Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vol 74

This quote is a perfect opening for this post.

Oh Shrimp egg SU young.
Stop fecking texting me and just read the dag on book.
I should have never recommended the Fever series to her.
She's been texting me for the last hour asking questions, questions that could be answered if she just READS.
But it's all good.
That just means she likes the series, and I love when people like my recommendations.

So that covers good friends and good books.
The other topic is a sleepy conscious.

Recently I've been having the reoccurring ongoing dream.
Pleases me much.
I love when I have reoccurring ongoing dreams.
But this dream started out fun and entertaining.
Then, suddenly it was agony and depression.
Now, it's calm and mellow, which is great compared to the previous nights dream.
I wonder if it will continue when I sleep tonight, but it felt like it came to an end when Su texted me, waking me from my very late nap.

Oh, by the way...