Sunday, January 2, 2011

Vol 100

Me and the robot man in Uptown New York.

Anyway, I added a new wedget.
It's so I can TRY to keep a total of how much I spent on books already.
It's only day two of the new year and I've spent $41.


Princess_jime said...

It's an addiction. I got me an e-reader in Chile for Xmas. And have downloaded a bunch of new books since coming back home...

Cherry said...

I downloaded half the books I bought last year, and I still spent over $400. I know I spent more than that, but I just can't find all the receipts.

I have 5 books sitting on my shelf right now. I'll pick them up soon. Maybe next week. I'm waiting for the second novel of the Tairen Soul series to arrive first.