Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vol 29

Nalini Singh, you are so mean.

Back in August I bought a book called "A Lick of Frost" by Laurell K Hamilton.
I can't remember why I bought the book, but I read it and liked it, but was confused.
As it turned out, A Lick of Frost, was the 6th book in the Merry Gentry series.
I went to Barnes and Noble and ended up purchasing books 1-5 and 7.

Merry Gentry series is a rated 18+ series.
Basically, Merry is a hoe.
But she's a legal hoe.
Merry is the Princess of the Unseelie court.
She is the first mortal sidhe born. Ever.

The series was about the trails Merry and her men (16 of them) faced as Merry fought (against her will) to become to crowned princess of the Unseelie court.
Merry faces numerous assassination attempts from the people of both the Unseelie and Seelie courts, her deranged cousin who wants to sleep with her, her aunt who is insane, and an uncle who believes she is the one who can give him children.
At the end of book 6 Merry finds out she is pregant with twins.
She's pregnant with twins but her children has 6 fathers, and each of those fathers becomes the King to her Queen....

Yeah, I don't really know how to explain this story.
Most of the time Merry was just sleeping with someone.
But the 8th book comes out in December and I want to see how these twins will look.

Again, Nalini Singh, you are so mean.
I already KNOW who Hawke's mate is, but who is Indigo's?

Nalini Singh is the author of the very interesting Psy-Changeling series.
Also rated 18+.
My coworker recommended this series to me.
She loves it.
A lot.
So I borrowed the first book from her.
I am the slowest reader in the world, but I read the first book, Slave to Sensation, in record breaking time.
The book is set in a future world, about 80 years from now, and the world is divided into three races. Changeling (half animal half human shape-shifters), Psy (possess great Psychological abilities but are completely without emotion), and average humans.
After an increase of violence and rage, back in the 1960's-1970's, the Psy started to condition all emotions from their race.
This act, Protocol I, is called Silence, and the Psy are perfect in their Silence.
Psst, yeah right. Just ask Sascha darling or Ice-man Judd how perfect their Psy are.
But was Protocol I a good idea overall?
The story is about those who are fighting against that crazy Psy council, mainly the Leopard and Wolf changeling and their mates-to-be.
But don't pay attention to the covers.
The people on the covers look nothing like how the characters are described.

Nalini you really are mean.
July is too far away, and I want to read about this J-Psy Sophia.

The series I am TRYING to read now was also suggest by that same coworker.
It's the Highlander series (rated 18+) by Karen Marie Moning.
I can't really say anything about this series.
I only read one of the books and I'm trying to read another, but I just can't get into it.
That old 16th century Scottish accent is bothering me.
And these girls are very dumb.

That's pretty much all I have been doing besides school.
I still need to book books 4-6 of the Psy/Changeling series.
I borrowed those from my friend but I had to return them.
That sucks.
The Psy/Changeling series also have about 3 novella's out.
Well two are out now, and one comes out next August.

I need to pick up another part-time job and as much money as I have spent on books in the pass month, I need to work at Barnes and Noble.
30% off.

P.S: When I say the books are rated 18+ it's because there had to be a sex scene at least every 4 chapters, and in Merry Gentry, there was a sex scene in every chapter. j/k

P.P.S: I read two other books as well. "Queen of his Heart" and "Ebony eyes". These books are solo books, but they were entertaining.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not died yet

Okay, so I plan to update soon.
I haven't done much of anything in the pass few months besides School.
I still work, but only 2-3 days a week.
Right now I should be studying for a French test tomorrow, or either sleep.
I have to work on my proposal for my major.
I finally came up with a name for my major: "Neurobiology of Language".
There's actually a study about this as we speak, but I won't get into it because no one would know what I'm talking about.
Back in August I picked up a book (first time doing so since 2005).
That book lead to another, and then another, and then another.
I've read about about 18-19 books, and I have 6 more sitting in front of me that I'll finish but mid-next week, hopefully.
So that will total 24-25 books since August.
And those 24-25 books are all from 3 different series, which my next update will be about.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vol 88

