Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vol 142

Joined the chat over on TKA tonight. Got to talk to NS, GS, Jill Monroe, and Jessica Andersen.

GS said that she loved writing Neeka but wouldn't tell more about her. THEREFORE, I'm going to take that as a "we'll see more of Neeka in the future." Since GS has a LoTU spin-off coming out, I can only pray that we'll see Neeka again in that. I loved that deaf but deadly harpy.

NS said that the ghost is a character we've met and his identity will be revealed soon. *faints*

And I won one of Jessica Andersen's Night Keepers novels. *squeal* Free books are great. Free books about hot ancient Mayan folk is even better. This has been the best book filled birthday weeks everrrrrr. *dances*


Princess_jime said...

OMG!!!!! the chat! I forgot, damn.
I loved neeka too! with her matrix-like airborne killer moves, so cool, and when it was revealed she'd take kaia's place with the phoenixs... I was all ooooooo.
Actually, I kept thinking the harpies as a whole would be awesome spin-off books, and now... I wonder XD XD XD

UWAAAAA! Finally! the ghost! At least is someone we already know!

You won a book? awesome!!! I'm jealous now XD XD XD eeeehhhh... "hot ancient mayan folk"? damn, another series I'll have to read (makes me think of River, even if he's aztec, not mayan XD XD).

Ok, Back to The Darkest Surrender. So I finished reading it, as you can guess. I have to confess, strider's inner world surprised me, I usually can guess what goes on inside them, but he turned out to be so hilarious in his delusions of grandeur, sometimes it felt like Defeat was his bitch instead of the other way around XD XD, you know?
BTW, Defeat... I found that demon so-, so... cute, LOL! with his various shy "win?"s and his chanted "win win win win win"s, and his sexual "won"s that give strider hard-ons. ROTFL.
Lazarus... uwaa, that man was HOT.
Also, they said that a phoenix's ashes can bring the dead back. That spells HUGE possibilities!
Who could be brought back? lazarus, pandora, baden, sienna, you name it! +_+

Cherry said...

GS wouldn't talk about The Tampon either, so.......

I loved Strider from the first Ego Check. No fucking ego check needed. I thought the story should have ended with those two words. I would have been floored.

Now that you said that. The harpies COULD be a series of their own. Have to wait to November to find out exactly what the spin-off is.

Back to the Ghost. The fact that it's someone we already met drives me insane.