Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vol 68

Who cares about a Team Jacob or Team Edward, when you can be Team Puck or Team Ash!
I am so on Team Ash!
Sorry Puck.
You're hilarious and adorable, but the cold (literally) Prince is who I side with.

I started two young adult Trilogy's recently.
Neither are completed, and the waits are insane.

The first one I started was Asleep by Wendy Raven McNair.
Adisa is a 16 year old, who gets a emotionless boyfriend, Micah, who just so happens to be a super. He can fly.
Adisa is obsessed with the whole super hero thing to the point that her twin sisters pick on her about it.
When she first meets Micah, in class on the first day of school, he doesn't reply to her greeting, and she had no idea he was her new neighbor.
So when he and his family shows up at her house for dinner that night, she was shocked speechless, and completely embarrassed as her sister made fun of her super hero fascination.

But you later learn that Micah will die soon, and that the only way to save him is for the healer, a girl, that he falls in love with to forgive his Sp. Twin.
Good thing is Adisa is the healer. She developed her powers later in the story.
The bad thing is, Micah's Sp. Twin, Vincent, kidnapped Adisa.
There is no way she wants to forgive him.
But nonetheless, she and Micah are determined to find a way to save him, while the go against those who oppose them, Micah's dad.

The other trilogy is the Iron Fey trilogy.
I'm not going to explain what a fae is.
I think I've done that one before when I read the Merry Gentry series, or maybe the Mercy Thompson series.

Meghan is another 16 year old girl, what's with the 16?, who is an outcast in school. She has one friend, Robbie, and no one can remember Robbie once he is gone. Strange.
One day Meghan's little brother is kidnapped and a strange person/thing impersonating her brother is in her house.
The imposter is attacking her when Robbie comes to her rescue.
Robbie then goes on the explain what the imposter is, and who is probably responsible for kidnapping her brother.
He also reveals that his name is not really Robbie Goodfell, but Robin Goodfellow, or just Puck.
If you're familiar with A Midsummer's Night Dream, or anything about old mythology and such, you'll recognize of few of the characters and creatures.

Meghan accompanies Puck into the Nevernever (Faeryland) to rescue her brother, where they are chased by this guy with black hair and pale skin, who has a bunch of warrior guys with him.
Puck hides Meghan by tossing her into a tree, where she lands and scares away the bird that Grimalkin the cat was about the eat.

These four are pretty much the main characters on the adventure.
Meghan finds out she's a fae princess to the Seelie court (summer). Her dad is King Oberon, and her stepmother threatened to kill her.
She meets Mab, the queen of the Unseelie court (winter), who wants to capture her, and Mab's three sons.
The pale dude with black hair is one of Mab's sons, Prince Ash!

Meghan gets Puck and Ash to stop fighting long enough for the two of them to work together to rescue her brother, but everything has a cost.
Grimalkin is there mainly because he finds Meghan entertaining.

The travel in and out of Faeryland to the real world a few times. Fought some humans, Trolls, grimlins, and other mystical creatures.

The main antagonist in this series are the Iron Fey, who are a major threat to the Fae. The Fae and Iron just can't mix. Iron can kill even the strongest of fae, which you'll see in this story. But with the birth of these Iron fae, thanks to us humans who love our technology, the rest of Faeryland will eventually become extinct. The only ones to know about the Iron Fae are Meghan, Ash, Puck, and Grim.
But with Puck currently out of the picture, Grim gone, Ash gone, and Meghan being held captive by Mab, no one can inform the rest of the land and warn them.

Book 2 comes out next week on the Kindle.
I already pre-ordered it.
I pre-ordered Burning Up as well. Nalini Singh's newest novella is in that book.

I can't remember half the books I read recently so I won't even try to list them all. I won't even try to list them because some of the books I loaned to friends, or borrowed from friends and no longer possess. Just know that I've probably completed my resolution twice over.

I'm reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lighting Thief right now.

Go Team Ash!
Wake up Puck!
Come back Grim!
Man up Meg!