Monday, May 25, 2009

Vol 24 Epik High

You think from NY to LA to 서울의 끝 Ain’t nobody fuckin’ iller

If you have no clue what I was just talking about it, those are lyrics to EPIK HIGH's song The Future.
I went to New York this weekend.
While I was there I got to see Epik High with MYK, Far East Movement, Dumb-Founded, Beat box DG and Kero One.

It took a lot to convince Chloe to go to this with me. I think I begged or about 2 months for her to go with me. When I finally decided that I didn't care anymore and wasn't going to go, Shamaila and Naila was telling me to go. Shamaila even paid half for my tickets.
It was a long battle, but in the end I got Chloe to go.
Since I was staying at her house while in New York, I thought it would have been rude to go to the concert without her, and go back to her house afterward.

Shamaila and I went to meet one of her friends, Aqsa, at Union square around 2:30.
I got my tickets from Aqsa.
The concert arena was about a block away from Union square.
It was at Irving Plaza The Fillmore.
We decided to go check the line out around 3pm.

We had no choice but to get in the line at that time.
The concert was suppose to start at 7pm, but it started 40 minutes late.
Shamaila, Naila, Aqsa, and Joanna were in the VIP section, which to me wasn't so VIP.
Chloe and I were in the general Admission section.
Although the VIP section had a better view because they were on the second level, Chloe and I were close, and our few wasn't that bad either.

There was this one girl I wanted to just punch into next week.
I don't know where she came from, but she was too close.
I already knew people would be bunched together, but she was just really really close.
Almost stuck to me like glue.
She was practically sitting on me, and she was moving even closer.
I think I pushed her away about 5 times, but she just kept coming back.
I just wanted to rang her neck.
If I could have punched her without worrying about getting put out, I would have.
There was this guy next to Chloe who was also more than a little bit annoying.
He just kept screaming.

Anyway, Dumb-founded was the MC of the night.
He performed one song, "Broke digger."
The song was about girls who are opposite of a gold digger.
Girls who stay by a man despite him being broke.
It was very commerical.

Kero One was the next artist to perform.
His music is more...mellow, but not slow or ballad.
Like soft hip-hop.
He was good, but after a while I started to get restless, mainly because of that damn girl.
MYK first came out during one of Kero One's songs.
*claps* I like MYK.
His lyrics are always so poetic.

Although Epik High was the real High light of the night, I loved FAR*EAST MOVEMENT's. performance. ----------------->>>>>
Far*East Movement came out in Space suits.
They're from the year 3008, and they came back to 2009, because in 3008 there is no more music, so they needed our energy to get back to 3008.

Their music set the crowd off.
Everyone was kind of dull during Kero One's performance, so Far*East Movement was like a splash of cold water to wake us up.
The bass from their music was so strong that my camera couldn't even pick up the sound at all.
I did record the first half of their performance and about 5 of Epik High's performances, but the sound quality is horrible.

Beat Box DG performed after before Epik High.
He was really good.
I've heard many people beat box before but this was really good.
He beat box Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back.
I actually like Sexy Back a lot more now.
DG was also featured on Epik High's latest album "Map the Soul", so they came out and the first song they performed was Cipher, which features DG.

Since everyone was there to see Epik High, the crowd went crazy.
Although Epik High finally came out after 2 hours of the concert, I wasn't that happy.
That damn girl was practically sitting on me again, but when Epik High came out, everyone rushed to the front, so the girl was no longer near me.
I was already in the front.
But while waiting for Epik High to come out, I got to see Tukutz as he stood offstage and he waved and posed for my camera.
Too bad I didn't know he was about to pose.
I wasn't about to get the picture of his pose, but I did get a picture of him off stage.
I wasn't even looking at him at first.
I was just hanging over the rail trying to untie the camera from my wrist when the door opened and he was right there.
He's much better looking in person.
On TV and in pictures he always looks so old.
Mithra doesn't look a big in person as he does on TV.
And Tablo...Tablo doesn't have a double chin either.
I don't know why people said he had a double chin in the poster.
He's too small to have a double chin.

Chloe and I left 30 minutes early, so we wasn't able to see Epik High perform FAN, ONE, and 1 Second 1 Minute.
I think they performed two other songs as well.
Whatever it was, I'm just upset I didn't see FAN and ONE.
They are two of my favorite songs, but it was way to HOT in there and I was starving.
Besides, it was almost after 10pm.
And when I say HOT I mean HOT.
It had to be over 120 degrees in there.
I felt bad for Far*East movement.
They were wearing space suits.

Overall it was a really good show.
I'm happy I got to go.
I think I would have been depressed for like...a week maybe...a few hours...I would have been depressed if I didn't go.
I don't even like rap and hip hop, but I love Epik High's music because they always rap to make a point.
Smart Rap.
Not all of their songs are in Korean either.
Because Tablo is fluent in English he occasionally raps in English.
MYK was born in Cali so he speaks English as well.
Same think goes for Far East Movement and Kero One.
Not sure where in the states Dumb-founded is from, but he speaks English as well.
The concert was almost all English.
Only MITHRA JIN and DJ TUKUTZ spoke in Korean, or the songs they sung in Korean.
If/When they come back and have another concert I'll go again, and i'll stay the entire time.
I want to see Far*East Movement again as well.
They were fun to watch.

Instead of going home and going to sleep, Chloe ended up talking to Hwanoong over Skype until 3:30am.
It was nice though.
I haven't saw Hwanoong since my last day in Japan.
He had a new hair cut.
I also saw friend JT...JK...something like that.
His voice was a lot deeper than I imaged it to be.
On Saturday Chloe and I went to Coney Island.
Before we went to Coney Island we walked around Chloe's neighborhood.
We went to see her best friend on the way to the train station.
We walked along the beach/boardwalk and played some games at the arcade.
They had one game there called shoot the freak.
You get a paint ball gun, and a person goes down into the field and you have to try to shoot the person.
It looked rather simple, but I didn't play it.
I only like to play games where I can win prizes.
I wanted to get on the rides, but Chloe kept saying that the rides were old.
In the end I didn't get on any rides.
I want to go to an Amusement park right now.
We went back home and chilled for a while.
Around 6:30 we went to a different part of Brooklyn to visit Shamaila and Naila who were working at their dad's store.
I think we were there for like an hour or so.
When we were leaving they bombarding us with snacks.

Again, instead of going home and going to bed since we only sleep for like 3 hours, we watched Iljimae.
I forced myself to sleep around 1am or so.
When we woke up Chloe talked to Kouta over skype.
I was surprised that Kouta remembered who I was.
We only met once, but since I haven't studied Japanese since I came back because I was busy with my classes at school, I lost a lot of speaking ability so I didn't talk to him.
Next time I'll talk.
I have to study again.

We went to Little Tokyo to eat, and then over to 24th street to wait for the bus.
My weekend was fun, with most of the excitement happening on Friday.
I have to go back to New York in about 3 weeks, and I'm also going down to South Carolina that same week for my brothers training graduation.
That should be all the traveling I'll do until August when I go to my family reunion.
Until then I need to focus on what I'm going to do about school.
Ignore any grammar and spelling errors.
I do notice them, but I don't feel like fixing them.

P.S: I'm working on uploading part of Far*East Movements performance.

P.P. S Something I always wanted to do was create a blog roll, so I'll do it.