My Answers to Survey About Me Survey

2 - Name Cher'rohn Lynne Ross
3 - Gender Female
4 - Age 22
5 - Screen Name Tatsuri or Secret
6 - Birthday September
7 - Race African American though I am a mutt
8 - School/Grade UMBC whack ass university
9 - Job Receiver
10 - Status What?
11 - Hometown Bmore!!!
12 - Current Town Bmore!!
13 - Parents Still Together Nope. Never really were
14 - Siblings Two. Ani to imouto
15 - Pets Cat, Mitch and Dog, Max
16 - Smoker Hell No
17 - Drinker Nope
18 - Virgin Technically speaking, yes
19 - Orientation Hetersexual though one point in my life I thought I was asexual
20 - Drugs Never
22 - Hair Color Black...sometimes green
23 - Is it Dyed? Yep, because it's green when it's not dyed
24 - Eye color Brown
25 - Height 5'3.5"
26 - Style Comfortable preppy
27 - Glasses/Contacts/None? None
28 - Freckles None...does old acne spots count?
29 - Body Type Like a 13 year old boy
30 - Shoe Size 7.5
31 - Piercings Three in my ears, belly ring
32 - Want More? Yep. One more in my eye
33 - Tatoos? None
34 - Want More? Nope...use to but not anymore
35 - Braces? No
36 - Overall Best Feature? I've been told my eyes
37 - Overall Worst Feature? I have a big nose...don't like my mouth sometimes
38 - Do you get most of your traits from mom or dad? I don't know...I'm told I look like both
39 - LIKES/DISLIKES Bring it!
40 - Favorite Color Blue
41 - Worst Color Orange
42 - Favorite Number 8
43 - Favorite Animal Tamarin
44 - Least Favorite Animal Worm
45 - Favorite Flower Rose...I'm simple
46 - Favorite Food Fish
47 - Worst Food Brussel Sprouts
48 - Favorite Junk Food Chocolate
49 - Worst Junk Food Peanut Butter
50 - Favorite Restaraunt Nick's Fish House
51 - Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Chocolate
52 - Favorite Candy M&M
53 - Favorite Alcoholic Drink None
54 - Favorite NON Alcoholic Drink Ginger Ale
55 - Worst Alcoholic Drink I don't drink
56 - Worst NON Alcoholic Drink Water
57 - Favorite Genre of Music Ballad
58 - Worst Genre Heavy Metal...pointless Rap
59 - Favorite Band/Artist RED, Linkin Park,
60 - Worst Band/Artist Crappy Ass Rappers
61 - Favorite Song Guardian Angel
62 - Worst Song I have a few
63 - Favorite Radio Station Don't listen to the radio
64 - Favorite Book My Best Friend's Girl and Psy/Changeling Series
65 - Worst Book Damn....what is the name of that crapass novel I read...When I remember, I'll post it.
66 - Favorite Type of Movie Comedy
67 - Worst Type of Movie Romance. I'm a unrealistic diehard romantic at heart but I hate romance movies
68 - Favorite Movie Ace Venture When Nature Calls
69 - Worst Movie Ever Sex in the City
70 - Favorite TV Show Family Guy/ House
71 - Worst TV Show Real World
72 - Favorite Season of the Year Fall
73 - Worst Season Summer
74 - Best Friend SJ Im
75 - Worst Enemy My self. I no longer have enemies
76 - Favorite Day of the Week Tuesday. Sounds nice
77 - Least Favorite Day of the Week Monday
78 - Favorite Sport I hate watching sports
79 - Sport You Hate Any of them if I have to watch it.
80 - One thing you cant get enough of chocolate
81 - One thing you hate more than anything Peanut Butter
82 - LOVE LIFE As if I have one
83 - Are You Single? Unfortunately
84 - If not, who is your bf/gf? In my mind? Currently Donghae
85 - How Long Have You Been Together? Since June 2006
86 - If You're Single, Do you Like It? I use to. Now that I'm getting older it's annoying.
87 - Do You Have a Crush On Anyone Right Now? That would make life so much simpler. No, I don't.
88 - First Kiss *thinks back* So long ago. The first one I can remember was Dontae
89 - Ever Kiss in the Rain? Not yet
90 - In a Movie Theater? Not yet...I don't think I have...*shrugs*
