Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vol 73

Guess who I'm going to see this fall?
This guy is seriously funny.
One of the only comedians I truly find funny.
His style of comedy is similar to that of the legendary Bernie Mac.
He's a story teller.
He tells stories about his life, family, and friends, and it is just funny.
He's coming to Baltimore in October.
Can't wait!

Other news:
My birthday is coming up.
I'll be 22 at the end of next month.
I have no plans.
I never plan and celebrate for my birthday.
Is that terrible?
Anyway, the only thing I want this year is a car.
My attention span as always been to short to allow me to drive.
It still is, but I need one.

More other news:
School starts next week.
Woo hoo *sarcasm*
My classes are never how I hope they would be.
Is it too much to ask for for a little entertainment and candy during class?
Doesn't sound like to much.
It's the least the school can do after making me spend so fucking much for books and little gadgets that they change every semester, therefore I'm forced to by a new fucking clicker every semester for $40 and then pay another $15 to have the shit activated.
If you haven't realized yet, I'm pissed.
I get pissed just thinking about it.

Some more other news:
Oh my gawd.
Hawkeの本の名前はKiss of Snowです。

Other school bits:
School starts on Tuesday and I'm trying very hard to decide if I want to take Japanese again.
Yeah, I know. I said in an earlier entry that I was taking it, but after some schedule tweaking I dropped it.
But the problem is that I have a 5 hour gap between classes.
I could use that to study, but more than likely I won't.
Since I only have 14...or is it 15 credits?...I should take it.
That would give me 18.
But the problem is I have 4 hard ass classes already.
I don't want to overload myself.
I never study, so overloading myself on school work can be pretty damn easy for a procrastinator such as myself.
I should do it.
The other problem is that I should have received credit for these classes already, but they didn't accept them from when I studied abroad.
I could always try to test out of it, but my school doesn't have a basic Japanese test.
I would have to go to NYU just to take their standard Japanese grading test.
It's also been what?...almost 2 years since I've last studied Japanese.
I should retake it.
I have a few more days to decide.
The one thing that consistently makes me drop the class is the textbook.
No foreign language should be taught in romanization if it doesn't use roman letters.
Japanese uses Kana and Kanji. Not ABC's.
It's horrible.
A total way to kill any knowledge.

Some different stuff:
I'm a lazy bum.
Too many ideas.
Not enough energy and focus to actually get anything done.
You know the one time I can concentrate?
During class.
That's not the best time to be sidetracked.
Or right now for instance.
I should be sleep.
I have work to leave for work in less than 6 hours, yet I'm still up.

Last bit of book news for tonight:
So recently I've ventured into Young Adult novels.
Still the same genre: Fantasy.
Hey! I tried to branch out.
I truly did.
I got so damn bored with the other stories that I barely finished 4 pages.
But I'm reading for fun.
If it bores me, then too bad so sad.
Anyway, I've read Gena Showalter's Intertwined.
Yes, another Gena book. Shut. Up!
Those characters really are intertwined.
Stupid vampires are in it.
That was a sneak attack.
Werewolves too.
But I like Riley.
He can thanlkthe other wolf Riley from the Psy-Changeling series for that like.
It was passed on by name.
Book 2 comes out next Tuesday...although I think Barnes and Nobles website already released it.
Either way, I ordered my copy so I'll get it soon.

I've found another author I sorta kinda like. Maggie Stiefvater.
No clue in hell how to pronounce that name. *shrugs*
But her stories are very mellow while having action, conflict, and a balance of emotions at the same time.
That's good.
I've read her novel Shiver.
It's the first book of the Wolves of Mercy Falls series.
I've heard that was optioned and will now be a movie....*shrugs again*
I have the second book, but I haven't read it yet.
I got distracted by Gena.
Then I went out and bought Maggie's novel Lament.
It's a faerie series.
We all know how I love those Fae.
Just finished that tod...yesterday.
Ordered the second book as well.

Remember Wendy Raven McNair?
The author of that YA fantasy novel Awake?
Did I post about Awake?
Anyway, ordered her other novel Giant Slayers.
It's an adult novel.
Not fantasy.
See, I have been trying to step out my book.
It's about these three female friends and the woe's of their lives and all that other mess....
Not sure what to expect.
I read the first view pages on her website and it opened with a guy blowing his brains out......