Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vol 118

So, Tia, you suggested (more like forcetolddemanded) I read SEP's novels in order starting with Glitter Baby.
And I have.
Finished it today.
And I have to say I hated them all.
The adults were completely unlikable and irresponsible.
Belinda was a pain in everyone's ass.
I don't like dependent women.
It's not dependent women even, it's her complete lack of individuality.
She feeds out of the success of others instead of working hard herself.

Lets not even start with Alexi.
He could have been such a likable character.
I even understood why he made her give Fleur away.
But to treat everyone with such contempt, to ruin that girl over a fecking car...TRYING TO CONVINCE HER TO HAVE HIS CHILD. His own fecking stepdaughter.
He's nucking futs.
And I just knew Belinda would do that when he had the second stroke.

It was funny how no one seemed to care about Michel until halfway through the book.
He just disappeared as a teen and they couldn't give less of a feck.
At least he and Fleur worked out their bitterness.
It was so hilarious when he tried to protect her from Jake, when Jake would rip him six ways to Sunday.

I don't even want to beginning with Fleur and Jake.
Some of her plight I can understand.
She doesn't think she's as good looking as people say she is.
Hell, I don't think I'm as good looking as people say I am.
I seriously stare in the mirror and wonder what they see, like Fleur.
And I hate taking pictures even if people say I'm photogenic, like Fleur.
So that much of her personality I could understand and sympathize with.

I'll just say that she over reacted back then.
I mean, it's understandable to leave but not for 6 years.
And not run into the man who has hated you all your life and suddenly is so sweet to you.
She was so naive.
Just as naive as Jake.
I was like, "aww" when he cried.
Guys guys crying...such a beautiful sight.
Unnerves me like nothing else, but can be so refreshing.
Does that sound sadistic of me?

Anyway, I'll just say that Jake is freaking hilarious.
Sundance Kid, really? REALLY?


Princess_jime said...

the thing about glitter baby is: the first SEP books are more about character growth than romance.
eventually SEP mellowed out and began writing the romantic comedies we know and love today
but I had to read them all in order to read Call Me Irresistible because Fleur Savagar's daughter is in it (Meg), Ted Beaudine (the baby boy in Fancy Pants), and the First Lady's daughter (Lucy).
Ted has been fleshed out in Fancy Pants and Lady Be Good, which made reading Call me Irresistible great because it's almost all Meg's point of view, but since I already knew Ted I completely saw through him.
(and we know Meg Koranda from What I did for Love too)

Princess_jime said...

I will give you that glitter baby is a very hard pill to swallow. All that drama... it was the reason why it took me so long to continue reading SEP, I had to kinda forget about it for a while to keep reading the other books hehehehehe