91 - Underwater? Nooo. lol
92 - First Love Domninic, but he's more of my first Lust than Love
93 - Have you ever Cheated on Anyone? No. I wasn't committed at those times.
94 - Been Cheated on? Probably. I don't know.
95 - Used Someone? Yes. Definitely.
96 - Been used? Don't think I have
97 - Lied to your bf/gf? Nope.
98 - Ever Made out With Just a Friend? Yep. Dontae
99 - Ever Had Sex With Just a Friend? Came oh so very close with the above mentioned
100 - Are You a Tease? teehee. I can be that
101 - Do you Flirt a Lot? Use to. Not so much anymore because I can never find my type of guy to flirt with
102 - Longest Relationship 1 year 2 months
103 - Shortest 2 days
104 - Have you Ever Gotten a Poem? *thinks* No...
105 - Ever Get Flowers? Yes
106 - Sweetest Thing You've Ever Gotten Candy. You said SWEET
107 - Do you Like Valentine's Day or Sweetest Day? Doesn't mean anything to me
108 - Do you Believe in Love at First Sight? Being the unrealistic romantic that I am, yes I do, and that's the reason I'm currently single. There has to be LaFS for me to even want to be in a relationship with the guy.
109 - Do you Believe in Beileve in what?
110 - Do you Fall in Love Fast? No. I actually get annoyed fast
111 - Are you a Player? Once upon a time. No longer
112 - Would you ever Hook Up With Someone of the Same sex? To experiment but never seriously
113 - Have You ever Kissed 2 People in One Day? No
114 - Kissed 2 People At One Time? What? No
115 - Had Sex with 2 People in One day? No
116 - Had sex with 2+ People at One Time? No. Not yet. LOL
117 - Ever cried over someone of the opposite sex? Cried FOR someone of the opposite sex. I heard something about them and felt oh so sad.
118 - Ever Been Dumped? No and Yes
119 - Ever dumped someone? Yes and No. We just drift apart, those guys and I
120 - Ever been rejected? I don't confess, so no
121 - Do you have a lot of ex's? Not really.
122 - Are you a slut? In my mind and have the potential to be, if I didn't have morals and all that stuff.
123 - Ever been called one? Nope.
124 - Ever dated someone more than once? Yes. Back in elementary school. lol
125 - Do you ever make the first move? Not anymore. Now, being that unrealistic romantic, I would like to be chased.
126 - Double dates or single? Single.
127 - Do you want to get married? Of course. I can actually hear the wedding bells going off in the background. I need to hurry up. I won't be 22 for much longer.
128 - OPPOSITE SEX (what you're attracted to) *drools*
129 - Hair Color Dark color: Black or Brown
130 - Short or long? Doesn't matter, but just have something I can grip
131 - Style tsumetaiiiii
132 - Age no more than 4 years older
133 - Height I want to reach his chest/neck....5'10"
134 - Weight how much should a 5'10" in shape guy way?
135 - Muscular Or Skinny Muscular *wink*
136 - Boxers or Briefs Boxer briefs.
137 - Do you care about looks? I'm not dishonest enough to say no. Yes I care, but it's not my only concern
138 - Other Okay!
139 - Can you drive? Yes
140 - Do You Have a Car? No
141 - Do you have a cell phone? Yes
142 - Are you online a lot? Yes
143 - Do you like gay/bi people? What's not to like?
144 - Can you speak another language? Yep. Japanese, I can fake korean, I'm very very basic with Chinese, and I can read Spanish though I can't speak or write it
145 - Do you do well in school? Not anymore. No motivation
146 - Do you collect anything? Paranormal romance Novels and foreign dvd's
147 - Have an obsession? Currently the series that I read is my obession. And chocolate
148 - Do you hate yourself? Nope. I'm lovable
149 - Ever smile for no reason? Hell yeah *doing so now*
150 - Talk to yourself? All the time. Sometimes I respond
