Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vol 141

People expect your birthday to be a joyous, carefree day, and sometimes it is. Yesterday was a bit of both. Got out of school insanly hourly, 6 hours or so early. I went shopping and bought a nice pretty orange waist length Inspector Gadget jacket. When I got home, I enjoyed one of the two birthday gifts I bought myself. Both are books. (STRIDEY-MAN, how I now adore thee. Kaia's too good for you, but that's okay. Defeat will make you better.) But my jaw ached and so did my head, and the pain pills I took, ones prescribed by my doctor for headaches, didn't work. Let's just say it went down hill from there. So, when I woke up this morning, I called my dentist to have this tooth that's usually the source of all aches and pains checked. But that isn't until 4:30 and it's barely three. I'm killing time down at the Inner Harbor. This is the other side, across from my job, stretched out on a bench in the shade with my kindle. Still feeling a little weird, a combination of having a cold and what ever the hell is going on with my mouth and head. Oh yeah, got a 50 dollar amazon kindle card for my birthday. Amazing. Three years ago I wouldn't be caught dead reading a book. Now, that's all I want to do. I fell old.


Princess_jime said...

XD How we change... for the better hopefully, ne? I'm glad you got yourself such cool gifts, not so glad about the pain stuff, but all I can do is wish you get well soon and don't have any more health issues! *hugs*