Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vol 157

I don't know why people, particularly males, believe women to be non-sexual creatures. 
It's hardly acceptable that we participate in sex. 
That's swept under the rug in some deep dark corner. 
We're definitely not supposed to like it. 
So when something goes wrong "down there", who cares? 
Obviously, not some men. 

There are commercials for products for men. 
Viagra for when it's not working properly. 
And that one with the big smiling, crap eating grin man who took something to make it grow bigger. There are too many to count. 
But if a well runs dry. 
Oh well. 
Nature has run its course. 
There's no pill for that. 
How strange this all is considering we're much more of a sexually liberated country than half a century ago. 
I find it quite hysterical that there are so many "treatments" for men to prolong their sexual desire but none for women. 
Honestly, who do guys think they're going to have sex with, especially these 60 something year old men? Not all young girls want a sugar daddy. 
Most might find that downright disgusting. 

Maybe it has something to do with the Madonna-whore complex. 
Guys want some random whore to sex with, but their mother, sister's, and daughters have to retain that Madonna image in their eyes.