Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vol 102

I have been up for over 24 hours, and I have never been more energetic.
That is all thinks to Jill Mansell and Millie's Fling.

Now, I'm a girl of humor.
If you can't make me laugh, you suck at life.
If you can make me laugh...rock on!
And man oh man, did Jill having me laughing from 12:30am to 11am.
(Yes, I'm that slow a reader, but this novel was freakishly long.)

A lot of reviews, although score this with extremely high marks, don't do justice to this book.
Me, I like when the characters in the beginning are also in the end.
I don't like when you introduce me to Billy and Mandy and by the end of the story it'll be Mandy and Dave, or Billy and Susan.
It's annoying.
I usually fall for the characters I first meet, and I'd like the see those same characters at the end.

Well, Mansell did a fantastic job with characterization in this novel.
Besides Hester, who was annoying flawed in a realistic way, almost all the characters were lovable.
Except that cheating snake Gile...Gail...whatever his name was, and his mistress.

Anyway, the story starts off with Millie's at-the-time boyfriend proposing that they move in together.
But she wasn't listening to him at all, her intention focused on the would-be suicidal victim contemplating jumping of a cliff.
She ends up taking the lady out of it, Orla, a famous romance novel.
As a consequence, that boyfriend left her stranded on the cliff.

I'm going to say that the story has two starts.
Start one is when Millie and Hester find a wallet.
They search the wallet to find out who it belonged to.
Finding a cell number in the wallet, Millie calls it and plays a joke that goes horrible wrong and leaves her with an enormous amount of guilt.
She apologizes, but still feels guilty.

A few days later, guilt even stronger than before, Millie's house phone bill arrives.
Relief, the number she had forgot, she now can get from the bill and call.
But she starts off with another joke, this one landing her with a not-a-date-just-to-be-clear.

The second start of the story is when Orla decides she's going to write her next novel with a different approach.
It'll be realistic, about real people. real life situations, and Millie is her start, with Hester, Lucas, and a few others as subplots.
Millie warns Orla that her life is rather boring, but no fear...Orla has a well of innocently manipulating everything.

As much as I want to, I won't tell the story.
What little scenes he has, he leaves you with an impression.
A serious impression.
What he did to Hester...there isn't a character alive who can ravel that move.
I screamed with laughter for 10 whole minutes.
And this was at 6:30am.
I adored him.
Best character alive.
Con as well.
But mainly Lucas.
And of course Hugh, who was an absolutely doll, even with that jackass of a move he pulled.
Millie was such an easy-going normal girl...with cheap shoes.
But her father and Judy as fantastic.
Her mom...not so much.
Her mother was really the most annoying character around.

There are some clapping moment in this story.
Orla's scorned wife scene was great.
I had to clap for her.
Her shocked-utterly attracted to the enemy scene as well.
She was such a lovely person.
She didn't deserve any of the stuff her husband put her through.

Lucas also has a few scenes.
His reputation as a playboy is widely known, but when he actually shows morals and give sound advice...*claps*
He's so full of himself.
What he does TO Hester FOR hilarious as it was...*claps*

And despite Hugh's total asshole scene, he makes you squirm in a good way.
Never once did I feel bad for his situation.
He's not the type of character who would accept pity.
He was so light, airy, and found humor in everything.
Which was great because he turned all of Millie's embarrassing scenes into humor for her.
Especially the second phone conversation.

Anyway, being up for 27 hours now is starting to kick in.
I can't remember what I was going to type next besides, GO READ IT!
Yes, YOU!
You're know I'm taking specifically to you.


Princess_jime said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaaai. XD

Princess_jime said...

It was real funny! I could see it all in my head, it's very scene-oriented, it's begging to be made into a movie LOL.
What I liked most: the phone calls. Hilarious! I could almost hear millie's suck-ass irish/scottish/welsh accent, and huhg's french. And the crossword puzzles were so cute.
All the characters were flawed in one way or another, making them likable. Millie is such a spazz XD. And I knew Lucas was faking it LOL the bloke's too smart!
Loved Con, and Orla was fabulous (and like a good romance novel, you just knew she'd shag the dishy irish enemy XD XD XD).
Nat was also adorable. Hester felt very real to me, I liked her too. Giles was funny is his own pathetic way, and the fleetwoods too, the character I hated most was sylvia, but she was so over the top it was funny.
Entertaining book. Thank for sending it dearest niece ♥

Cherry said...

Sylvia was annoying, but I laughed at the ink and car thing. Millie has the most amazing dad. He's so laid-back.

The phone conversations were adorable. I went back and reread them. I liked the crossword puzzle thing. Smart idea, but not one I could do. I suck at crosswords.

Of course Lucas was faking it. I know that too, but that didn't take from the moment at all. The way Hester explained it...freaking hilarious. She should it was 10:07 and she would always remember that time. And at 10:10 he was sleep. ROFLMAO.

But it was a really great laugh, right? Not the most literate thing out there, but certainly funny enough.