151 - Do you have any regrets? No. I don't think I do
152 - Believe in magick? Yes. But I don't tell people because they'll think I'm strange, which I am.
153 - Do you support gay marriage? Not my concern. Why not?
154 - Sex before marriage? If it's with the right person....or if you just feel like it, go ahead.
155 - Do you trust people easily? Not really
156 - Forgive easily? Depends on what I have to forgive
157 - Do you have a secret no one knows? Yes.
158 - Do you get along with your parents? Yes
159 - What about other people? Sometimes. People don't like me, though I've never done anything to them
160 - How do you vent your anger? Scream, punch something, dance
161 - Do you like George Bush? HA! Hell no
162 - Goal Before you die? Graduate someday. Publish a series. Travel the world. Kidnap Donghae
163 - Biggest Fear Dying young (I live in Bmore)
164 - Biggest Weakness Waterbugs
165 - Do you play an instrument? No. I wish. Though I did learn Piano many many moons ago
166 - What do you want to be when you grow up? I am grown. I no longer have any clue
167 - PERSONALITY TRAITS - Are you... ....oh no
168 - A bitch? Yes
169 - A daydreamer? Definitely. Do this all day
170 - Shy? Not really
171 - Talkative? Sometimes, esp if I'm sleepy
172 - Energic? Yes
173 - Happy? Yep
174 - Depressed? No longer
175 - Funny? Not really
176 - Slutty? I wish
177 - Boring? *nods* Yes I am very boring
178 - Mean? So I'm told by everyone
179 - Nice? I'm also told this by everyone. Oxymoron much!
180 - Caring? Yes
181 - Trustworthy? Yep.
182 - Confident? Yes I am
183 - Friendly? Not all the time but mostly
184 - Smart? Yes...just not in math or scienes
185 - Sarcastic? It's my native language
186 - Dependable? Yes
187 - Quiet? Tokidoki
188 - Weird? *smiles* Of course I am
189 - Adaptable? Yes
190 - Strong (emotionally)? Not really...I don't know how to look at this question
191 - Strong (physically)? Yep.
192 - Mature? Sometimes on tuesdays
193 - Logical? Yep
194 - Religious? Not really. I'm to openminded to be religious
195 - Modest? Yes
196 - Indesicive? Every now and then
197 - Sympathetic? Not so much
198 - Polite? No. I'm very casual
199 - Creative? Yes yes yes
200 - Fun to be around? I don't know. I would hope so
201 - Loveable? *chuu* Of course
202 - Easily Amused? Very, so if you can't amuse me, you suck at life
203 - Outgoing? Depends
204 - Daring? Yes.
205 - Clumsy? Yep. It's because I'm a libra
206 - Nosy? Not anymore
207 - Lazy? It's my middle name.
208 - Scary? So I've been told, but that person doesn't matter. lol
209 - Optimistic? In this day and age I have to be
210 - Persuasive? Yes. Just raise my fist and I become very persuasive
211 - A good listener? Yes
212 - Curious? Yep
213 - Determined? Yep
214 - Artistic?, in certain areas
215 - Honest? Yes
216 - Respectful? I'm too casual so I'll say no
217 - Concieted? Not that full of myself...yet
218 - Cocky? I can be
219 - Controlling? Yes
220 - Playful? Yes
221 - Easygoing? yes
222 - Carefree?
223 - Hot Headed? Yes. Truly
224 - Serious? Yes and No
225 - Thoughtful? Yep
226 - Considerate? Maybe
227 - Stubborn? Yes
228 - Romantic? Definitely. I'm a true romantic at heart.
229 - Ambitious? Yes. Lots of ambition but no motivation
230 - Jealous? No.
231 - Insecure? No
232 - Obsessive? For some things
233 - Attentive? Yes
234 - Helpful? Yes
235 - Punctual? Yes
236 - Rational? Yes
237 - Sincere? Yes
238 - Tolerant? No. I have no tolerance what so ever
239 - Goodbye Ja ne
240 - Did you enjoy this survey? A little.
241 - Was it too long? If you have to ask, you know the answer
242 - Do you think it contained just about everything? Not everything but a lot

