level 4 class, so nothing but papers, papers, and more papers.

Today, besides doing homework, I spent the most of my time watching Disney movies.
First I watched The Lion King as I went over my Health Psychology book.
Then a few hours later I put on Aladdin as I did math homework.
When that went off I watched Mulan, which just went off 10 minutes ago.
I don't have any other Disney movie that I want to watch.
I need to go buy Pocahontas, maybe Beauty and the Beast.
Anastasia as well.

So see, I can go a day without reading.
Almost drove me insane but...
I guess I should crawl into bed now and force myself to sleep.
I need to develop a new sleep routine.
Although I only have classes twice a week, I still don't think staying up until 2-3am is wise during the school semester.
Some days I'm up until 4-5am.

Lets just hope this snow last for a few more hours.
I hate snow, but when it gets me out of class I love it.

What's new?

Vol 108

More so than Shadowfever, this doesn't seem complete.
This -I liked, but that's a given. I a fae addict- leaves off when Ash and Puck (surprise surprise) going on another adventure.
Meghan is off taking on her new role as ruler for now.
But Ash's journey seems to open up something else entirely.
I can't seem to remember what promise he made that he has to fill.
Or why that would involve finding Grimalkin.
I almost cried with that cats farewell.
I loved that snarky feline.

I know this was the end of the Iron Fey series, but I think Julie should write another novella, give us more closure.
Or maybe that's just me being greedy for more.
This is one of the only series why I liked all the characters.
Usually female teenage heroines annoy me to all end, but not Meghan.
I adored her the entire journey.

Imagine the scream I had to suppress at 3am when I learned that this actually isn't the last book of the series like it was first stated, and that another book will be out called, The Iron Knight, and that book is told through Ash's POV. *scream*

It's a whole book right? It's not simply a novella right? It's listed as The Iron Fey 4. That means it's a complete novel right? The other novella, Winter Passage, was listed as 1.5. Since this isn't 3.5 but 4, that means it's a full length novel right? Oh please, oh please, oh please let it be. I would kill to know Ashallyn's thoughts. Especially where Puck is concerned. Those two will never be the enemies they speak they are. Their old friendship is still there.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Vol 107

Topaz! I liked this.
(Will edit this entry tomorrow night after work. Or tomorrow before work since the bastard children like to be little hell-raisers and wake me up at insanely early hours of the morning. Besides, it's 3:30am. I should be sleep.)


Beverly Jenkins is an historical romance author.
It's not the romance that I like.
All that crap is the same.
And I'm seriously sick of females melting like candy bars (I'll come back to this later), and guys being oh-so perfect (I'll come back to this as well.)

Beverly's leads are black, at least the ones I read and assume all her leads might be black.
While I read Topaz, a story about a newspaperwoman who ends up being given away to a black Seminole to pay off her fathers debt (crazy ol man), I had to stop and google a lot.
And I mean a lot.
Beverly litters her stories with so many names, events, locations, and dates I wanted to know if they were facts or just fictional facts created for the story.
Imagine my surprise when I discovered what she wrote was real.

Now I'm of African and Native American decent, but I know pretty much nothing of Native American history, and the African American history I was force to suffer through during grade schooling was always about the same people: Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Fredrick Douglas, etc, and so on and said forth.
To tell the truth, but time I got in 12th grade I absolutely hated African American history.
I was sick of learning about the same people over and over.
There's so much more that could have been taught, but it never was.

I learned more while reading Topaz than I did in school.
And I actually enjoyed reading it.
Now, I have a little knowledge about Black Indians and Indian Wars.
Even if it's just a little knowledge, it's more than what I learned before.
And they way Jenkin incorporates it, how she ties her characters to it -excellent.

After reading Topaz I read Always and Forever.
That was Blake's and Grace's story, two characters from Topaz.
Beverly gives a little pirate and ship-slave history in this book, as well as the worries and concerns that someone who isn't able to trace their roots would feel.

The heroines of the stories are always something that during the, 1884, would be considered absurd.
Katherine (Topaz) was a newspaperwoman. Back then it was still frowned upon for females to have jobs. No one wanted to hire a newspaperWOMAN, especially a black one. But Kate was intelligent and highly literate, familiar with more text than anyone else.
Grace (Always and Forever) was a banker. Yep, that's right. Good in math and had very strong backbone to take on any male.
She definitely was more than Blake expected her to be.
And Loreli, I have yet to read her story but she is in both Topaz and Always and Forever, was a gambler. A female gambler. Talk about no-no. She was so out of the norm that even some women turned their noses up at her.
And one thing about the women in this story, no matter the race, they pretty much always stuck together.
In their eyes, women as a whole were still belittled, not just woman of one race.

