Monday, August 29, 2011

Vol 133

About to watch One Day. Lets see how much they differ from the book. I kind of hate this theater. It's always soooo cold. No matter how much I wear it's not enough.

Edit: Don't pay to see it. The movie does no justice to the book. It's an okay movie, but it lacks the intimacy that the book contained, and when you're viewing the relationship of people in one day increments, intimacy is very very important. I did like seeing some bits fleshed out, but still...Over all it was a bit cute. Sadly, the characters didn't age well. I know at 38-40, you don't look all old and saggy. Not if you take care of yourself, but Dexter didn't age well. He still looked as young as he did in the beginning, if with the 5 0 clock shadow and the gray hair. But I love Anne Hathaway and I think she did a good job, although I am no judge on her British accent, me being a 'Merkin and all.

On the other note, I got to enjoy a few hours to myself, doing what I want to do. Just me, my starbucks, and ipod. It was fun just walking and sitting around with no one to bother me. Being a introvert but always around people can be a bit...tiring. Even when I'm home, I'm in the room alone all the time, but there's still people around in other rooms. This was just me. Enjoyed myself completely.

School starts in two days. Won't be so happy when I go to class. -_-