Friday, September 24, 2010

Vol 86

Okay, so I had a hairtastrophe last night.

Multimedia MessaI relaxed my hair and the dye stripped, leaving me with the image of an Oompa Loompa.
Basically, my hair turned green.
You should know that didn't fly well.
I had a hair appointment today anyway, so I didn't stress it too much.
But it was way to hot for that baseball cap I was forced to where.
The stylish did a wonderful job cutting my hair the way I wanted it, especially my bangs, as well as covering the green with a black color.
So yes, you can bet your money that I have been walking around swishing my short bob with the Yoochun Mirotic bangs all day.
I paid $125 for this style, $70 of that being just the color treatment.
They gave me some sample shampoo and conditioner to test, and if they work well on my hair, I'll buy them next time.

In other news, my birthday is Monday.
I had a meeting with my advisor at school today, and he's basically trying to convince me to switch my major once more, but this time to something I love.
The Arts.
Dance, Theater, Foreign Language, or English/Creative Writing.
This has been a confliction of mine for my entire college career.
It doesn't help matters.

Anway, what do you think of the hair?


Princess_jime said...

Your hair looks great!!! Thank God your stylist was a good one XD.
There's something about bobs... I like them, they look french to me.