Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vol 84

Previously, on TBT:

After weeks of reuniting, Hayden and Laney finally go on there first date to a cook class.
Hayden shower Laney will powdered sugar, which ultimately leads to a food fight and reprimanding from the instructor.

Afterward, we find our couple at the ESPNZone, where they compete against one another. Our couple also shares there first kiss. *Aw snap!*

Next time on TBT:

Hayden goes to his mother's house to pick up his son, Laney in toll.

Upon seeing Laney, Jaylen latches on her, as if it was his natural born right. Jade stares speechless.

How will Jade respond to this woman who has randomly entered her son and grandsons life?

Find out in the next episodes of The Boy's Toy.

(I think this is by far the greatest entry I've ever done.)


Princess_jime said...

I love the last one, women on edge. XD XD XD XD ("I'll cutchu!").

Cherry said...

That's my favorite one. She had the box cutter. LMAO. Protective mother Hen.