Anyway, as you can see, there is a lot to gain from these stories.
It's not your typical romance.
Not even your typical historical romance.
I read a few others but this author is the only author I've read who used real facts.
Hats off to you Madam.

Oh, I didn't forget about the candy bars and oh-so perfects. I'm saving that for a completely different post.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Vol 106

This book will be released January 18th 2011, which is in 5 minutes.
I preordered it on the kindle back in July.
But I still won't get it into the wee hours of the morning.
I'm so impatient for it.
What made MacKayla scream.
I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight until I get this and find out.
Doesn't matter much to me.
I'm usually up until 3am any.
Lets just hope I don't have to wait that long before amazon decides it wants to send it to me.
Tia, be on the lookout for an email.

Edit: As expected. The book was released west coast time, so I got it at 3am.
Yes, I was up for it. And but of course I started to read it.
Wonder what magic trick will be pulled out the hat this time.
All I know is that it better come soon.

Edit2: Somebody has some 'splaining to do.


Edit3: So I finished the book 6am this morning.
This book was the same length as Millie's Fling, yet it took me twice as long.
Weird, since I wanted this one so badly, I expected to devour it in a matter of hours.

Man, there is so much I want to say about this book.
First I'll say, FINALLY! Answers to all question.
This novel is like a whirlwind. It just keeps spinning and spinning.
Because it's the last novel of the series, you know that you'll get answers for all the questions you have.
What you don't realize when you first open the book is how many more questions you'll ask.
Moening saved every answer for the end. Which drove me insane.
When you finally think, "Ah! An answer," you soon realize it's not an answer at all.

So much is discovered. We finally learn about all that is Barrons and his men. Why Barrons would never answer any question about himself was because of a code he and his men have. But damn, they are truly the baddest and most cursed MFer's of the land. To never die??? Ever?? Of course they can be killed, Barrons died a number of times in this book, but he will always come back. Unless he's V'Krucked!

And I like V'Kruck.
He and the other hunters were a nice breath of fresh a way.
All they wanted was to be free and fly.
Fuck a war.

What motivates the Fae.

But the biggest question of it all was, "Who and what is MacKayla?"
Another bigger question, "Where is the Unseelie King?"
I'll just say, you'd never would have question who the Unseelie King is based on previous books. But I had a feeling I knew who it was.
I just never suspected MacKayla was a distance extension of him.
Like a grand daughter.

And Cruce, Cruce, Cruce.
I knew it was you.
I knew it for a while now, I just refused to believe it.
I think I knew back in book 3 it was you, but refused to believe it.
You dirty little bastard.
Even after all you've done, you're still on second best...or maybe 3rd.
MacKayla is a factor bigger than you believe, being the Unseelie King's long lost not-really grand daughter and all.

But you have to wonder, just have fecking strong is the Unseelie King.
Even after what Cruce did, he still was no match.

Well I'm glad that little old bitch is dead.
She should have been killed a long time ago, especially after what she made Dani do.
Poor Dani.
Hopefully Mac want kick her ass too much.
We'll never know.
At least there's a good ending.
The world isn't back to normal yet, nor is the threat completely neutralized. As long as no one opens that tomb or MacKayla doesn't go off the deep end, they should be safe from the destruction of the world.
It's a start.
Rome wasn't built in a day, you know.

Edit4: Some random thing I just noticed.
This is the first Fae series whose courts leaders as the Unseelie King and the Seelie Queen,
It has always been the Unseelie Queen and the Seelie King.
I like this Unseelie King. He's not rotten like most Unseelie leadership (Queens) are portrayed.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Vol 105

But is it really being a stuck up bitch when the person spoken to is obviously not up to standard?
I mean really? Is it?
If it's freezing outside and a guy wearing a thin hoodie and socks with flip-flops approaches a girl who is decently dressed, and she rejects him, is she stuck up?
If the same guy is 18 and the girl is 22, and she rejects him, does that means she's stuck up?
If she laughs in a friendly manner as she rejects him, is that stuck up?
I mean, she could always be rude and tell the fuckwit tosser to get lost like she wanted to.
If the kid is persistent, not taking no for an answer, is it her fault if she starts to feel annoyed and answer him with clip words?
I don't think so.
If the girl is a natural smart mouth, but instead of slashing into him like she usually would, she just laughs it all off, is that really snobbish of her?
If she finds the recent high school graduate amusing because he has no chance, is that arrogant?
Is it her fault that she can speak properly and not like a hoodlum as the 18 year old does?
Can she be called condescending because she's educated and he's not?
If his pick up lines were whack as hell and played out, is it her fault she cut him down from the start?
I don't think so.
But hey, what do I know!
I'm just a stuck up, snobbish, condescending bitch.
(Not the words the kid called me, but the words I've been called by numerous people.)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Vol 104

