Sunday, January 16, 2011

Vol 105

But is it really being a stuck up bitch when the person spoken to is obviously not up to standard?
I mean really? Is it?
If it's freezing outside and a guy wearing a thin hoodie and socks with flip-flops approaches a girl who is decently dressed, and she rejects him, is she stuck up?
If the same guy is 18 and the girl is 22, and she rejects him, does that means she's stuck up?
If she laughs in a friendly manner as she rejects him, is that stuck up?
I mean, she could always be rude and tell the fuckwit tosser to get lost like she wanted to.
If the kid is persistent, not taking no for an answer, is it her fault if she starts to feel annoyed and answer him with clip words?
I don't think so.
If the girl is a natural smart mouth, but instead of slashing into him like she usually would, she just laughs it all off, is that really snobbish of her?
If she finds the recent high school graduate amusing because he has no chance, is that arrogant?
Is it her fault that she can speak properly and not like a hoodlum as the 18 year old does?
Can she be called condescending because she's educated and he's not?
If his pick up lines were whack as hell and played out, is it her fault she cut him down from the start?
I don't think so.
But hey, what do I know!
I'm just a stuck up, snobbish, condescending bitch.
(Not the words the kid called me, but the words I've been called by numerous people.)