Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vol 92

It's November.
That means it's Nanowrimo time.
I didn't participate last year, but I am this year.
It's pressure.
Good pressure.
Fun pressure.
I have to rant to my friend about what I'm writing.
It helps me organize my thoughts, and she'll point out stuff that is unclear.

But anywoo....
I'm starving right now.
And late for class once again.
It's raining, and I left my umbrella in school a week ago.
Guess I need to get up and go by another one before I end up late for my other class.

Oh, an apparently I'm going out tomorrow.
That's news to me.
No one told me I had plans for tomorrow.
I planned to sleep in and eat all day.
Wash my hair and all that jazz.
Well I have news for them....

Bye Bye!

P.S: Like the picture? I acted as a model for my friend while in New York last week.
It was a random last minute thing.
I hate pictures, but she says I'm a good model.