Something I realized recently.
In context of size and complexion, while people may think I'm the lucky one, in reality I am not.
At least I never saw it that way.
I'm skinny. As simple as that.
Better yet, in the words of...everyone, I'm tiny.
I'm that stick figure uncurvy one.
At least I am for a black girl.
To my non-black friends, I'm shapely. *rolls eyes*
But despite my size, no matter where I look, on TV or in novels, there is never someone similar to me.
There is always the girl with the ample breast, shapely rear, thick thighs, hips, etc...or the outright BBW.
There might be a "fit" character, but never a skinny one.
Not unhealthy skinny. Just naturally small.
I eat more than any women and most men, but on a bad day I'm still a size 3.
And the more I eat, the smaller I get.
I'm not taking about eating salads and wheat thins.
Those are good, but give me something deep fried and smothered in chocolate.
I hardly ever work out either.
There is no need.
When I do, it's for muscle tone, not to lose weight.

On to another black person thing.
TV has an steady supply of their brown women.
Not dark.
Not even light.
Just brown.
And is that fair?
Where are the dark beauties or the high yellow ladies?
I'm curious.
I'm a high yellow, but I'm actually curious about where the dark beauties are?
There's all over the place in novels, but besides the two or three popular actresses, where are the others?
I know people think lighter is better and that's just foolish.
Things like this...I notice but it never really means anything until it stands out a lot.
I'm so immune to things like race that I only notice it when it really stands out or someone points it out.
Well, these are things that are starting to stand out as someone pointed them out.

And as the high yellow, skinny chick, I'm suppose to remain quiet.
My friends look at me and say what right do I have to complain?
But I have just as much a right as any other.

Things like this should mean nothing, yet they do.
Instead of big girls targeting me or me targeting them, we should all target those who say one is better than the other.

This isn't just a black thing.
Other people have it as well.
The tall vs the short.
Blond hair vs Red
Blue/Green eyes vs Brown.
It's annoying and rather petty, don't you think?

Everyone has their complexes, right?
Why make fun of someone because they're different?
Doesn't that just show how insecure you may be?
That's how I see it.
It's hilarious to see how many things really keep people divided.
(Not me. I accept everyone...or almost everyone. I don't like smelly people)
Things that don't matter.
Things that only a .1 percent gene difference determines.
Stuff that are measure by letters and numbers.
It just shows how silly people are.
(Again, not me. I accept everyone, except smelly people. And people who steal my stuff)
You want to know how accepting I am.
Right now I'm watching Ninja Assassin.
This movie is utterly, completely, terrible.
It sucks.
But I'm watching it because I'm accepting, and I think that Bi Rain is some smexy, Asian, eye candy.
Man, he can move.
They trained him hard for this role.
He looks nice.
His short hair is better though.
(Don't you agree Tia?)
See! See how accepting I am.
Want another example?
I stayed up all last night watching Lord of the Rings?
Not just because Legolas is slice raisin bread, which I love more than plain old slice bread, and not because Aragon is one of the hottest older men alive, but because of Liv Tyler's role as Arwen.
I adored her.
...I guess these aren't good examples. ;)
Well I can say that no matter where I am, work, school, outside, I have never treated anyone differently because of things that were predetermined and out of their control.
Now, I will openly admit that I am a rude bitch when it comes to one type of person.
And that's a pervert.
My tongue is sharp and I rip them to shreds.
The life choices they make are inhumane and I can't stand that.
My point is that whether you're white, black, hispanic, asian, fat, skinny, tall, short, blue hair, blond eyes, (lol), any so on, I don't and won't treat you differently.
I treat you all the same.
Like a bunch of annoying ass relatives.

Time to get back to my novel that has a BBW as the main character.
(Her friend makes me want to punch her in the face. She's a bigot in denial. Why is it always the light skin, skinny ones portrayed this way? *smh*)

You know, one of my favorite novels is a romance novel whose main character is only 5 feet 1.
I've yet to see a story where the character was I size 2-3.

I should stop rambling now.
I have to wake up for work in less than 5 hours.
Insomnia is a biznitch.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Vol 103

When 23 year old orphaned, virgin, Royal meets I-have-no-clue-how-old-either-29-or-39-but-lets-go-with-39 year old Dmitry, all her prayers are answered.
What Dmitry offers the black, beautiful, recent college graduated is too good to be true...Well, because it is.
He offers her a job to complete run and manage his new clothing store with a 60K salary, an apartment, tons of expensive gifts and even a chauffeur.
Sounds unbelievable right?
It is.
Because what Royal doesn't know about Dmitry is that he's actually a Russian Mafia boss.
Oh snap!
But Dmitry and Royals love-love relationship sails while, with the occasional interruption, until a vindictive brother comes along with the plot to kill Dmitry.

