Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vol 109

It snowed overnight yesterday.
Schools were canceled today, although there wasn't much snow out this morning.
But it started to snow again sometime mid afternoon.
Or more like hailed.
Now it's snowing again.
My classes are suppose to start tomorrow.
I hope my university closes because I will not be going even if they open.
No way I want to go out in that.
But my school can be jerks at times and stay open despite it looking a hot mess outside.

One class already posted assignments on Blackboard so I just spent the last 4 hours doing Intermediate Algebra.
Yes, I know. Sucks!
I mean seriously, I haven't taken a math class since I was a teenager. Just so you know, I'll be 23 this fall. You get the picture.
Most of it I still remember, but when it comes to word problems and graphing, I suck.
I was stuck on the word problem portion for an hour and a half and didn't get a single problem
Or I would get one, but you have to get 2 in a row to move on, and I would miss the second and have to start over.
The assignments for chapters 1-3 have to be complete by the 5th of Feb.
I already finished chapter 1 today, besides that word problem thing.
If classes are canceled tomorrow, I'll work on chapters 2-3.

Besides that math class, my semester schedule consist of Anthropology 211. It's a culture course and UMBC didn't accept either of my previous two culture classes when I transferred. They said those classes didn't match any there offered.
I sat them and showed them the syllabus for my music and health course, and they matched damn near word-for-word with a course they offer there.
Anyway, and I have three Psychology classes: child development, health psychology, and the history of psychology.
That last is a level 4 class, so nothing but papers, papers, and more papers.

Today, besides doing homework, I spent the most of my time watching Disney movies.
First I watched The Lion King as I went over my Health Psychology book.
Then a few hours later I put on Aladdin as I did math homework.
When that went off I watched Mulan, which just went off 10 minutes ago.
I don't have any other Disney movie that I want to watch.
I need to go buy Pocahontas, maybe Beauty and the Beast.
Anastasia as well.

So see, I can go a day without reading.
Almost drove me insane but...
I guess I should crawl into bed now and force myself to sleep.
I need to develop a new sleep routine.
Although I only have classes twice a week, I still don't think staying up until 2-3am is wise during the school semester.
Some days I'm up until 4-5am.

Lets just hope this snow last for a few more hours.
I hate snow, but when it gets me out of class I love it.

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