Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vol 108

More so than Shadowfever, this doesn't seem complete.
This -I liked, but that's a given. I a fae addict- leaves off when Ash and Puck (surprise surprise) going on another adventure.
Meghan is off taking on her new role as ruler for now.
But Ash's journey seems to open up something else entirely.
I can't seem to remember what promise he made that he has to fill.
Or why that would involve finding Grimalkin.
I almost cried with that cats farewell.
I loved that snarky feline.

I know this was the end of the Iron Fey series, but I think Julie should write another novella, give us more closure.
Or maybe that's just me being greedy for more.
This is one of the only series why I liked all the characters.
Usually female teenage heroines annoy me to all end, but not Meghan.
I adored her the entire journey.

Imagine the scream I had to suppress at 3am when I learned that this actually isn't the last book of the series like it was first stated, and that another book will be out called, The Iron Knight, and that book is told through Ash's POV. *scream*

It's a whole book right? It's not simply a novella right? It's listed as The Iron Fey 4. That means it's a complete novel right? The other novella, Winter Passage, was listed as 1.5. Since this isn't 3.5 but 4, that means it's a full length novel right? Oh please, oh please, oh please let it be. I would kill to know Ashallyn's thoughts. Especially where Puck is concerned. Those two will never be the enemies they speak they are. Their old friendship is still there.