I haven't finished the book yet. I'm about a third of the way through.
I stumbled across it last night while doing my nightly book search on Amazon for kindle books.
This is a little different from my normal read.
I tend to stay away from crime novels.
My conscience is to open for this type of book.
It makes it hard to sleep at night because I over think things.
But I actually look forward to reading this series.
I know Dmitry's book is first, not sure who is second, but Anatoly's novel comes on later this month.
He's a quiet one, but his silence is LOUD!
And I just love the silent yet deadly types.
When they're not silent and deadly with me.

Edit: Oh god!
I'm at the first kill scene.
I wonder who the leak is.
Will find out in 2 sentences.

(10 seconds later) Edit 2:
Anatoly is scary.
tsk tsk tsk

(2 minutes after that) Edit 3:
Nuh uh Dmitry.
You're slipping.
And your boys noticed.
Better check yourself at the door next time.

(1 minute later) Edit 4:
Cory and Renee, for your own safety, SHUT UP!

(4 minutes later) Edit 5:
Ivan is such an ass!
Damn, I want to punch him in the face.

(23 seconds later) Edit 6:
I've never been so happy to see Anatoly in my life.
I can almost cry.

(2 more minutes later) Edit 7:
I'm still only a third into the book, and this is getting tense.

(Side note comment) Edit 8:
Someone, please, get Cory out of the middle of this gun/stare off.

(5 minutes later) Edit 9:
Wow! Never stand between a Russian Mafia boss and his little, young, black, girlfriend.
People die.
*shaking my head*

(shortly afterward) Edit 10:
Royal, if you truly love the man and want to stay with him despite it all, you can.
No one is blaming you.
But please honey, stop being fucking naive.
You know he's Mafia.
Renee and Cory even voiced their opinion that he's Mafia.
Cory is too...adamant.
Yet you still deny it.
*smh* Don't let all the money and fancy lifestyle blind you.
It could be gone in a flash.

(15 minutes later) Edit 11:
I'm afraid.
I don't want to read anymore.
I have a really bad feeling about this next part.
Please. Please. Please.
I'm going to cry if something happens to him.

(One second later) Edit 12:
WHAT! I knew it!
I knew it. I knew it. I knew it.
I said he was a little to brave for...well, him.
tsk tsk tsk
Still like him though.
Even if he's a sneaky.

(meanwhile) Edit 13:
He's a very intimidating kid.
I'll call him a kid, because despite his cold demeanor and scary approach, he's only 20. Maybe 21 by now.
Point is, he's someone I would hesitate to approach, but never back down from.
That's the only way you'd get his respect.
...But probably the fastest way to have him shoot you.

(About an hour later) Edit 14:
Wait! WHAT?
Now this I did not expect.
I was panting with worry just now.
But really Cory, make a choice.
You can't have the best of both worlds.

(Even later) Edit 15:
Freaking out is completely understandable, Royal.
I agree with you.
Screaming and fighting is what any sane person would have done.
Still agree.
Easily forgiving...not so much.

(Finally finished:) Edit 16:
No matter what you say Royal, I would have like to see Ivan suffer tremendously.
He got off way too easily.
Poor Royal.
At least she still has Dmitry.

Glad that's over with.
*I'm getting ansty over Anatoly's book.
Can't wait.
Hopefully his book will be properly edited.
I mean seriously, there were a hell of a lot of SPaG issues in this story.
I understand Dmitry's and Anatoly's habit of skipping over words.
English isn't their first language.
But even Royal would do it or you'll find missing words in the narration.
Rather annoying really.
And the kindle format had a tendency to smashwordstogetherlikethis.
That's just hard to read.
But I can only fault the grammar so much.
My own stories are terrible.
You should see the hard edit I've been working on for one.
The entire paper is red marked.

Even with all that, I still loved this.
I mean, I've read tons and tons of IR romance novels.
But this one is definitely one of my favorites.
Top 3 after Tammy William's Choices and Blindsided.
The thing I liked most was Royal.
I'm so sick and tired of reading stories with black female characters and not relating to them at all.
Granted, I'm not an orphan or have shot a man before, but Royal and I are a year apart, and some of the things that she feels I understand.
She has an innocence to her that I relate to.
I grew up in the hood, but I have morals and goals.
Her self respect was off the hook.
You go Royal.
You don't find many female leads like that.

