Monday, January 17, 2011

Vol 106

This book will be released January 18th 2011, which is in 5 minutes.
I preordered it on the kindle back in July.
But I still won't get it into the wee hours of the morning.
I'm so impatient for it.
What made MacKayla scream.
I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight until I get this and find out.
Doesn't matter much to me.
I'm usually up until 3am any.
Lets just hope I don't have to wait that long before amazon decides it wants to send it to me.
Tia, be on the lookout for an email.

Edit: As expected. The book was released west coast time, so I got it at 3am.
Yes, I was up for it. And but of course I started to read it.
Wonder what magic trick will be pulled out the hat this time.
All I know is that it better come soon.

Edit2: Somebody has some 'splaining to do.


Edit3: So I finished the book 6am this morning.
This book was the same length as Millie's Fling, yet it took me twice as long.
Weird, since I wanted this one so badly, I expected to devour it in a matter of hours.

Man, there is so much I want to say about this book.
First I'll say, FINALLY! Answers to all question.
This novel is like a whirlwind. It just keeps spinning and spinning.
Because it's the last novel of the series, you know that you'll get answers for all the questions you have.
What you don't realize when you first open the book is how many more questions you'll ask.
Moening saved every answer for the end. Which drove me insane.
When you finally think, "Ah! An answer," you soon realize it's not an answer at all.

So much is discovered. We finally learn about all that is Barrons and his men. Why Barrons would never answer any question about himself was because of a code he and his men have. But damn, they are truly the baddest and most cursed MFer's of the land. To never die??? Ever?? Of course they can be killed, Barrons died a number of times in this book, but he will always come back. Unless he's V'Krucked!

And I like V'Kruck.
He and the other hunters were a nice breath of fresh a way.
All they wanted was to be free and fly.
Fuck a war.

What motivates the Fae.

But the biggest question of it all was, "Who and what is MacKayla?"
Another bigger question, "Where is the Unseelie King?"
I'll just say, you'd never would have question who the Unseelie King is based on previous books. But I had a feeling I knew who it was.
I just never suspected MacKayla was a distance extension of him.
Like a grand daughter.

And Cruce, Cruce, Cruce.
I knew it was you.
I knew it for a while now, I just refused to believe it.
I think I knew back in book 3 it was you, but refused to believe it.
You dirty little bastard.
Even after all you've done, you're still on second best...or maybe 3rd.
MacKayla is a factor bigger than you believe, being the Unseelie King's long lost not-really grand daughter and all.

But you have to wonder, just have fecking strong is the Unseelie King.
Even after what Cruce did, he still was no match.

Well I'm glad that little old bitch is dead.
She should have been killed a long time ago, especially after what she made Dani do.
Poor Dani.
Hopefully Mac want kick her ass too much.
We'll never know.
At least there's a good ending.
The world isn't back to normal yet, nor is the threat completely neutralized. As long as no one opens that tomb or MacKayla doesn't go off the deep end, they should be safe from the destruction of the world.
It's a start.
Rome wasn't built in a day, you know.

Edit4: Some random thing I just noticed.
This is the first Fae series whose courts leaders as the Unseelie King and the Seelie Queen,
It has always been the Unseelie Queen and the Seelie King.
I like this Unseelie King. He's not rotten like most Unseelie leadership (Queens) are portrayed.


Princess_jime said...

What to say, it also took me some time to read this one, there's a lot to absorb throughout XD
I felt just like Mac, having to reconsider everything over and over!
First first, hehehe, I don't know if it was because I already had the idea cemented in my mind and had time to digest it but... since I was right into thinking Barrons was the beast, it didn't take me by surprise. Of course, Mac would go bat-shit crazy, and I even thought she was being a bit of a drama queen... with the grief and all, but then... she and Barrons are two of a kind in a way and of course she would go wild... anyway.
The Darroc end. I LOLed. It was so anti-climatic, but again, I always thought it wasn't him who killed Alina sooo...
That damned book. The fae... the insufferable condescension! It was what rattled me the most, I wanted them all to feel what it feels like to be the ants.
Oh, and when Barrons tells Mac to never mistake him for the hero nor the anti-hero I was all "Duh! Mac is the hero! she just doesn't know it yet!" XD XD XD
I like the whole universality mumbo-jumbo, the philosophical aspects of everything, it was well written, it never got boring or too confusing to digest.
But the three moments that made me gasp! like a total soap-opera moment were:
Queen Aoibheal (spelling?) was the concubine! The implications! the questions, the ramifications of such a thing were killing me XD.
Dani killing Alina (come on, we just know she was forced by Rowena, I guess Mac was feeling too raw to immediately realize that).
There was no V'lane at all. Uwaaa!!! LOL Cruce played everyone like a virtuoso, even the Unseelie King. The fact that it got him nothing (for now hehehe) because there was just no beating the King (he's soooo far beyond from a mere fae existence) was a cherry on top.
The "about the author" at the end said KMM is currently writing a continuation of the fever series... Hope!
She has to, the Dani-Mac issues were not resolved. The sinsar dubh is still technically alive and kicking, and I want to see humans continue to kick fae ass! LOL

Princess_jime said...

What else, oh! The seelie not having a queen or king... I wanna see them running around like a chicken with its head cut off XD XD the backstabbing and plotting would be juicy.
The hunters... I wonder if they're still killing seelie-seers while flying around (or random people for that matter), K'vruk was cool, but only to Mac, and only because she has a part of the King inside... I keep having to remind myself that the hunters are dangerous.
I was soooooooooooo delighted when Mac finally killed that bitch Rowena, I just knew she was a bad one to the core.
Barrons' kid... so sad, I smacked my head when Mac thought of K-vruk LOL *facepalm*
I was glad to see the Keltars once again (Christian!!!!).

Princess_jime said...

Speaking of the Keltars... have you heard the highlander audiobooks?
There are some hilarious little ringtones here (at the end):
They had me ROTFL.