Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Vol 28

It's been a while.

In one of my previous entries, I had mentioned this plan of mine, something I was working on.

My plan was to move to NYC sometime before January. I was applying to colleges in NY, but I was accepted into UMBC (University of Maryland Baltimore County), so I won't be moving to NY anymore.

At UMBC I am an INDS major with a focus in Chinese and Media. I am still studying Japanese, but on my own. I have to complete my premed requirements as well.

I might have to stab a fork into someone soon, though. UMBC doesn't want to accept my credits from when I studied abroad. That's 22 credits. I'll submit the study abroad credits to my previous school and then have the credits transfered over. If that doesn't work...I guess I better start sharpening my forks.

Lena came down last month, and we went to my family reunion in Hampton Virginia. I have no clue why I even went. I freaking HATE the country. The hotel was NASTY beyond belief. My sheets weren't clean, and it took them over an hour before they gave me new ones. It was just disgusting. I felt dirty the entire time.

Lena was suppose to stay until Wednesday, but she left two days earlier. That sucks, because I didn't even get a chance to show her around Baltimore.

My birthday is coming up soon, and there has been something that's been bugging me lately (non-bday related).

I have to get off the train now, so I'll end this here.