Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vol 62

I saw both of these movies today.
I saw Get Him to the Greek first.
I was skeptical about it since I'm not a fan of rapper/singer turned actor.
I wondered how Diddy would do.
He did okay.
Said the word "fuck" entirely too much.
He really overused that word.
He made Bernie Mac look like a saint.
A non-cussing saint.

I'm not a movie critic, nor do I want to be, so no critque of this movie besides saying that it was....hilarious. I think my favorite scene was the club in Vegas with the Jeffery. And I loved when Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) showed up at the club in London.
It was a good movie.
There was this old couple in front of me and even they enjoyed it.

Right after that movie ended I saw the remake of the Karate Kid with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. Originally I said I didn't want to see this. I was never a fan of the Karate Kid. Hated watching those movies, but somehow I ended up watching this.
We all know that Jackie Chan can kick major patootie, but Jaden is f*****g AWESOME.
Not just Jaden, but all of those children are.
The reason Jaden stands out the most, not just because he was the only black child in the tournament, but also because I can bet that those other children actually learned martial arts for years and not just two months. The kid is a beast. All of them were. Screw the rest of the story, just watch all the fight and training scenes.

This picture is what made me want to watch it.