Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Vol 2


This morning I received an email from the school in Japan.
-------About freaking time.

During my stay in Japan this fall, I will be living with a host family.
My host family lives in Koto, Tokyo.

------- Yeah, never heard of it
My host family is just the mom and dad.
Their children are grown and married.
The dad is retired and the mom works part time.
They eat breakfast crazy early, dinner at a decent time, and I have a 10pm curfew.
That sucks..
The school didn't send much information about my host family.
Not even a photo.

So I posted the picture above to show you what Koto looks like.
It's practically the only photo I could find of Koto that wasn't a picture of a train.

I have 10 days left at work, 17 days before my 20th birthday, and 22 days before I fly to Japan.
I'm more excited that I can finally leave that job, than i am about going to Japan.


Oh yeah! I changed my blog title.
It means "From Baltimore to Koto"
Although I think Baltimore spelt wrong.


Tom said...

wtf!!!!! they give u a curfew?? i mean i know it must be for safety reason, but comeon, ur not a teenager anymore. -_- well try to talk them out of that curfew. i dont know if u plan on doing any late night partying , even if u dont, theres other great things to enjoy at night.
and the city looks awesome, but dont get ur hopes up too high. things always look prettier in pictures.

shama said...

yeah, the other one isnt tom, stupid thing gave me a random ass name. so dont be going around thinking some random tom dude is stalking u. and no he;s not the creator of myspace.xD

Cherry said...

Once again, you know me to well.
I was thinking "Who the hell is Tom?"
I thought it was the guy at my job playing around.
And I actually did think of myspace Tom.
Of course things are always prettier in the pictures.
They won't display pictures of crakc heads and old drunk men all willy nilly, now will they?

shama said...

yes, cuz nobody wud want to go there then. but then theres some ppl who wanna go to places like that. i was reading a blog or something ( dont remember wut) and the guy had visited nyc for vacation and he was going on about how dissapointed he was with nyc cuz it wasnt as violent as they show it in movies xDDDD. i was like " wtf". he said he was expecting it to be like the sopranos. and how he was really wanted to see some real life mafia cases. too bad, he missed them by a couple of years. though they r still going on. see gangs and all that shit. and he was so dissaopinted and sad with his trip. xD and how even the china town wasnt as bad as he had heard. i think he shud have went to LA chinatown.

Cheryl said...

Ladies and Tom,

Just remember I am always watching and listening.

When you see the camouflaged face peeking around corner, that might be me.