Friday, January 14, 2011

Vol 103

When 23 year old orphaned, virgin, Royal meets I-have-no-clue-how-old-either-29-or-39-but-lets-go-with-39 year old Dmitry, all her prayers are answered.
What Dmitry offers the black, beautiful, recent college graduated is too good to be true...Well, because it is.
He offers her a job to complete run and manage his new clothing store with a 60K salary, an apartment, tons of expensive gifts and even a chauffeur.
Sounds unbelievable right?
It is.
Because what Royal doesn't know about Dmitry is that he's actually a Russian Mafia boss.
Oh snap!
But Dmitry and Royals love-love relationship sails while, with the occasional interruption, until a vindictive brother comes along with the plot to kill Dmitry.

I haven't finished the book yet. I'm about a third of the way through.
I stumbled across it last night while doing my nightly book search on Amazon for kindle books.
This is a little different from my normal read.
I tend to stay away from crime novels.
My conscience is to open for this type of book.
It makes it hard to sleep at night because I over think things.
But I actually look forward to reading this series.
I know Dmitry's book is first, not sure who is second, but Anatoly's novel comes on later this month.
He's a quiet one, but his silence is LOUD!
And I just love the silent yet deadly types.
When they're not silent and deadly with me.

Edit: Oh god!
I'm at the first kill scene.
I wonder who the leak is.
Will find out in 2 sentences.

(10 seconds later) Edit 2:
Anatoly is scary.
tsk tsk tsk

(2 minutes after that) Edit 3:
Nuh uh Dmitry.
You're slipping.
And your boys noticed.
Better check yourself at the door next time.

(1 minute later) Edit 4:
Cory and Renee, for your own safety, SHUT UP!

(4 minutes later) Edit 5:
Ivan is such an ass!
Damn, I want to punch him in the face.

(23 seconds later) Edit 6:
I've never been so happy to see Anatoly in my life.
I can almost cry.

(2 more minutes later) Edit 7:
I'm still only a third into the book, and this is getting tense.

(Side note comment) Edit 8:
Someone, please, get Cory out of the middle of this gun/stare off.

(5 minutes later) Edit 9:
Wow! Never stand between a Russian Mafia boss and his little, young, black, girlfriend.
People die.
*shaking my head*

(shortly afterward) Edit 10:
Royal, if you truly love the man and want to stay with him despite it all, you can.
No one is blaming you.
But please honey, stop being fucking naive.
You know he's Mafia.
Renee and Cory even voiced their opinion that he's Mafia.
Cory is too...adamant.
Yet you still deny it.
*smh* Don't let all the money and fancy lifestyle blind you.
It could be gone in a flash.

(15 minutes later) Edit 11:
I'm afraid.
I don't want to read anymore.
I have a really bad feeling about this next part.
Please. Please. Please.
I'm going to cry if something happens to him.

(One second later) Edit 12:
WHAT! I knew it!
I knew it. I knew it. I knew it.
I said he was a little to brave for...well, him.
tsk tsk tsk
Still like him though.
Even if he's a sneaky.

(meanwhile) Edit 13:
He's a very intimidating kid.
I'll call him a kid, because despite his cold demeanor and scary approach, he's only 20. Maybe 21 by now.
Point is, he's someone I would hesitate to approach, but never back down from.
That's the only way you'd get his respect.
...But probably the fastest way to have him shoot you.

(About an hour later) Edit 14:
Wait! WHAT?
Now this I did not expect.
I was panting with worry just now.
But really Cory, make a choice.
You can't have the best of both worlds.

(Even later) Edit 15:
Freaking out is completely understandable, Royal.
I agree with you.
Screaming and fighting is what any sane person would have done.
Still agree.
Easily forgiving...not so much.

(Finally finished:) Edit 16:
No matter what you say Royal, I would have like to see Ivan suffer tremendously.
He got off way too easily.
Poor Royal.
At least she still has Dmitry.

Glad that's over with.
*I'm getting ansty over Anatoly's book.
Can't wait.
Hopefully his book will be properly edited.
I mean seriously, there were a hell of a lot of SPaG issues in this story.
I understand Dmitry's and Anatoly's habit of skipping over words.
English isn't their first language.
But even Royal would do it or you'll find missing words in the narration.
Rather annoying really.
And the kindle format had a tendency to smashwordstogetherlikethis.
That's just hard to read.
But I can only fault the grammar so much.
My own stories are terrible.
You should see the hard edit I've been working on for one.
The entire paper is red marked.

Even with all that, I still loved this.
I mean, I've read tons and tons of IR romance novels.
But this one is definitely one of my favorites.
Top 3 after Tammy William's Choices and Blindsided.
The thing I liked most was Royal.
I'm so sick and tired of reading stories with black female characters and not relating to them at all.
Granted, I'm not an orphan or have shot a man before, but Royal and I are a year apart, and some of the things that she feels I understand.
She has an innocence to her that I relate to.
I grew up in the hood, but I have morals and goals.
Her self respect was off the hook.
You go Royal.
You don't find many female leads like that.

Lets go Anatoly.
I pray his fight with his cousin is better than the fight between Ivan and Dmitry.
God I wish I could torture Ivan.
*Yes Yes. I'm a little protective over Royal. So what*

Tía, you know I'm sending this to you, don't you?
Lets enjoy the Russian's together.

Side note:
I know a bit of Russian.
But that's no surprise.
I know a bit of over 8 languages.
I wonder if Latrivia speaks Russian or if she had to research it for this novel....?