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Vol 28

It's been a while.

In one of my previous entries, I had mentioned this plan of mine, something I was working on.

My plan was to move to NYC sometime before January. I was applying to colleges in NY, but I was accepted into UMBC (University of Maryland Baltimore County), so I won't be moving to NY anymore.

At UMBC I am an INDS major with a focus in Chinese and Media. I am still studying Japanese, but on my own. I have to complete my premed requirements as well.

I might have to stab a fork into someone soon, though. UMBC doesn't want to accept my credits from when I studied abroad. That's 22 credits. I'll submit the study abroad credits to my previous school and then have the credits transfered over. If that doesn't work...I guess I better start sharpening my forks.

Lena came down last month, and we went to my family reunion in Hampton Virginia. I have no clue why I even went. I freaking HATE the country. The hotel was NASTY beyond belief. My sheets weren't clean, and it took them over an hour before they gave me new ones. It was just disgusting. I felt dirty the entire time.

Lena was suppose to stay until Wednesday, but she left two days earlier. That sucks, because I didn't even get a chance to show her around Baltimore.

My birthday is coming up soon, and there has been something that's been bugging me lately (non-bday related).

I have to get off the train now, so I'll end this here.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vol 27

I could be described as an "outgoing" introvert.
I love solitude.
Nothing makes me more happy than being alone.
Of course I like hanging out with people as well, but if I had a choice, depending on the situation I would more likely choose to sit in my room alone and watch a drama.
That's just the way I am, and I love it.

So recently I was asked to tell something about myself that most people do not know, and I decided to share something.
At first I wasn't sure what to say.
Everyone knows I love dancing, and studied it for 10 years.
Everyone knows I study languages (Japanese, Korea, Spanish, French, and Chinese at the moment).
Everyone knows I watch more Asian dramas than American TV.
And everyone also knows my ipod is filled with music from all over the world and every genre.
From Instrumental to Freestyle, and African to Celtic.
So what about myself would I share.
Well, there is one thing people do not know about me.
One thing that will make you say "Say what?! Since when?"
I am a writer.

Yep it's true.
I started writing stories when I was 14.
Although I can't remember what the first story I wrote was about, I remember the first story I seriously wrote.
I was 16.
It was a fantasy story with demons, angels, warriors, and dragons.
All that good stuff.
I mostly write when I am bored (at work or in class).
This past 7 months, I have written 5 stories.
2 were short and 3 are long.
I'm actually still working on 2 of the long stories.
When I say 2 were short, I mean that they are no longer than 25 pages on WORD.
The one long story that I completed was about 140 pages on WORD.
I haven't edited it yet, so the number of pages will probably increase since there were some scenes I have yet to write.
As for the two long stories I haven't completed.
I know they will be long stories because A: One story is the squeal to the first long story I completed and the plot is twice as long and action packed. B: The other story will be very detailed because I am creating a new country/world in this story. Therefore, there will be lots and lots of details.

I have a goal that I want to accomplish. I want to write at least one story in every language that I am studying. Completely in that language.
I need to study a lot harder than.

You might wonder how can I, a person who sucks at grammar and spelling, write stories.
It's all thinks to my handy-dandy beta readers.
This year I switched to a new beta-reader.
She's always asking for new parts, so I write often.
She's not really a beta-reader, just a friend who I actually write the stories for, and her comments on each part helps me write better.

But right now that beta-reader is on vacation overseas and won't be back until the end of July, so I kind of have a break.
I've wrote a lot recently (as in front and back on plain sheets of paper...lots and lots of plain sheets of paper), but I'm too lazy to collect all the papers and type it.
I need to do so quickly before that beta-reader comes back and cut me.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vol 26

So right now I'm working on something, but I won't say what because I don't want to curse it.
When the time comes, I'll post it.

Anyway, I went to NY recently, again.
This time because Lena flew over from Wisconsin to play in NY.
Although, I didn't hang out with her as much as I expected.

I just got back from South Carolina a few days ago, where I visited my brother on his military base.
I won't get into too much detail about that 5 day trip.
Just know that I did not enjoy myself.
I'm a city girl.
A Mid Atlantic City Girl.
Down South is just not for me.

