Saturday, February 11, 2012

Vol 153

So, I'm mentally unstable. (No. Not really. Maybe? I don't know.)
I kind of have myself stifled and choke-holded, I'm wasting my youth, and the consequence of that is stress, anxiety, and other forms of mental strain. (No. Not professional diagnosed. This is just me using my Psychology degree that I haven't finished earning yet.)

Now the way to counter this is obvious by letting go. 
Get out there.
Have a life again. (My teenage years were so much more active. I was only ever in the house when I was grounded...which was a 3rd of the time.)

But honestly, there's nothing to do in this city. 
Unless you have a car.
And I don't.
I don't even have my license. 

Or, I can stop choke holding myself, rock out with my cock out, let the creativity out.
Easy for someone like me, right?
Nope. Wrong. Because I have too much creativity and require quite a few a lot of sources to unleash.
I always admit that I can't draw, which is a heartache for me because I have a few ideas I'll never be able to get out because I can't draw. 

((The above an below picture showcases my talent in the drawing area.)

But lately, meaning as of today, I've been into finger-painting (on my iphone with an app). 
Look what I can do!!!