Lets go Anatoly.
I pray his fight with his cousin is better than the fight between Ivan and Dmitry.
God I wish I could torture Ivan.
*Yes Yes. I'm a little protective over Royal. So what*

Tía, you know I'm sending this to you, don't you?
Lets enjoy the Russian's together.

Side note:
I know a bit of Russian.
But that's no surprise.
I know a bit of over 8 languages.
I wonder if Latrivia speaks Russian or if she had to research it for this novel....?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vol 102

I have been up for over 24 hours, and I have never been more energetic.
That is all thinks to Jill Mansell and Millie's Fling.

Now, I'm a girl of humor.
If you can't make me laugh, you suck at life.
If you can make me laugh...rock on!
And man oh man, did Jill having me laughing from 12:30am to 11am.
(Yes, I'm that slow a reader, but this novel was freakishly long.)

A lot of reviews, although score this with extremely high marks, don't do justice to this book.
Me, I like when the characters in the beginning are also in the end.
I don't like when you introduce me to Billy and Mandy and by the end of the story it'll be Mandy and Dave, or Billy and Susan.
It's annoying.
I usually fall for the characters I first meet, and I'd like the see those same characters at the end.

Well, Mansell did a fantastic job with characterization in this novel.
Besides Hester, who was annoying flawed in a realistic way, almost all the characters were lovable.
Except that cheating snake Gile...Gail...whatever his name was, and his mistress.

Anyway, the story starts off with Millie's at-the-time boyfriend proposing that they move in together.
But she wasn't listening to him at all, her intention focused on the would-be suicidal victim contemplating jumping of a cliff.
She ends up taking the lady out of it, Orla, a famous romance novel.
As a consequence, that boyfriend left her stranded on the cliff.

I'm going to say that the story has two starts.
Start one is when Millie and Hester find a wallet.
They search the wallet to find out who it belonged to.
Finding a cell number in the wallet, Millie calls it and plays a joke that goes horrible wrong and leaves her with an enormous amount of guilt.
She apologizes, but still feels guilty.

A few days later, guilt even stronger than before, Millie's house phone bill arrives.
Relief, the number she had forgot, she now can get from the bill and call.
But she starts off with another joke, this one landing her with a not-a-date-just-to-be-clear.

The second start of the story is when Orla decides she's going to write her next novel with a different approach.
It'll be realistic, about real people. real life situations, and Millie is her start, with Hester, Lucas, and a few others as subplots.
Millie warns Orla that her life is rather boring, but no fear...Orla has a well of innocently manipulating everything.

As much as I want to, I won't tell the story.
What little scenes he has, he leaves you with an impression.
A serious impression.
What he did to Hester...there isn't a character alive who can ravel that move.
I screamed with laughter for 10 whole minutes.
And this was at 6:30am.
I adored him.
Best character alive.
Con as well.
But mainly Lucas.
And of course Hugh, who was an absolutely doll, even with that jackass of a move he pulled.
Millie was such an easy-going normal girl...with cheap shoes.
But her father and Judy as fantastic.
Her mom...not so much.
Her mother was really the most annoying character around.

There are some clapping moment in this story.
Orla's scorned wife scene was great.
I had to clap for her.
Her shocked-utterly attracted to the enemy scene as well.
She was such a lovely person.
She didn't deserve any of the stuff her husband put her through.

Lucas also has a few scenes.
His reputation as a playboy is widely known, but when he actually shows morals and give sound advice...*claps*
He's so full of himself.
What he does TO Hester FOR hilarious as it was...*claps*

And despite Hugh's total asshole scene, he makes you squirm in a good way.
Never once did I feel bad for his situation.
He's not the type of character who would accept pity.
He was so light, airy, and found humor in everything.
Which was great because he turned all of Millie's embarrassing scenes into humor for her.
Especially the second phone conversation.

Anyway, being up for 27 hours now is starting to kick in.
I can't remember what I was going to type next besides, GO READ IT!
Yes, YOU!
You're know I'm taking specifically to you.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Vol 101

So cool.
My printer can print in book format.
It prints in landscape format, two pages on each page.
It kind of confused me because it printed all the old numbers.
So pages 3 and 5 were on one page, 7 and 9 on the next.
It said to take the pages out, keep them in the order they're in and reinsert them back into the print tray.
Then it prints all the end pages.
In the end, you get double sided, booklet like prints.
I stapled it together.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Vol 100

Me and the robot man in Uptown New York.

Anyway, I added a new wedget.
It's so I can TRY to keep a total of how much I spent on books already.
It's only day two of the new year and I've spent $41.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Vol 99