The opening exercise during Family Day at Fort Jackson was the best thing.
I liked how the soldiers came from out of the trees, even though I already saw them back there.
And need I mention that out of 5 days worth of meals, only 4 meals were good.
That's like saying only 1 out of 5 days did I enjoy my meal.
But I said I wouldn't get into too much detail so I'll end it there.
I have some things that I need to take care of, so I'll wrap this entry up right here.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Vol 25

I have a new blog.
This blog will be entirely in Japanese.
I don't have many people around me who can speak Japanese, so I created this blog to help me practice.
I'm starting to forget a lot of what I learned, and I'm not happy about that.
Especially since I paid $7000 to learn the little that I know.
My intention is to take and pass the JLPT level 1 by Summer 2011.
JLPT is the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
Basically it is a test that has 4, soon to be 5, levels that you can take to test your knowledge.
It test how fluent you are in Japanese, with Level 1 being the highest level.
Right now I know I could pass level 4, the lowest level, and I could probably pass level 3 by the end of the year.
The different between level 3 to level 2 and level 2 to level 1 is huge.
In order to pass level one I have to know a minimum of 10240 words.
And no...I didn't just make that number up.
I actually have the list of words that appear on the test, and it totals 10240.
You know how much Kanji that means I need to know?????
I have to study/memorize/learn 15 words a day if I intend on passing this test in June 2011.
I'm already falling behind, so...


Monday, May 25, 2009

Vol 24 Epik High

You think from NY to LA to 서울의 끝 Ain’t nobody fuckin’ iller

If you have no clue what I was just talking about it, those are lyrics to EPIK HIGH's song The Future.
I went to New York this weekend.
While I was there I got to see Epik High with MYK, Far East Movement, Dumb-Founded, Beat box DG and Kero One.

It took a lot to convince Chloe to go to this with me. I think I begged or about 2 months for her to go with me. When I finally decided that I didn't care anymore and wasn't going to go, Shamaila and Naila was telling me to go. Shamaila even paid half for my tickets.
It was a long battle, but in the end I got Chloe to go.
Since I was staying at her house while in New York, I thought it would have been rude to go to the concert without her, and go back to her house afterward.

Shamaila and I went to meet one of her friends, Aqsa, at Union square around 2:30.
I got my tickets from Aqsa.
The concert arena was about a block away from Union square.
It was at Irving Plaza The Fillmore.
We decided to go check the line out around 3pm.

We had no choice but to get in the line at that time.
The concert was suppose to start at 7pm, but it started 40 minutes late.
Shamaila, Naila, Aqsa, and Joanna were in the VIP section, which to me wasn't so VIP.
Chloe and I were in the general Admission section.
Although the VIP section had a better view because they were on the second level, Chloe and I were close, and our few wasn't that bad either.

There was this one girl I wanted to just punch into next week.
I don't know where she came from, but she was too close.
I already knew people would be bunched together, but she was just really really close.
Almost stuck to me like glue.
She was practically sitting on me, and she was moving even closer.
I think I pushed her away about 5 times, but she just kept coming back.
I just wanted to rang her neck.
If I could have punched her without worrying about getting put out, I would have.
There was this guy next to Chloe who was also more than a little bit annoying.
He just kept screaming.

Anyway, Dumb-founded was the MC of the night.
He performed one song, "Broke digger."
The song was about girls who are opposite of a gold digger.
Girls who stay by a man despite him being broke.
It was very commerical.

Kero One was the next artist to perform.
His music is more...mellow, but not slow or ballad.
Like soft hip-hop.
He was good, but after a while I started to get restless, mainly because of that damn girl.
MYK first came out during one of Kero One's songs.
*claps* I like MYK.
His lyrics are always so poetic.

Although Epik High was the real High light of the night, I loved FAR*EAST MOVEMENT's. performance. ----------------->>>>>
Far*East Movement came out in Space suits.
They're from the year 3008, and they came back to 2009, because in 3008 there is no more music, so they needed our energy to get back to 3008.

Their music set the crowd off.
Everyone was kind of dull during Kero One's performance, so Far*East Movement was like a splash of cold water to wake us up.
The bass from their music was so strong that my camera couldn't even pick up the sound at all.
I did record the first half of their performance and about 5 of Epik High's performances, but the sound quality is horrible.

Beat Box DG performed after before Epik High.
He was really good.
I've heard many people beat box before but this was really good.
He beat box Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back.
I actually like Sexy Back a lot more now.
DG was also featured on Epik High's latest album "Map the Soul", so they came out and the first song they performed was Cipher, which features DG.

