Saturday, August 27, 2011

Vol 132

This movie was released recently. One Day. Yeah, it's a romance movie that people make fun of me for wanting to see. Who cares. Anyway, I just read it and now i'm a bit....melancholy. Emma was a very likable person, whereas Dex on the other hand was more annoying, but it worked for him. The whole spoiled, rich, drunk act. Still want to see the movie, but maybe i'll get up and leave at a certain part. Also, not sure how well Anne Hathaway can pull off a Yorkshire accent. This novel was great because of the entire mix up of British English with American English. When she said he smelled of the wine they drank and fags I all but peed myself.

One second thought, maybe I won't see it. I've saw the preview and they've changed so damn much of the novel that I'm sure I'll be pissed off.