Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vol 94

The lack of post this month will be blamed on November being Nanowrimo.
As mentioned in the previous post, the goal was to write a 50K word story in 30 days.

In the beginning, it started out fun.
It was pressure, but nice, easy, fun pressure to write daily.
I would come home from school, do homework, and at night start my chapter for the day.
I would stick with the plan without fail.
One chapter a day.

Around day 10, I became to busy with school work and wasn't able to type anything for two days.
That didn't bother me too much. because between days 12-15, I shot up 13K words.
That's a lot, right?
I was way over my total word count goal for those days.

But when day 16 came, I was so ready for this thing to be over.
It became annoying.
I wanted to strangle my characters.
Those little gits have a will of their own and liked to change things on me.

I didn't write a single thing for four days.
I would come home, nap, do homework, and then prepare myself to write but never did.
I just couldn't bring myself to do it.
It wasn't so fun anymore.
I kept wishing it was over.
No more.
But I'm the kind of person who completes the goal I set for myself.
So, I drudged on.

Days 24 and 25, I was below the total number of words I should have had.
Sucked big time.
And by then I was really wishing it was over.
But I had 10K more words to type.
So between the 26th and 27th of November, I would stay up and write 5 thousand words a night.
I verified my word count last night and the "WINNER" badge flashed.
My goal was complete.
I no longer have to type this damn, wretched story.
Or so I thought...

Yes, the 50K word goal was complete, submitting 51K words.
But that was only the first part of the novel.
I still have an entire second part to right to finish this book.
Then there's book 2.
I'm actually looking for to book 2.
I can't wait to write that one.
I was so excited, thinking I was finished with book 1.
Until I realized...this story isn't complete.
Too many unanswered questions.
Still stuff they have to do before I can even think about writing book 2.
Which I won't for some months.
Now that the goal is met, I'm putting this aside for a month.
I'll come back to it in January.
Hopefully by then, I won't ate it as much anymore.

Hopefully Naila won't hate it as much anymore either.
I bothered her with every single detail about this story for the entire month.
As I wrote, I was IM'ing her about what was going on.
She was a great person to talk to because she would ask questions and point out other things I missed.
That didn't mean she didn't hate hearing about it.
And it also annoyed me, how much I was talking about it.
Once upon a time, our conversations were dominated by ponies and rainbows.
Marshmallow clouds and sugar pops.
DBSK and BB.
Now it's also Nick and Aya.
Rosalind. Jase. Alexandra. Tafni. Davies. Finley. Devrin.
Zoe and Kat weren't so bad.
I liked those two.
Marlie as well.
But still...
So I decided to Acknowledge her in this novel in two ways.
One way is in the Acknowledgment section.
The other way is by naming a character after her...slightly.
Just the last name.
Tafni has her last night.

Mah! I'm going to wrap up this nanowrimo blog entry now.
I don't even want to see the word Nanowrimo for another year.