Monday, January 31, 2011

Vol 110

So I've been reading the Tairen Soul series on and off this month.
This series would probably gain a large audience if it wasn't classified as Romance.
When I first looked for it at Barnes and Nobles, I didn't look in that section, and was surprised when I found it there.
It's more Sci-Fi/Fantasy.
I finally got around to reading book 2, and I liked it.
Go figure.
I almost like everything.
But there was one scene that made me vomit in mouth.
Purple Prose in its Prime.
This scene was when Rowan asked Rain what did it feel like for the first bond with his truemate to take place.
You see, while the Fey can fuck around and screw whoever they want, or even take a mate, a truemate is rare, something all Fey want, but most will never find.
Anyway, I think I vomited again just now typing this quote.

"What does it feel like?" Rowan asked...
"Peace," he said at last. "Like waking in a field of soft grass on a warm spring day and knowing for the first time exactly who you are and what your purpose is in the world. and humbleness, as if you were standing before the Bright Lord with all the dark ugliness of your soul laid out before you, and despite everything, he showers you with light until every last stain fades away." A smile spread slowly across his face. "Flame, too--especially under the effects of her weave--but I'll say no more about that. Some things should remain private between a Fey and his mate.

-C.L Wilson The Lady of Light and Shadows


Trice said...

And I have swallowed and vomited my eyes out, okay? lol
(I'm very close to open a blogspot account so I don't have to check the whole damn "choose an id" thing)