Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday TWIN!
Happy Birthday Ms. Alison!
Happy Belated Birthday Tiara!
Happy Belated Birthday Mr. Romey!
Happy Birthday people on my friendlist!
And Happy Birthday ME!
I'm 20 now.
Most of us on this list just turned 20!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Save the Planet

On Wendesday, September 17, 2008, We invite people around the world to
turn off their lights for ten minutes – from 9:50pm to 10:00pm in their local time zone.
Darkness in the world: turn off all lights and if possible unplug all electrical appliances,so that our planet can 'breathe' for a little while.If the answer is massive, energy savings can be brutal.Only 10 minutes, and see what happens.For just 10 minutes in the dark, we can light a candle and simply enjoy looking at it, we can help our planet.Remember that in union there is strength , the internet can help us spread the word.

Oscuridad mundial: El miercoles 17 de septiembre del 2008 invitamos a todos los que quieran participar a apagar la lúz y desconectar todos sus aparatos eléctricos por sólo 10 minutos hora local de cada país, desde las 9:50 pm hasta las 10:00 pm.
Si la respuesta es masiva el ahorro de energía podría ser brutal.
Por sólo 10 minutos, prendamos velas y disfrutemos al hacer que la tierra repire por un momento.En la unión está la fuerza! Pasa la voz!

闇の世界: 2008年9月17日から営業時間21:50 〜 22:00です。 提案をすべて削除する可能であれば、すべての照明や家電製品、私たちの惑星は'息' 。 の場合、大規模な答えは、残忍なエネルギー節約できる。 わずか10分、何が起こると表示します。 はい、私たちは10分インザダーク、私たちに単純にろうそくを灯すと見て、私たち呼吸と私たちの惑星です。 覚えているの労働組合は、強度やインターネットをすることが非常にパワーと何か大きなこともできます。 このニュースの動きがあるならば他の国に住んで友達に送信しています。

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Vol 3


On my way to work today, I stopped passed one of the many hotels that are around my job to look for a gift for my host family.
The gift shop didn't have many things to choose from.
Basically a lot of mugs, shirts, and keychains with names that no one I know have.
Since I don't know my host family size, shirts a not an option.
Besides, no one wants a shirt with a huge Crab on it. -_-
I wanted to get a mug set, but I didn't really like the mugs that were displayed.
I wasn't going to get anything from that shop, so I decided to leave, and that's when I spotted these little soup cup/bowl things.
I think they're cute, and they have recipes on them.
Maryland Crab Soup and Cream of Crab Soup.
Baltimore is known best for it's....crabs.
Well actually we are known best for everything that's not good, then crabs/seafood.
They also sold this All Purpose season that you can use on EVERYTHING.
See Bai He, I told you seasons could be a gift. XP
I think I'll buy one more gift for my host family, and that's Salt Water Taffy.
A candy that's really popular in Ocean City, Maryland.


My birthday is coming up and I was asked what I want for a gift.
I can't believe I said "I don't know."
I completely forgot about what I really wanted, until I logged on MSN and saw my display picture.
東方神起 has a new album coming out on the 23rd.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Vol 2


This morning I received an email from the school in Japan.
-------About freaking time.

During my stay in Japan this fall, I will be living with a host family.
My host family lives in Koto, Tokyo.

------- Yeah, never heard of it
My host family is just the mom and dad.
Their children are grown and married.
The dad is retired and the mom works part time.
They eat breakfast crazy early, dinner at a decent time, and I have a 10pm curfew.
That sucks..
The school didn't send much information about my host family.
Not even a photo.

So I posted the picture above to show you what Koto looks like.
It's practically the only photo I could find of Koto that wasn't a picture of a train.

I have 10 days left at work, 17 days before my 20th birthday, and 22 days before I fly to Japan.
I'm more excited that I can finally leave that job, than i am about going to Japan.


Oh yeah! I changed my blog title.
It means "From Baltimore to Koto"
Although I think Baltimore spelt wrong.