Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vol 93

Trice thinks I'm silly for wearing this hat.
Here's what I have to say to you Trice:
What's new pussy cat? Whooaaa whooaaaa!

Yeah, that made no sense at all.
But who cares.
I like that hat.

Anyway, it's day..., well because it's after midnight, it's day 9 of nanowrimo.
I'm about where I need be as far as word count goes, but not where I should be.
Nanowrimo's goal is only 50k words, while the story I'm writing will technically be twice as long.
But I'm on chapter 10.
I write a chapter a day.
I had some trouble with chapters 6 and 7, but 8 and 9 were simpler.
Now I'm coming to the tricky part.
The character has to convince another to tell the truth, and I have to introduce the bad guys.
Once this nanowrimo is over and my story is complete I have some majooooorrr editing to do.
There are times when only the dialogue comes to me, so I'll write that and skip all description and narration.

Oh yeah, when I went to New York last weekend, I went to karaoke.
I always go karaoke, but never singing for real.
I did last time, or was gonna, but the lyrics on the screen were wrong and it messed me all up.
So, not epik fail but still fail.
When I go back in December, I have to redeem myself.
And I finally choose the song.
Same artist, which means I have to do lots of practicing.