Since everyone was there to see Epik High, the crowd went crazy.
Although Epik High finally came out after 2 hours of the concert, I wasn't that happy.
That damn girl was practically sitting on me again, but when Epik High came out, everyone rushed to the front, so the girl was no longer near me.
I was already in the front.
But while waiting for Epik High to come out, I got to see Tukutz as he stood offstage and he waved and posed for my camera.
Too bad I didn't know he was about to pose.
I wasn't about to get the picture of his pose, but I did get a picture of him off stage.
I wasn't even looking at him at first.
I was just hanging over the rail trying to untie the camera from my wrist when the door opened and he was right there.
He's much better looking in person.
On TV and in pictures he always looks so old.
Mithra doesn't look a big in person as he does on TV.
And Tablo...Tablo doesn't have a double chin either.
I don't know why people said he had a double chin in the poster.
He's too small to have a double chin.

Chloe and I left 30 minutes early, so we wasn't able to see Epik High perform FAN, ONE, and 1 Second 1 Minute.
I think they performed two other songs as well.
Whatever it was, I'm just upset I didn't see FAN and ONE.
They are two of my favorite songs, but it was way to HOT in there and I was starving.
Besides, it was almost after 10pm.
And when I say HOT I mean HOT.
It had to be over 120 degrees in there.
I felt bad for Far*East movement.
They were wearing space suits.

Overall it was a really good show.
I'm happy I got to go.
I think I would have been depressed for like...a week maybe...a few hours...I would have been depressed if I didn't go.
I don't even like rap and hip hop, but I love Epik High's music because they always rap to make a point.
Smart Rap.
Not all of their songs are in Korean either.
Because Tablo is fluent in English he occasionally raps in English.
MYK was born in Cali so he speaks English as well.
Same think goes for Far East Movement and Kero One.
Not sure where in the states Dumb-founded is from, but he speaks English as well.
The concert was almost all English.
Only MITHRA JIN and DJ TUKUTZ spoke in Korean, or the songs they sung in Korean.
If/When they come back and have another concert I'll go again, and i'll stay the entire time.
I want to see Far*East Movement again as well.
They were fun to watch.

Instead of going home and going to sleep, Chloe ended up talking to Hwanoong over Skype until 3:30am.
It was nice though.
I haven't saw Hwanoong since my last day in Japan.
He had a new hair cut.
I also saw friend JT...JK...something like that.
His voice was a lot deeper than I imaged it to be.
On Saturday Chloe and I went to Coney Island.
Before we went to Coney Island we walked around Chloe's neighborhood.
We went to see her best friend on the way to the train station.
We walked along the beach/boardwalk and played some games at the arcade.
They had one game there called shoot the freak.
You get a paint ball gun, and a person goes down into the field and you have to try to shoot the person.
It looked rather simple, but I didn't play it.
I only like to play games where I can win prizes.
I wanted to get on the rides, but Chloe kept saying that the rides were old.
In the end I didn't get on any rides.
I want to go to an Amusement park right now.
We went back home and chilled for a while.
Around 6:30 we went to a different part of Brooklyn to visit Shamaila and Naila who were working at their dad's store.
I think we were there for like an hour or so.
When we were leaving they bombarding us with snacks.

Again, instead of going home and going to bed since we only sleep for like 3 hours, we watched Iljimae.
I forced myself to sleep around 1am or so.
When we woke up Chloe talked to Kouta over skype.
I was surprised that Kouta remembered who I was.
We only met once, but since I haven't studied Japanese since I came back because I was busy with my classes at school, I lost a lot of speaking ability so I didn't talk to him.
Next time I'll talk.
I have to study again.

We went to Little Tokyo to eat, and then over to 24th street to wait for the bus.
My weekend was fun, with most of the excitement happening on Friday.
I have to go back to New York in about 3 weeks, and I'm also going down to South Carolina that same week for my brothers training graduation.
That should be all the traveling I'll do until August when I go to my family reunion.
Until then I need to focus on what I'm going to do about school.
Ignore any grammar and spelling errors.
I do notice them, but I don't feel like fixing them.

P.S: I'm working on uploading part of Far*East Movements performance.

P.P. S Something I always wanted to do was create a blog roll, so I'll do it.