Thursday, December 30, 2010

Vol 98

For the first time, when the east coast is struck with a blizzard, Baltimore is not effected.
Yet here I am in New York, surrounded by two plus feet of snow.
I should have stayed home, but no...I wanted to come hang with my okaasan, who I haven't saw in a year, in my otousan.
But okaasan's flight was cancelled, so no her.
Doesn't matter.
I'm leaving a day early anyway.
I would have left today, but I want to take the train home.
The five hour bus ride (it's never 5 hours long) was enough to deter me from taking it back.
You should have saw the traffic heading South bound from New York.
I tell no lies when I say that traffic was moving slowly between Baltimore and Delware, and was at a complete standstill from Newark NJ to Manhattan.
Complete standstill.

Anyway, one of the things we had planned was to see the newest Disney princess movie, Tangled a.k.a Rapunzel.
Chloe and I went to see it yesterday.
That movie was freaking awesome.
7 songs too many, but other than that, I've never laughed so hard at a Disney movie.
That movie was hilarious.
Had some very cheesy moments.
So cheesy I had to cringe.
But it was great.
The best characters were Max, the horse, and Pascal, the chameleon.
They were...*laughs*
Max was more dog than horse.
Pascal was more protective older brother/best friend than chameleon.
And Flynn and his smolder...PRICELESS.
I didn't think the Witch/Mom/Whoever was all that bad.
Yeah, she was wrong for kidnapping Rapunzel, but she treated her well.
Besides the no going outside part.
She could have just locked her away and tormented her, but she didn't.

I need to go get ready soon.
Have a long day ahead of me.