Saturday, January 23, 2010

Vol 36

School starts soon.
I am NOT looking forward to it.

Introducing book number *inserts drum roll* SEVEN.
Yep, that's right.
I'm already at book 7.

I wanted to read this story for a while.
It's another mixed-couple story.
Miranda, a half Brazilian half African American sports reporter, was trampled at a rock concert that her friend was covering.
Lucas, a Welsh rock star, was performing his guitar solo when he noticed that the crowd was going a little too crazy.
A "Crush" was happening.
Lucas starts to pull the victims being smashed and trampled onto the stage, and as he held Miranda it was love at first sight, for him at least.

Lucas contacts Miranda's job a few days later.
He wants to check up on her and see if she's okay.
This was the perfect publicity stunt her boss was looking for.
So the boss kinda threatens her to accept Lucas date, but one of the reporters have to go with her.
And Miranda really hated those two ass kissing smart mouth reporters.
So instead she chooses her best friend, the music reporter, to go, and they set off to Wales, to Lucas Castle.

This was a good mixed-couple story.
I liked how it Miranda and Lucas interacted.
I liked how Miranda's best friend, a gay guy, interacted with Lucas.
He was very protective of Miranda.
And I liked how Lucas best friend interacted with Miranda.
She beat the crap out of him.

Jordon, Miranda's ex, was despicable.
I really didn't like him.
But her sisters fiance, Jordan's best friend, was a good guy.

I didn't know what to expect.
But overall I enjoyed the story.

But wait, there's more.


"Tell me something."
Her expression instantly turned serious. "If I can."
"If you wanted a woman to learn to take time out to smell the flowers, what would you do? Send her roses?"
"Never," she declared at once. "Too ordinary," Her expression turned dreamy. "If I had the money, which you do, I'd plant a whole garden for her."
"You can't be serious." He studied her expression. "You are serious, aren't you?"
"Of course. If she has her own garden, she can't help but take time to smell the flowers. and every time she does, you'll be on her mind."


Molly!" he shouted at the top of his lungs. When the house keeper appeared in the doorway, he ignored the scowl that his ill-mannered shout had spawned. "Get Mr. Sparks for me, will you?"
"You're going to plant the garden?" she asked, her expression brightening.
"I'm going to plant the garden." -Sherryl Woods

This is my favorite scene from the entire book.
Kevin has to be the funnest, most infuriating guy around.
But he's adorable in a way.
Very endearing.

Gracie was the manager of an international chain hotel somewhere in France.
After up and quitting one day because she and her boss never saw eye to eye, although the two of them made an excellent time.
She has no family. No friends.
After leaving France, she goes to Virginia, just outside the DC area, to this place she visited many many moons ago with her family for vacation.
She plans to stay there for just the summer.
As she takes her daily walk, she notices this empty Victorian style house, and falls madly in love with it.
She had this idea of turning it into a bed and breakfast.
She goes in search of the owner of the house to see if she could buy it.

Kevin is the one who manages the house.
Originally it was his aunt's house, the crazy old biddy.
(The elders in this story show no mercy at all. Loved it)
Kevin refuses to sell the house, but instead he starts to court Gracie.
Not that he was interested, although he was, but he felt that Gracie was too stiff.
She didn't know how to have fun, how to lay out on the beach, sip a very drinks, stop and smell the flowers.

But Aunt Delia, Molly, and Ms. Johnson, the three older ladies in the story, have their own ideas for Gracie and Kevin, and that bed and breakfast Gracie wants to build.

I really enjoyed this story.
5 out of 5 from me.

This is one of the 4 free books I received.


Oh god!
It's funny that the first thing I say when I remember this book is, "Oh god!"
Noah Kincaid is a minister who moves to Virgin River.
It's a nice remote village somewhere in California.
I won't lie about the location.
The entire time I read it, I thought the setting was in North Carolina.

He moves to Virgin River after buying an old abandoned church he intends to fix up.
But first he needs an assistant.
In walks Ellie Baldwin, a hard working 25 year old, with two children, by two different guys, one died and one in jail, who is currently fighting a custody battle.

Of course Ellie and Mr. Kincaid developed a special relationship.
One so special that Noah even has premarital sex with Ms. Baldwin.
That had to be the funniest part.

Noah is the kind of guy you want around when times are tough.
He's very intelligent and diligent.
He'll do everything in his power, and out of his control, to help you.
The same can be said for everyone in Virgin River as they unite to help Ellie regain custody of her children after they were wrongly taken from her.
They really were wrongly taken, and they ended up with Ellie's looney ex-husband of three months.
How is that even possible?

This was another one of the free books I received.

Oh yeah, baby!
I got to ten books.
I read this book this week as well.
Another one of those free books I received.
School starts this week, so I read as much as my attention span allowed.

This story was short. About 200 pages give or take.
And because of the short length, I think this story was very very rushed.
By pages 40 or so, they were so madly in love. (Although the never admitted it, until page 100).
Andre was a charmer.
A conniving charmer.
And Jo was such a sweet heart.
But this story just moved to fast pace for me.
They were so in love three-four days after they met.
That just seems fickle.
But it's a nicely written fickle love story.

I tried to read the 4th book I received, but I found a major flaw in the book immediately, so I can't read it. This flaw is too huge.

Now I'm done.