Monday, November 1, 2010

Vol 91

I've waited a very, very, very long time for this book.
It comes out today.
I finished it yesterday.
Oh, the wonders of preordering.

Now that I've read it, I can say with certainty that I think I am more Mercy than Indigo.
Which is strange in and of itself in a way, but that's what I truly think.

I would have liked more of a plot to this book, more psy-action, more of the war.
The Indigo/Drew action was wonderful.
He is such a sneaker charmer.
The Hawke coming to a realization....or more like Hawke knowing what he needs to do with a certain no-longer-redhead was GREAT.
Especially when she shut him down by saying she didn't come back for him.
-le sigh- Go Sienna.

But with the last scene, I have a feeling book 10 will have more psy-war-action.
I can't wait.
Especially since this is the book I've been waiting for since I first picked up the series.
Lucky for me I got into it very late.

Now I need to sleep because I need to wake up in 5 hours for class.