Sunday, September 5, 2010

Vol 79

Titanic just went off.
I always liked this least from the scene where the iceberg hits.
But as a girl I have to the right to say, "Oh Jack!"
But as me, I have the right to finish that sentence like, "You dumb ass!"

Every girl wants a Jack...when she's on a boat.
Just in case the ship sinks, you have some dingy love stricken fool who will do everything to make sure you survive.
I always said I would never go on a cruise unless there was a Jack.
My family is going on another cruise summer 2012.
I'm not sure if I'm going because I have other things I might be involved in at that time, but if I do ago, I need my own Jack.

Rosa was such a selfish prick.
She could have shared that wooden plank with him.
There was a way to get him on there.
But noooo, she let him stay in the cold ass Atlantic ocean water were he died from hypothermia.

Poor Jack, that idiot.