Sunday, July 25, 2010

Vol 70

I think I've turned into a book fanatic.
It's not so bad, but my genre of interest is limited.
I'm a paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy kind of girl.
While the majority of the fans in this genre are Vampire crazy, I am not.
No Twilight for me.

My interest has always been that of psychic abilities, which is why I love the Psy-Changeling series so much.
But more so than that, Mythology is just plain, completely, mind buggingly interesting.
I love it.
Always have.
Always will.

I love reading fiction stories with Greek and Roman gods.
While the gods don't play THAT much of a role in Gena Showalters Lords of the Underworld series, ol' Cronus is in it enough to keep me entertained.
But even more than that, I think the Fae are my all time favorite myth.
If you don't know who the Fae are, they are the Irish myth.
You may know them as the Fairy.
The fae are just fan.fucking.tastic.
And not all of them are tiny, glittery, and fly.
Ohhh no.
There are tons of different fae.
The worst being the Unseelie.
The Unseelie is a court, place of residence, the Dark, the ugly, the dangerous.
There is a Seelie court, the Light, the pretty, the fairer of the two, but that makes them no less dangerous.
The Unseelie are my favorite.
No matter what story I read, how badly they are portrayed, they rock.

I'm reading Karen Marie Moning's DarkFever series right now.
I'm surprised that I'm even reading this.
I found her Highlander series completely insane.
Those stupid females.

The Unseelie in this story are not so likable.
They are truly crude, hideous, despicable, and monstrous.
But the funny part is, the worst character, the ulitimate bad guy is Human.
It's always the Human.
Just goes to show who the real monsters are.

The picture is one of a Fae.
She looks like a fairy, although this picture shows up if you image search for a "sidhe".


BARRON!!! He's just so damn mysterious. It's been two books now and I still only know NOTHING about him. What kind of hero is he really? If he's really even a hero. He's so infuriatingly complicated, evasive, cold, mean, but all the while he can be so cool. Bastard that he is. It turns out that I'm reading this series for him. Frog MacKayla. Feck V'Lane. I don't even know how you say that name...V'Lane. And if I was MacKayla I wouldn't trust anyone. Which she doesn't. Smart girl, and that's saying something since I found all the other female leads Moning wrote in her Highlander book to be completely hopeless.

I want to be team Barron, but I can't be team Barron when I know absolutely nothing about him. I can't be team V'Lane. One thing I learned from Merry, Meghan, and Mercy, never trust a Fae. V'Lane has unexplained loyalties and feelings for Mac. That is just untrustworthy. That wouldbe rapist.

I think I got that off my chest.